The Care And Feeding Of Your Moon

cherrie pieSometimes you just don’t feel good. Sometimes you know exactly why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and other times all you can identify is the effect. Wherever the stimulus is coming from you can at least identify the effect: your Moon. It’s the Moon that feels. You may be having a Mars problem or a Pluto problem, or whatever problem but if the symptom that is giving you trouble is a feeling, it’s the Moon you need to soothe first.

Certainly, just as with an illness, the symptom can mask a deeper problem that needs resolution. However, many times you need to address the problematic symptom (feelings) before you’re able to go after its source.

There’s a simple fix that usually works. Look at your Moon’s placement by sign and house first. The simplest solution is to employ something that fulfills it by sign and house. In my case I have Capricorn Moon in the 5th house. The simplest thing I can do is work (Capricorn) creatively or with my children (5th house, Leo). That usually makes me feel better, but sometimes I feel so lousy that won’t do it.

In that case I look to my Moon’s easiest aspect. That can be a trine or a sextile. If you have both, go with the sextile first; I tend to think the results last a little longer. I have Moon sextile Pisces Mercury. I listen to music, watch a spiritually uplifting or funny movie, or read a book I love.

Sometimes a person doesn’t have an easy aspect to utilize. In that case look for a spot that balances your Moon. In my case that would be straight across in Cancer. When worse comes to worst I go get in bed (womb, cradled, Cancer) surrounded by pillows and stay there till I feel like getting out. Another point of balance can be an empty spot that WOULD give you a trine or sextile if something was there. Or you can really hit it from all sides and create a fix that uses more than one of these points.

In my case, last night I pulled out the big guns. I got in bed with a bunch of pillows (Cancer) to watch three hours of Bill Moyers interviewing Joseph Campbell on mythology (Pisces Mercury), while eating a big ol’ piece of cherry pie (Taurus). These are supportive things for my Moon because they are energies by sign that support my Moon. It’s a good way to figure out new ways to support yourself. I’ve never put those three together before and now I feel so much better.

Can you come up with a new way to comfort your Moon using this method?

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  1. just a sidenote: some might consider cherry pie a moon food, Cancer, but to me personally it’s a Venus food (Taurus).

  2. my lunar return just passed about 15 minutes ago. this morning i screamed and cried and had swearing matches with projections of the people who are making things tough right now.

    i have moon very loosely trine chiron.. i went out to a field, and lay in the sun. i took pictures of myself from all my best angles to boost my self esteem, posing in the high grass as if i were a predator ready to attack.

    she is also sextile uranus by less than a degree.. i have only just begun to plot my revolution. as i’ve felt lonely and abandoned by my friends as of late.. i wonder what strange places i will encounter my next band of miscreants.

    **and i don’t know what category coconut/basil green curry would fall under.. but it was damn tasty and i feel a million times better after that awesome meal.

  3. Easiest way for me to re-balance my Libra moon in the 3rd has always been to get the opinions of as many close friends/relatives as possible, now that I think about it. Or to go to Sephora. 😉

    Looking at what aspects my Moon– tight conjunction to Mars! I go for long, slow runs to de-stress and re-balance. It always clears me out emotionally.

    Cool idea, Satori! Now I’m thinking of ways to care ‘n feed my other planets, and it occurs to me that with Venus in Scorpio, the easiest way for someone to make me feel better when I’m upset in a relationship is to be straightforward, blunt, and totally honest.

  4. Very cool idea. Scorpio moon sextile Saturn in Virgo. I just spent $100 on various vitamins and supplements and healthy food that I will actually eat. Getting strict with my health always makes me feel a bit better and more in control. Trine to Cancer sun says yeah, stay home and hide. Actually funny enough, I’ve noticed when things are really vexing me I start planning home remodel projects … Taurus area of my 4th house perhaps 🙂 I’d say that’s cute, but usually when I start looking at home beautification, that’s a big sign something is way emotionally out of whack with me.

  5. This really speaks to my Moon!I have Moon trine Venus, so I just love anything Venusian when I need to feed it. But it is in Virgo so it has to be “just right”. My Moon is in my 10th and my Venus in my 2nd and I do feel better when working on my budget! I just started doing that recently and it really helps me feel calm and less worried and kind of grounds me. And when I am done I need a piece of that Cherry Pie!!! : ) I might make it a share some with those I care about.

  6. My moon is in 10th house Capricorn. The last year of the last job I had I could go to work whenever I felt like it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, not only could I go whenever I felt it, I could work for however long I felt like it. Some days was two hours other 12. Even now that I am between jobs I often find myself saying, “If I only had a job to go to I’d feel so much better and get over this funk” Even now without a job I am working(Capricorn) out the details(virgo) of expanding(jupiter)my career(10th H) and my horizons(sun) I have jupiter in the 6th trines my sun(sag 9th) moon(cap 10th)

  7. 10th house cancer moon – I’ve found going to work & putting on a public face often stabilises me & helps me through the bad times.
    ps. my workplace feels quite nurturing to me.

  8. 1st house Pisces Moon. I help myself maintain balance by listening to music (trine sun). Sometimes I pop in the headphones for music and clean/work (opposing virgo) or I sing in the shower (no astrology is stepping up to take the blame for that one) or soak in the tub (square Neptune). It’s all about the music and transcending BIG (sextile Jupiter). I read fiction, spirituality, watch movies fill my head with what I want to hear instead of what is involutarily pumped into to it (trine Merc). That lil moon is deep, but it is also bouyant 🙂

  9. My 9th house Capricorn Moon is trine Virgo Jupiter and Taurus Mars as well as opposite Leo Uranus.
    When I’m feeling blah I go out with my workmates who are also my best friends and we eat good food and drink good wine!

  10. great post! l think my moon feels better and fed when talks and share the dark feelings passing by. No l don’t have any easy aspects to rely on so l guess feeding the moon with some Taurean pie while watching a good film works fine!! a Jupiter trine would have been a bliss!!! But then l guess there are also people who can give you the trine or sextile and make you feel fed so getting together with them/or on the phone and start eating away would help just as much 😉

  11. My moon makes a sextile aspect to BML in saggitarius in the 5th house. In days gone by I used this in a nasty way. Restless, go out looking for danger, engage in taboo.. But nowadays I can create art about my dark past. Muahahaha. And then I feel good again, without hurting anyone. Also, having no easy aspects to the traditional planets, I look to the opposite sign Aries, which explains why I am always friends with Aries-es. I always feel better when I just get up and GO. Competition also gets me in a good mood.

  12. What a great post Satori! My Scorpio Moon is in my 1st house tightly conjunct Neptune and trine my Pisces stellium (Chiron/Mercury/Mars). I feed it by daydreaming, listening to music, surrounding myself with water, and pouring myself a stiff drink.

    Eventually, I come out of the fog with a plan that enables me to transcend the storm of emotions.

  13. My Cap moon is trine my Saturn in Taurus. I was feeling quite out of sorts yesterday and a little bit of dark chocolate hit the spot. That and crawling in a hot tub and early bed fed my Cancer rising.

  14. Hm, well I have moon/neptune in the tenth in scorpio and I’m not sure what makes me feel better. Water — running from the tap, in the bath, a hot tub, a steam room. That conjunction is trine pluto/uranus in the eighth in Virgo and I have no way to access that energy easily so I don’t very often. Sex makes me feel better but it’s not really available anymore. Sometimes it makes me feel better to connect to another person and offer transpersonal analysis, like an astrology reading *in writing* so I can really go slow and express what I need to.

  15. OK. 7th house Sagittarius moon.

    Tried and true: go for an adventure. Even a little one. Usually I head out on metro/foot to find new hidden places in the city. My favorites are shops or food stands.

    Another thing I like is a variation of the above: go to my favorite places that make me feel a million miles away from where I grew up. Street food is soul food, y’all.

    (Or surf the OK Cupid listings to see if I see any tasty sharks out there. *laughing*)

    So, next favorable aspect is Uranus (5H)in Libra sextile my moon.

    There’s a repeat of the Venus/Libra/7H spice in there. Shake things up – meet new people? Get creative online?

    Interestingly enough, if I flip to the other side where there would be a sextile – it’s my 9H Aquarius. And my MC is close.

    Seems to me I lucked out here – Uranus/Sadge/Venus flowing and bouncing around each other like an MC Escher tessellation.

    Sorta like that.

  16. Moon Pisces 1st opposes Uranus Virgo 7th, and squares my Midheaven Sagittarius 10th.

    In a perfect world, I’d walk outside of my ocean-front home and listen to the waves with my toes in the sand.

    For now, I remove myself from society, meditate, and study the details of Astrology to give me the feeling of control over my life.

  17. Moon in Aries 7th opposes Uranus in 1st. So being by myself, doing what I want or doing nothing for that matter relaxes me the most. Netsurfing and other virtual socializing, reading articles about astrology, civil activism (spotify on the background)feeds my Moon.
    Funny Moon doesn`t crave company even it`s in 7th..It might secretly miss some special ppl, but still chooses to be by herself..

  18. Hi Satori, very good insights here. Can you help me out though? I have a chronic inability to interpret anything that is about myself.

    Moon in the 8th house, Pisces. Personally, with orbs set wide, I do give myself the grand trine in water. Mars 2Sco09 (4th house), Moon 4Pis15, Mercury 12Can59 (12th). So what would you say I SHOULD be doing for my moon? 😀 Thanks.

  19. I would go over and click on the button marked “advice” under astrology and then click on the button “write a post.” It helps to be descriptive in your post title, maybe something like, “Advice on Feeding my Moon.” 🙂

  20. Thanks for this, never thought of a “recipe” to heal an injured Moon. I’m going to put it to work after I think awhile.

    My Moon is in Aries in the 5th house, and years ago I loved hiking and camping. The adventure of finding new places healed me. One of my first jobs was selling concert tickets, and I enjoyed attending also. Both these activities brought joy to my life.

    During my parenting years, almost every day I took my daughter to activities, including sports. She now makes a career out of the one she loved the most.

    The closest aspect is a trine to Pluto in the 9th….since I’ve been homebound a lot with health issues, I enjoy reading maps for future trips, researching other places to live, studying other cultures and exploring ideas. I usually end up reading about the world at large and trying new self-improvement techniques when my Moon is aching.

    Mars conjunct my Moon is the next closest aspect. I am a
    pioneer….not sure what that’s about yet.

  21. I’ve developed some strategies for this which are personal. It is sad when people can’t feed their moon and I’ve seen this with friends. My friend is slowly figuring out how to do this. Depression is usually a sign of moon deprivation for some I think, like things are swirling and off kilter. I can’t hang out with sag moon people very long because they disturb me with how not rooted they are or how they dont need to be away from danger and I dampen their fire. They also give me hacky reasons to buck up which are annoying and castigating. Could be my Saturn return talking. I think feeding your moon is about emotional responsibility. Taking care of yourself and learning to cope. It takes time for many to really be self reliant with this. When you’re little your family in some way handles soothing you or you develop some instinctual ways to soothe yourself. Later you find out why you gravitate to these things.

  22. I like this insight on Capricorn moon, that’s my mother’s moon sign. She married a Scorpio moon, my dad, and I think for her, that’s not good enough because she needs someone who can “talk” about emotions. Scorpio moon doesn’t do well talking, that’s more air moon. her biggest complaint is that my dad doesn’t talk about his feelings/emotions.

  23. This site needs more food topics! So I can slide in and comment on every one of them.
    I know this is not a restaurant but I am hungry.

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