Jupiter in Sagittarius: Stevie, Sophie and the Pink Scarf In China

My friend, Stevie is a Sagittarius. She met this gal who lives in China, Sophie, who is also Sagittarius just as Jupiter went into their sign. That’s Sophie in the picture, wearing a scarf Stevie made for her.

So Sophie (this is her blog) and Stevie have become very close in spite of the language barrier and in fact Stevie is now learning Chinese with Sophie’s help. One of them stays up late, the other gets up early and they chat, but what really got me was the scarf.

I love the picture. I think Sophie is beautiful but beyond that, Stevie told me she was thanked her profusely for that scarf because according to Sophie, it’s made her, “very special in her town.”

She says that everywhere she goes people look at her… for a long time. Apparently there is no scarf like that in China. I have no idea what she means. The color? Who knows?

But these women are really growing and glowing via their relationship and I thought this was an excellent Jupiter in Sagittarius story, so here it is!

Jupiter went into Sagittarius in November, 2006. Has your life, your scope or your perspective on things become expanded? Tell us!

4 thoughts on “Jupiter in Sagittarius: Stevie, Sophie and the Pink Scarf In China”

  1. It’s transitting my first house and opposite a natal t-square. Interesting things are happening. I’m getting stronger and healthier but have had some health setbacks as well. I’m not really getting out and travelling or meeting people from far away places but I am bringing more interesting people into my home and circle of friends.

  2. Dear Elsa,
    I am sophie, come from China. I love your blog and I feel here is a magical place. I haven’t heard about Jupiter went into Sagittarius in November,2006 before. But Stevie and I become closer about at that time in deed. I expect to know more about this. It seems magic.
    As the special gift, make me smileand smile for you can’t find such soft and ashine thread here. When others looked at my hat and scarf, I smile in heart from bottom.

  3. Hmm Velvet. I am also Sag Rising. I, too, was promoted with more responsibility before Xmas…my partner urged me to ask for a raise but I was too shy.

    To make a long story short, I got the raise I NEVER asked for because my co-workers demanded my boss do it! So, I like to think of this as a planting and repeaping unforseen benefits time…

    Another example of this is a person I helped find work, helped my find a place to live when I was suddenly evicted because of an emergency at home!

    As for those people who are complimentary and seem somehow duplictious, well you never know what those people have whirling around in their minds, either. Or what kind of sees they are planting with your benefit in mind!

  4. Aww, what a sweet story. I love it that Sophie has teamed the baby-pink accessories with a blue-toned pink bag and a yellow-toned red coat. The future is in clashes, baby! All I seem to remember from November was that I was constantly in trouble, with my parents, older siblings and lecturers. I’ve always had ‘issues’ with being told what to do and patronised- maybe I was just being more overtly dismissive of their authority?

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