Why Do People Associate Negativity With Virgo?


Dear Elsa,

I am a Virgo who has had an incredibly difficult time trusting anyone. Especially when it comes to any potential mates or even friends, I often push people away even though I really prefer to be around people and have friends and loved ones near. So far I have found that I am also attracted to the wrong people in general. I keep ending up romantically involved or friends with Aries and Pisces. Am I involving myself in relationships that are unhealthy from the start?

Also, my mom always says I’m “such a Virgo” whenever I do anything she disagrees with. Why does it seem that people only associate negativity with being a Virgo?

Such A Virgo
United States

Dear Virgo,

Shame on your mother using astrology to degrade you. The first thing I’d do is take a crash course in astrology because what you’d learn is you are “barely a Virgo”.

You have significant Pisces (explains your attraction to both Pisces and Aries), Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn. You are a complex person with tremendous appeal and you are picking who you are picking so you can discover this rather than because there is something wrong you.There is something wrong with your mother though, who wants to fling the term “Virgo” at you as if it is mud. Just so you know there are a lot of people who value Virgo very highly and would just as soon lose their left nut rather than see the Virgo in their life walk.

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Why Do People Associate Negativity With Virgo?”

  1. Every time I read this blog, I am enchanted and laughing and always wondering about elsaelsa’s own chart and her right on to the point rants and raves and sharing links. I love this Astrology Advice with chart wheels. This post has caused me today to be more than an amused observer. Barely a Virgo indeed!!I guess I have to wait for the book to find out what your chart is and how you created such a fun yet often sirius uber-blog for astrology folks. I have re found it recently through about.com’s astrology site which has a permalink to the best astrology blogs.
    which links to elsaelsa but of course.

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