The 8th House & Healing Ability

8th houseI have a packed 8th house. I am headed for spine surgery soon. You want to talk about “unfathomable”, this will be my fifth surgery in five years!  I’m talking about major surgeries. To be honest, I don’t think I noticed.

My spine surgeon noticed.  He asked about prior surgeries and I just started rattling them off. And off. And off.

“Is that all?” he asked, in a “funnily” facetious way.

“Yes,” I said, believing it was true. Later, I would realize, I forgot to mention my hysterectomy!

I do recall coming home after my hysterectomy, getting up early in the morning and making six dozen scones, simply because I could. In hindsight, I know I’m most comfortable standing, but still. That’s nutty!

I had my hip replaced which was fine outside of the fact it left me with one leg (much) longer than the other.  My surgeon was surprised at this since me made my legs, mostly even. He didn’t realize at the time, my back was so deformed and degraded. It doesn’t matter if you hips are right if your spine has collapsed!

You wake up from this stuff and you’re bolted in. Your bones, I mean. It’s a trip. It’s permanent. But other than that, I had very little down time. No down time, actually.

A year later when he replaced the same hip a second time, so he could sever the tendon, used to lift me leg, I got up and walked on my own within a couple of hours of waking up. The rushed to catch me but I was in no danger of falling. This shocked everyone.  But I could just do it; there is nothing more to say!

A few days ago, it hit me that this would be my fifth surgery in five year. Seriously!  I mentioned this to a friend who has seen me rise from the bed, again and again and again. She suggested my 8th house was in play here. I realized she was right.

I will die when God says. Other than that, I will live, and if I can get up and walk, then I will get up and walk.

I am putting a big garden in, as always, even though I will soon have bolts in my spine. I know it’s optimistic. I know someone would say, my luck is going to run out but I don’t see why.  Why would my luck run out? It’s promised in my chart.

All I want to do is work and take care of my family. So I have this grace to be able to do this. I can heal. I can also help others to heal.

Do you have a packed 8th house. How’s your healing ability? 

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  1. Best of luck with your surgery, Elsa (if you even need it)…
    I recover from surgeries easily too, and I have a lot in my 8th House, but an astrologer told me years ago that my speed of recovery comes from Pluto con Sun (in Hs 9). I also have Scorpio rising.
    There are things from which I DON’T recover quickly, like viral infections and anaesthetics. This gets worse as I get older (I’m now 74).
    I’m sure you know that spinal problems CAN mean that, at some time in your life, you felt you had no support.

  2. What a story Elsa! “Why would my luck run out? It’s promised in my chart”. I love to read this. Still I will pray for you : – ) and I whish you every possible happiness and a speedy recovery.

  3. I have 3-4 planets in the 8th house, so yes!

    Mercury, for example.
    I can read my mind sick (suspicion is Scorpio Mercury’s downfall). But often the truth can set you free, which I find very healing, as my underlying motivation always is “WHY”. Let’s say you break up with me, hiding the fact that you were cheating. No need to worry about lying. I will find out eventually, because I have a mind bent on obsession and an obsession for the TRUTH. When I find that little pebble of truth under the rock I can be exhausted… But at the same time free.

    The other way around the obsession can be a sick bone you cling to, refusing to let go of (assumptions for example) and its fixed to my brain, Scorpio is a fixed sign, eh?

    My Moon, Pluto and Saturn is in the 8th house. I have had so many Death-transformation-rebirth things happening in my life, partly because Saturn and Pluto is connected to Chiron. It’s all about healing myself and others. The problem is, not everyone appreciate the truth, and not everyone deserves it!

  4. One of my son’s has Jupiter/Uranus at 9/10 degrees Sag & Neptune 29 degrees Sag in the 8th. He definitely has a healer’s way about him. He’s calm, intelligent, insightful. He’s been told by docs that he should be a doc, but he’s an art philosophy guy and by today’s standards would still factor very much as an underachiever. They’re not paying much for art or philosophy these days!

    Not sure luck has anything to do with it, Elsa. Blessings~

  5. Pluto 8th Scorpio here;

    Two years ago I had to extract a tooth in my house alone with pliers, the next day he had a serious infection with a high fever but my body healed himself without medication

  6. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming surgery!

    I have Moon-Pluto & Uranus in 8th. Boy do I relate to this surgery business. Basically, there is not enough lines on the hospital admission forms to list them all. I have signed a paper once acknowledging that the risk is death. Within an hour after recovering in intensive care I was monitoring my own vitals, advising medical staff on my appropriate treatment, and managed to convince the director of IC that I can be moved to a normal ward ?. The next day to the astonishment of my surgeon I requested to go home. Of course he disagreed, but ended up agreeing on certain provisos, as I wouldn’t back down.
    I always try to get home quickly after surgery as I’m much more happier/comfy there. I prefer for nurses to visit me at my home then stay in hospital. I have an affinity with medical staff so have had many good conversations with home nurses ?

  7. I think you are going to be just fine. In fact, considering all that you have been through this is really going to a walk in park.

    I think it’s exciting thinking that you will finally put this spine business behind you.

  8. Good luck Elsa! I wish you a good and successful surgery and speedy recovery!

    Sun, Mercury, Venus in Cancer, 8th house. I agree with Anette on this, I’m obsessed with the truth, and I will find out, always. Already, my intuition is so strong that I guess I know the truth before even finding it out. But besides that, yes having packed 8th house is a heavy burden, it’s not easy, but no matter what, you know you will survive and be fine in the end. Always. Rebirth during life is an amazing and even when I think I will never survive something, I do. There is something magical in that 8th house energy.

  9. I think that little curve in you it’s like an electric arc ;you are creating for so many who read your work .put the mustard on the table before you go to the hospital remember mustard regrows muscle tissue ,connective tissue and fascia quickly 🙂 kisses

  10. You are Kryptonite. I often say that to my mother along with ‘you’re a medical marvel’ when we need a bit of light relief from all the medical talk. I’ll I have Jupiter in Gemini 8th and my Mercury in Pisces. I feel the Jupiter gives me protection from the depths as a cushioning bubble emotional damage. Mercury allows me to translate the hidden. But I have not escaped trauma this year, and she had sailed pretty close to the rocks also. Her Jupiter is in my 1st house. I’ve also been told someone is ‘completely protecting me from the other side’ and that fits with the 8th placement. I’ve had a few cat lives. Pluto is squaring both our Aries Moons again and again right now, hers in the 8th. I guess she fights and lives to fight again. I wish all the very best for your surgery and a fantastic recovery Elsa.

  11. I only have Ceres in my 8th House but I know a man who has about three or four planets in his Leo 8th House, including his Sun. He will be 101 in July. He lost his wife 10 years ago, had a stroke soon after, falling in the back yard, near his pool, and was there all night on hard concrete, which can draw heat from the body. He remembers thinking he was going to die out there from hypothermia. A neighbor in the morning saw him and called for an ambulance. He never got one arm to work again, and now is in a wheel chair, so is cared for 24/7 but he keeps on ticking! He exercises, and looks forward to every day. He is like the energizer bunny and always cheerful. He had to go to the emergency room recently but is just fine!

  12. 8th house Sun & Mercury in Gem, Scorp Rising. Pisces Moon opposite Pluto. My Venus is on my descendant (opposite Scorp). Heavy 12th house. SURGERIES!! ovarian cyst that hemorrhaged during my 1st Saturn return followed by appendectomy, C-section, laparoscopic surgery for adhesions, hysterectomy, gallbladder, breast cancer (2nd Saturn return), breast reconstruction, Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Myeloma and torn rotator cuff surgery in January. Like you, Elsa, I pride myself on always recovering quickly and I have worked through all, with the exception of the Stem Cell Transplant… I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and quarantined for 4-1/2 months, but took care of myself for all but 5 weeks. I am most grateful for all that I have and can do for myself. I feel more 8th house Scorpio than anything else. Like a Phoenix. Elsa, I’m very sorry for the loss of your father.

  13. Elsa, I wish you huge good luck ;), easy recovery and healthy healing. Lord knows you’ve endured so much for so long (I’ve followed you for more than 15 years) so I hope this surgery fixes what you need repaired. I’m Scorpio Sun, Merc, and Venus in the 8H with Leo Moon/Pluto conj in the 6H: Healing power is always available when we acknowledge we own it and are willing to do what is required to use it. But you, more than most, know that too. Re your father’s passing on: may you both be at peace. ??

  14. Elsa, I’m very sorry for the loss of your father. No matter HOW expected it was, it’s still a shock when it happens – like you said, “a clutch in your chest”.
    Sending you my best vibes …

  15. I have 4 planets in 8th house (ruled by Scorpio/Pluto himself), including Sun/Mercury and Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions. Physically, I have been healthy and suffered from no serious injury (save for my skeletal condition which leaves me structurally imbalanced and makes it hard to exercise sometimes – but I manage). Mentally, however, I have been stuck in depression for years…

  16. Leo 8th house with jupiter there, so by my logic, if jupiter expands, well it expands things of the 8th house. The body doesn’t heal that fast but it’s not taking ages either.

  17. I’m having two surgeries in the coming year. Sun, Mercury Rx in the 8th w/ star Rigel all within 4 degrees and squaring Virgo Pluto conjunct moon. The healing of others (massage therapist/ energy healer) and myself (scoliosis/ chronic back pain issues, eating disorder) has required of me a rather intense healing focus. The coming surgeries are elective-taking old skin off due to weight loss. The part about my physical transformation thru the years via healing has made me into an ultra grounded person unafraid of my body…. Being in it, enjoying the pleasure of it, not resisting its pain, becoming stronger/ more physically fit thru the yrs. I also have Taurus Mars square Aquarius Saturn so this has required me to be with and in my body with all its impulses, feelings, sensations, sensitivities. None of it easy, but after 60 yrs getting to know my astrology it becomes not as big and dramatic a deal as it once was. There is more ease to being me.

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