Introduction To Juno In The Natal Chart

Juno glyph“And that’s what makes this a great game, is the support and the commitment that the fans give the game.”
–Nolan Ryan, Sagittarius Juno in the 9th house

Juno is most commonly known as the marriage asteroid and in myth the feminine counterpart to Zeus (Jupiter). Taken at its simplest, however, it is the mark of commitment in general. While we are most familiar with the role commitment takes in relationships, commitment is also touted as the determining factor for success in most areas of life.

In assessing your own Juno placement it is important to note not only the sign but also its house position. Juno’s sign will color the type of energy one’s commitment embodies as well as what sort of things one will deem commitment worthy. Juno’s house position represents the area of focus where one is likely to commit. Nolan Ryan serves as a very famous example of a Sagittarian, 9th house Juno. Sports and therefore baseball are Sagittarian (9th house) pursuits. With his Juno conjunct Venus his investment in the game of baseball made him a household name long beyond his actual career.

The aspects Juno makes to other planets and to the angles will flavor that commitment as well as bringing the energy of commitment to the functions of those placements. For example, an individual with Juno conjunct Venus may value constancy. Juno conjunct Mars makes for the kind of person that really “brings it” when they commit to action, because they are “all in.”

Where is your Juno and to what are you committed?

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127 thoughts on “Introduction To Juno In The Natal Chart”

  1. I just knew it was gonna be 11th house before I looked. It’s conjunct my Leo Jupiter.
    Committed to..sprinkling pixie dust??

  2. Juno in Taurus in the 12th house opposite Neptune. Ahh stubbornly clinging to the delusional fantasy about the other. LOL

  3. juno and pallas in 5th house pisces, sun and merc in 9th house cancer, committed to expressing spiritual philosophy… really….. moi????? LOL

  4. oooh….. 0.02-degrees Scorpio conjunct Mercury in 2nd house.

    Must be committed to talking (Mercury) very deeply (Scorpio) about myself (2nd house). >:D

  5. 7th/Scorpio (8 deg away from Uranus conj DSC), and it’s retrograde…. I read somewhere that the retrograde of this means the probability of marriage is not good….and although I’m not really sure marriage is for me, I can definitely commit myself to another person or anything else for that matter….so, I’m a little hesitant to believe that interpretation.
    From everything I’v read about retrogrades, I’ve come to believe that they have less to do with being the “negative” or opposite manifestation of the planet/asteroid and more about the INTERNAL-ness of the energy, or directing the energy inward.
    So I guess for my Juno placement, maybe it means that in order for me to have or be happy in my relationships, I need to make sure I make commitments to being myself, not changing into what the other might want me to be? or what I think may please them? Make sure I’m true to my core self?

  6. that sounds good to me, Sam. I’d be sure you honor your own need for space as well, as your own need, not as a projection through the other. not saying you do, just saying the placement is prone. πŸ™‚

  7. My Juno is in Libra, 2nd house, conjunct my Pluto and very loosely Sun too, squering my Moon. This is pretty obvious to me, I tend to take the traditional “women behind a great man” role. I seem to attract talented men with powerful characters, and am prone to living my Sun/Pluto through them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always guarantee an emotional satisfaction to me, and this is something I’m currentlt working on to overcome.

  8. Juno in Virgo in the 9th, committed to service, sports, and travel. πŸ˜‰

    The neat thing I’ve been learning about these asteroids are that they seem to really emphasize and echo the main energies in my chart.

    Thanks for the wonderful posts, Satori!

  9. I’ve consulted two charts, Both say different things, Its either a Juno in Pisces or Aquarius Retrograde. Does this mean I’ll never marry ?

  10. Juno 4th house Aquarius with all “good” aspects. Currently trying to arrange things to get me being a housewife. πŸ™‚ Last week, I had a few days off from work while hubby didn’t and I never felt so much at peace.

  11. My Juno is conjunct Mars, in Virgo (h. 1). I’m the one who ‘brings it’, and I’ve yet to find a partner [or potential partner] who matches my intensity. Even my kids see my determination – and I thought that they were so self-absorbed as to be blind to it !

  12. I have Juno conjunct Mars and Sun in Scorpio. Mars and Juno are in the 4th and the Sun is in the 5th (Placidus houses). All three are square Uranus, my 7th house ruler. I hate to do anything halfway.

    An old boyfriend’s Venus was exactly conjunct my Juno… we had plenty of contacts between our charts otherwise as well, and that relationship was very exciting and passionate. His own Juno was in Virgo, conjunct both of our Plutos.

  13. I have Juno in Sadge square Venus in the 12th. I found something online that said that I marry my secret enemies. Also karmic alliances; the bad kind. Ha.

  14. almost 29th degree of Aquarius. 8th house. Trines Mars, squares Mercury (both aspects between two air signs – Gemini).

    I don’t have any 8th house action, and my Pluto is my least-aspected planet…. but when Pluto and Uranus get together, I am so there! haha yikes!

  15. Juno in 6th. commit to the service you give and your habits. Daily routine, working environment, skills, pets, animals and service.

    yeah, sounds like I’d make a good wife….*scratches head*

  16. Really like this topic Satori.
    Juno in the 12th in Libra conjunct ASC. Trine chiron in 4th, inconjunct mars in the 7th. This has played out in a couple of ways so far…in marriage I have been the supportive wife behind the scene and in an earlier marriage ignoring my feelings for someone else. Also have been in a relationship hidden from the public.

  17. This is the most amount of comments I’ve ever seen! πŸ˜›

    Good Grief! My juno widely oppose mars. Does this mean I don’t go all in when I commit? (Sounds rather uranian to me!!!)

    My juno sextiles jupiter, trines pluto, widely trine ascendant. I take those to be good factors :).

    But really I’m probably still too young to comment how it plays out in matters of marriage!

  18. @surd, I think the placement in the 9th means you need a partner who is philosophical, with whom you can ‘expand’ your mind or go traveling! That sounds pretty rad to me, no?

    (and in my case, it does play out!)

  19. As far as I can get with this one with Juno in the second, cap, is that I am really good with other people’s money. Maybe cuz of my values, too? It made me good at my last occupation and also very frustrated at some of the powers in command. Oh well, water under the bridge. Am trying to do better with my own finances for myself now. Like do I have a choice on that one.

    And in my special relationships, I tended to over invest. That must be the sag part of the 2nd house. And of course, Juno trines my sun conjunct jupiter. Overly invested is really the phrase that’s been slamming me in the head lately. What was I thinking? There’s one to grow up about.

  20. oh dear, oh dear, looked at some of natal exoplanet aspects to Juno. Oh dear, at first I laughed at myself, and then realized it was probably really sad. But some truth there. It seems to fall in line with my relationship behavior. What was I thinking? Or maybe I wasn’t thinking seeing as juno and mercury are also square.

    After looking at the sextiles, the squares are my only sanity. I almost got depressed about it, but decided not to dwell on it and fall into another dark hole because it’s the past, and I’ve learned from the time I spent in the trenches.

    It was a pre-existing condition? How unfair is that?

  21. 2nd house Aquarius. I haven’t had many relationships though, so I can’t see a pattern, but with the 2nd house, I guess it means I am attracted to guys who are financially comfortable. Never been attracted to the struggling artist/musician types in that way.

  22. Also a 2nd house Juno in Aquarius. With an exact square to my Venus in Scorpio in the 10th house. Venus Sextiles Jupiter 8th, & Neptune/ Uranus 1st. Well, They need to have goals. Ambition. Dreams they’re reaching towards. So we can share successes with each other. I’m into the Idea of a – Power couple… :). A unique Power couple is my ideal romantic fantasy. As for the Aquarius, attracted to subculture. Aquarius types. Originality, and confidence in individuality. Ive only really “invested” emotionally to one person so far, and I’d say over- invested at times. Lack of Balance. Didn’t work out because of the I NEED freedom & SPACE, while also wanting the commitment and security, in both parties. I always say to myself, I do not “date” (as in romantic relationships, anything that is not serious I don’t really care for in the first place). But when/ or if I do- you better believe it’s very loyal, and committed. And it’s strange! My significant other, as well as the relationship itself. With the Aquarius/ 2nd house-Taurus values thing… I commit to strange things indeed, haha!

  23. Juno Rx at my Scorpio Ascendant degree, and I think I am committed to myself.

    I think also that Juno helps a lot when it aspect Venus by a harmonious aspect. and vise versa.

  24. My husband and I have our natal Junos conjunct the other’s Venus :o) he has told me for years that he considered me his wife since the day we met, LOL. The Pisces conjunction (his Juno/my Venus) is in my 7th house/his 4th, and the Sadge conjunction (my Juno/his Venus) is in his 2nd/my 4th. It’s one of my favorite synastry points between us.

    We broke up with those eclipses back in summer 2011 but it was a short lived breakup (only a few months). What happened? A solar eclipse conjunct that Juno/Venus in Sadge…the Gemini lunar eclipse before that hit our Juno/Venus in Pisces by square…well, anyway, I had a progressed Mars sitting right on top of my natal Venus to add to the mix. We broke up and I had a great time dating (I initiated the breakup). We got back together in September of that yr.

  25. Quick note…I am peeking at our wedding chart this morning…Juno is conjunct North Node in the 1st. (I didn’t plug in the asteroids until now.) Cool πŸ™‚

  26. Hi! I read your blog and I thought it was interesting… what does it mean to have Juno on the 12th house Scorpio and it has aspects to my Sun and North Node. I’ve heard that having it on the 12th house its not a good sign.

  27. Leo Juno, 2nd House. Leo stands for Self expression and self-realization in my eyes, while 2nd House could be related to comfortable material surroundings as well as to tangible forms of Art and enjoyment of pleasures. It does resonate with me. As for my ideal marriage, I’m actually attracted to men with a strong charisma (real and rooted in their inner Self, not cheap self-Love & attention seeking) and quite possibly involved in Arts, too.

  28. in capricorn 3rd..the only earth placement in my chart ! not attracted to cap types,though.can it be a seriousness flavour(along with venus saturn)?
    I’m drawn to artist,sailors,musicians,people in touch with depths of life(pluto now transiting my 3rd),communication is a major issue for me

  29. My natal Juno is so annoying! It’s conjunct my MC within 5 MINUTES! So do I interpret Juno in the 9th or 10th house??? And please don’t tell be both LOL. I hate having to split between houses πŸ™

  30. My Juno at 23 Scorpio is sitting on top of MH at 23 Scorpio conjunct my Mars at 22 Scorpio, loosely conjunct my 0 Sag Sun. Whew! I like how you wrote these people are “All in” because I’ve told a number of people I’m “All or Nothing” and now I know why!! Any surprise the man of my dreams is 27 Scorpio Sun with a 2 Sag Venus (conjunct my Sun & Mercury)?

  31. Hello, I have just discovered Juno and its effects. Natally I have it in Aries 3rd house squaring mars.
    However in my progressed chart it has gone retrograde. I have heard that with a natal retrograde Juno we need to be careful in committed relationships but I am not sure how a progressed retrograde Juno would turn out.

    It would be so nice if you could help me.
    Many thanks!

  32. Satori, can you tell me which sign Juno was in August 1954? I can not find this anywhere.
    I never studied Juno.

          1. Thank you so much Jayne, for your answer. Than it will be in my first house. I will search for information about Juno.

  33. Juno in Taurus, 10th house conjunct Mars. I’m a recovering workaholic and now I’m married to one ??

  34. I have Juno in my 12th house conjunct Saturn, in Sagitarrius, but my Ascendant is also in Sagitarrius, just six degrees after Juno. This sounds super sad! I consider myself a very spiritual person and it gets in the way of me ‘settling’ down to find a job, a career, and a husband to become a householder in this lifetime…but I have Rahu in my 6th house of service and work, which I’ve been told means I am SUPPOSED to become a householder in this lifetime. But with Juno, Saturn, and Ketu conjunct in my 12th house…those are pretty intense, serious planets in a house of letting go. Does anyone have any intuitive thoughts?? Thanks!!

    1. With ketu I m assuming you are bringing in hindu astrology.

      Not sure what the role is here but yes I have read somewhere juno conjunct Saturn delays marriage. Acts like Saturn in 7th house so u want to settle down after your Saturn return

      Personally I have a very freaky placement.
      Juno conjunct asc and Saturn So that’s the maturity and stability factor ..ring in this with sun conjunct Lilith on desc. A lot of guys have said they are intimidated by me.

      1. Hi Ann, Thanks for your reply. yes I brought in hindu astrology, I tend to mix the two πŸ™‚
        Juno conjuct Saturn delaying marriage makes so much sense. I feel like I am ‘too mature’ for basically all men in general…luckily I’ve heard women are the ones who lead the relationship…but in due time I suppose. I also tend to think I will settle down with a man older than myself because they take much longer to mature in general with relationships…just clueless when it comes to commitment and compromise! I think it’s the largely Sun-influence in the male anatomy…the sun just shines and thinks of itself…it is the moon that shows it how to relate…and why relating is important (a woman’s job). Of course I am stereotyping men and women and there are exceptions to the rule

  35. Dear Satori, do you have more information on Juno? I am trying to understand it better with respect to my chart. I left a comment earlier saying Juno is conjunct my Saturn and Ketu in the 12th house…Thank you!

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    Brittany Bergan Lush

    Virgo 12th house. I’m fascinated by how the subconscious mind effects the body and spirituality.

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