Coping With Uranus In The 7th House Commitment-Phobia

“Okay, because we’re getting married and we’re getting married soon. Are you marrying me, P?”


“You’re not going to be the runaway bride?  Are you going to run away?”


“Because if you do… if you do, I’m going to get my old team together and we’re gonna kidnap ya!”

I was glad when he said that. It makes it impossible for me to be disappointing see.  Aren’t people strange?

Is there a tag you don’t want to wear?

9 thoughts on “Coping With Uranus In The 7th House Commitment-Phobia”

  1. Easily distracted. I notice it drives people nuts, and entertains them at the same times. I don’t like it, I have tried to deny it, but the label is all mine.

  2. Gemini remind me of raccons with shiney objects. Doesn’t take much to distract them from one thing to the next. I wonder if there’s a higher instance of diagnosed ADD in Gems. 😀

    I’d personally hate to be seen as dull-witted. That would bother me a great deal.

  3. “I was glad when he said that. it makes it impossible for me to be disappointing see. Aren’t people strange?”

    I think it’s awesome. Not strange. I’ve felt the same way. Isn’t it great to know someone loves you that much?

  4. I guess ‘angry’ or ‘hotheaded’ tag is what I am always running away from! lol.. With 4 planets in libra, I know I prefer peace over everything. But my Sagg mars in 12th, Neptune/Jupiter in 12th along with peacemaking Libran tendencies make me powerless at times. I seethe over issues and confrontations long enough that everything accumulates and then I hear people saying I am blasting. Poor me thinks but I maintained peace far too long, what about tht!

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