Jupiter In Aspect To Uranus And The Gravitational Slingshot

It was disturbing when the soldier explained this to me but the astrology is vivid and and relevant to the sky right now, particularly over the next few days.

“When you get mad, it’s like a slingshot. It’s like a slingshot around a planet,” he said. ‘Vrrooom!” he added, swooshing his hand by as fast as he could.

We were sitting in the bathtub and I looked at him to see if he were serious and it seemed he was but I asked in case.  “Are you serious?”

“Well yeah. You get mad when you do it’s immediate. It’s instantaneous. It’s… Vrrooom!”

“You mean I have a flash temper.”

“No, you don’t have a flash temper.  You don’t have a temper. You don’t have a temper you lose like normal people do. You’re just normal and then all the sudden – vrroom!  You’re off like a slingshot and there is no way to tell when it’s going to happen. There is no rhyme or reason, no voice change… there is no nothing at all.”


“P, most people show signs they’re getting mad.  You can just tell they’re getting pissed off so you can do something to stop or avoid a fight but you? There is no such sign. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.  I have tried and tried to find a pattern but there is no pattern to be found. There is no trigger, no nothing I can discern in years of trying. All I know is you’re standing here…. and then all the sudden you’re off over there on another planet all the way into stratosphere and I have no idea how you do it.”

“I don’t know how I do it either.”

“Nope and I don’t know anyone else who does this either… P, I’ve never seen it before. So I do feel sorry for these people who piss you off because I am sure they have no clue they’re getting on your nerves and once the slingshot goes, it’s gone.”

“I don’t get pissed off with off cause,” I said, feeling sorry for the world who has to deal with me.

“No, maybe not but that’s not what I’m saying. I am saying you give no sign. You give no sign or no warning something is going to happen, it just happens and it happens in less time than it takes a second to pass…”

I have had a few days to think about this and still think it is disturbing. I have some idea what he’s talking about but personally, I have great, very acute awareness (inside) when I am getting pissed off so my poker face must play here to some extent. Last night I brought it up again.

“I know when I am getting mad. I can feel myself,” I said.

“I’m sure. But no one else can tell. I’m telling you there is no sign or warning whatsoever. There is no pattern, it’s not your period, it can’t be timed or accounted for in any way. But if you do ever witness it, you’ll know it and you’ll not forget it. Yeah, that P went off and she went off like a rocket circling a planet, there is nothing you can do, she’s gone.”

10 thoughts on “Jupiter In Aspect To Uranus And The Gravitational Slingshot”

  1. My sister read this an agrees with him. I read her mail, took a few steps and realized I broke her nose in what amounted to a nanosecond. I mean, she was standing there and the next thing she knew (and I knew) her nose was broken. To this day, I can’t express regret.

    I mean, I am sorry I broke her nose but I think if you are doing what she was doing, you should not be surprised if someone breaks your nose.

    It’s like poking a bear and getting mauled. I am inclined to feel as sorry for the bear as I am the fool who poked it.

  2. I give plenty of signs! And I’ll deny every time someone asks, “are you upset?” or “what’s wrong?” LOL

  3. falconbridge, that is interesting. No one ever asks me if I am mad, if they did I would tell them.

    From my perspective it seems people have the idea or expectation I will not get mad no matter what they do and why they think this is unfathomable to me.

  4. It makes me think of dogs who have been disciplined too harshly for aggressive behavior. If you punish a dog for growling, it will stop growling and just bite out of the blue one day.

  5. Heh, I do it too. No signs, just bite one day. But I have to agree it usually has a cause, a long history of poking and biting at my heels, then one day I decide to take action. To others it appears to come out of nowhere, but it’s fast and effective – bam! Mars/Uranus

  6. well, i think also there’s that… libra tries to be polite until they feel they have no other choice… and mercury is FAST

  7. I get super angry, I have a zero to 60 as well. I think I show frustration at first but, others don’t perceive it they just know I am yelling and super angry. I have a high boiling point then I explode. I will say I have learned to pause somewhat, breathe, leave, talk to someone else. Then wait until I can process and talk later. But, I have to stay vigilant or watch out.

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