Mars In Gemini For 7 Months 2022-23: Dates & Effects By House

gemini twin vintage dollsMars will ingress into Gemini on August 20th where it will remain for about seven months. Mars turns retrograde every two years. Basically, it stalls out.  Occasionally the planet will stay in one sign for the entire period.  This will the be the case for the 2022-23 retrograde. Here are the details:

  • Mars enters Gemini on August 20th, 2022.
  • Mars retrogrades in the sign at 25 degrees on October 30th, 2022.
  • Mars direct at 8 degrees Gemini on January 12, 2023.
  • Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on March 25, 2023.

Just thinking about this makes me laugh. I get a kick out of Mars in Gemini. It’s like hopped-up cleverness.  Mouths and minds on fire.

You may think in terms of a verbal attack, pointed communication or a racing mind but this position also indicates a code-cracker or puzzle-solver, slick as snot!  I can always tell when I am talking to Mars in Gemini because they understand what I’m saying, yesterday. I have no way to conceal my admiration for this ability.

Mars in Gemini can be prone to what used to be called, “mental masturbation”.  They can pepper you with questions, like a machine. Have you answered them yet? What’s the matter with you?  Mars in Gemini is often a mastermind with skills in more than one area.

You’ll want to check the house(s) where the Mars retrograde will take place in your chart. Hopefully it will be compatible with this kind of energy. HOT and FAST.  Here are some keywords for each house:

  • Mars in Gemini in the 1st house:  Push your ideas. First to speak out.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 2nd house: Thinking about how to acquire assets.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house: Communications whizzing by. Mental juggling.  Driving too fast.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 4th house: Family fights. Anger. Fire in the belly.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 5th house: Drive to have fun. Creative ideas coming in fast and hard.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 6th house: Hopped-up worry for some. Cleaning spree.  Super productive at work… or super gossip-spreader. ::ducks::  Also, just BUSY.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 7th house: Fights with the partner, verbal sparring, challenging others. Also, open enemies.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 8th house: Obsessing about sex.  Incessant exploration of anything deep, dark or taboo.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 9th house: Possibly drive to study but also a drive to learn more or rather to know more. Possible know-it-all but may be too busy for such a thing.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 10th house: Intellectual prowess that gives status.  This also describes what is commonly called “an influencer”, these days.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 11th house: Trading information (including gossip) among groups of friends.  Another possible position for someone who can influence a group of people.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 12th house: Possible self-undoing. Driven to escape. I feel this is the most difficult house for this energy. You can be overwhelmed with information from… everywhere. Take time to retreat.

Mutable signsIf you have planets of angles in Mutable signs you can expect the effects of this period to be amplified. Expect to be irritated for good or ill.

It’s intellectual stimulation, basically. Sometimes this is welcome. Other times it just pisses a person off.

I do think this is going to be trying for most which is typical with a Mars retrograde.  It’s like leaving a pot on the stove too long. Bad things start to happen, unless you say on the ball.

This position can also be prone to anxiety. I hope this post does not add to that.

As always, Mars needs an outlet. Keep that in mind (no pun).  You’ll fare best if you find an outward expression for the energy.

Which house(s) will be affected by the Mars’ long stay in Gemini in your chart? Do you have planets that will be aspected?

67 thoughts on “Mars In Gemini For 7 Months 2022-23: Dates & Effects By House”

  1. @Dori Ha ha ha!
    Mars will be in my 7th House too. This doesn’t sound good. Mars is currently traversing my 1st House which made me trigger hair defensive (well both my partner and I) until Jupiter went into Pisces, to the point of we almost broke up. Looks like we will have that chance again! Mars will be crossing the Asteroid Juno in my Chart. I wonder if she’ll go all mental games and sparring on him? Mars will oppose Merc and then Saturn on his way through Gemini too, in my 1st/2nd House. Saturn and Mars! Yikes! At least they are in Fire (Sag) and (Air) both mutable signs and not Fixed signs! My partner has no planets or asteroids in Gemini but has a Sag ASC. This at some point will trine his Merc and Saturn in different houses.

    I don’t look forward to this though glad to have a heads up : /

    1. My partner has Gemini ASC and Moon, and already he likes to be Mister Smarty Pants (no offense to anyone with this placement) but he is super annoying from time to time but it’s thin ice to criticize him, he gets very defensive and almost verbally aggressive. And as a Cancer Sun, I back off, but of course, never forget. 🙂 That’s why I’m almost afraid of my Scorpio Mars in the 12th house, you just never know when that one drop of water will spill over the cup and then I just can’t stop. The last time Mars was in Gemini was in May and June 2019, yeah, we almost broke up that June.

      1. I have Mars in Scorpio too Dora! I think it’s tempered by conj Mercury, for better or worse!…lol

        I hope Elsa’s guidance can help get us through this if not completely unscathed at least with some wisdom and lessons on not getting caught up emotionally in the war of words! Meditation has been helping me already to sit back, not take things with any defensiveness, just to notice “oh. There’s that feeling again.” Try to give it a color, shape and focus on that. It helps to dissolve the frustration and or momentary ego slap and let go.

        Best of luck to you Doris!

        1. Meditation! Yes my instincts are spot on. I started meditating this week again after a hiatus of 2+ years. Mars is now square Chiron and I could too easily explode at the new job. ” There’s that feeling, again” is exactly how I have to talk with myself.

    2. Mars in 7th My Decendant is at 7.Its evidencing itself.I do feel like this could be strategy peesonally and there’s a lot of irritating fookery afoot that is teeing me off (natal scorpio moon here so…) I’m not getting away from people that’s for sure and it’s not easy and I’m looking straight up at myself where I need to see what I’m doing that’s adding to the mix where I need to call a spade a spade and where I need to hold my cards.I’ve got a lot to throw myself into and I’ve got skills I need to learn for peace of mind ie;gardening, editing,whatever. I am definitely seeing which relationships are draining or beneficial to me and where I need to be in my integrity,too.See it pretty clear.This transit is fascinating .

  2. Yes, my hubby had Mars in Gemini 24/7 with a four planet, sun, moon, mercury and venus, stellium in Taurus. A true multi talented individual.

  3. My natal 1* Mars in Gemini is conjunct my 27* Taurus IC. I have always been in charge of “running” my house. I even played a big role in building a custom home for my family.

  4. natal Mars in Gem at 13 deg in the 8th, ugh can’t say I am excited … what obsessing about the sex I never have ha

    apart from my ADD tendencies, having this placement (along w/ Merc in Aries) makes me love this placement – I like to be amused, I love words/wit/cleverness, and as you said I am armed with questions and I pick things up … quickly.

    I love all those things, but I guess because I am Mars Gem biased haha

    1. Back at ya! I’ve got Mars at 8 Gemini conjunct my Gem Sun. If it weren’t for my Taurus Mercury precisely conjunct my Taurus Moon I think my racing mind would go “Off the rails ! Ha Ha ?

  5. “Mars needs an outlet. Keep that in mind (no pun). You’ll fare best if you find an outward expression for the energy.”

    Yeah, well with it in my 8th, hopefully I AM the outlet *winks

  6. Well, I guess its about to be personal. This retrograde takes place exactly between my sun and mercury degrees….12th house! Better prepare myself to sleep, write a lot and try my best to keep my paranoia tendencies in check.

    1. Yes I do… they take one step forward .. the information that will fly out of my mouth will be tragic. I am done done done. Cause no harm but take no S#it… I just hope the insane leave me alone. One can hope.

  7. Oh no. My wife already has mars in gemini and yes, i get multiple questions before i can answer one. “Do you want to eat now? Are you hungry? Or do you want to eat later? I tease her by answering her questions in order from the top haha. So more of that i guess. I have gemini rising so i will have to do some impulse control. 7 months?

  8. Avatar
    Mars in Gemini 10th house

    fun! Mars will transit my 10th house and will conjunct my MH at 7 degrees, pass my natal Mars at 20 degrees (also in 10th house), then retrograde over my natal mars again, say hi to my MH again before turning direct. I’m in the middle of a career change and have a lot of irons in the fire as to what direction I should pursue long-term when really I want to do 2 or 3 things. Maybe with this power transit I’ll be able to get at least a couple of them going long-term. This is worth diving into my Mars return charts

  9. Hmm Mars will be in my 6th house and retrograde into my 5th house. Yes, being busier and making a decent living at the same time would be the beneficial side of this Mars transit. Let’s see how this plays out. This Venus retrograde has been intense. Hoping that once Venus stations direct, work and employment get on track.

    1. How has this been playing out for you?
      I have natl mars in Gemini 5th house but the retrograde has been in my 6th
      My work life has been intense

      1. Hi Rachel,
        Work has been busier than usual. I am still working part time but have found other ways to bring in some money. Yes I can see how Mars would bring a lot of activity in that area of your chart. But since it is retrograde now, it will bring some reassessment/review of 5th house concerns also.
        Keep me posted.

        1. That’s great!
          Busy would be an understatement for me tbh. I have just been promoted to manage a busier store and it is a bit of a mess, I’m getting there though, I’m halfway through my 2nd week here but have stayed back late every night into the late hours to get on top of it all. The staff are not happy to have me here which is a whole other story

          1. Staff being unfriendly might be Mars squaring Neptune and also Sun has been thinking Chiron since yesterday. I think this upcoming full moon in Gemini is going to offer more than one option. After all Gemini is a sign of duality and so there might be an alternative that you (or me for that matter) might not have seen.
            Keeping my tongue in check during this full moon is going to require a lot of self control (lol)

  10. I have a Gemini MC @26 and Chiron @ 21 degrees, so this is mostly going to be in my 9th house. I always get a bit anxious with Chiron because it so close to the Midheaven.
    I do know I am supposed to be super busy with work during this period.

  11. Mars in Gemini (12*) in the 12 house, conjunct my Moon. I’ll have three hits of my Mars return during that time. 12th house Mars, I like a lot of alone time. Good thing I teach and practice yoga, too!

      1. I say, I say:

        “I do think this is going to be trying for most which is typical with a Mars retrograde. It’s like leaving a pot on the stove too long. Bad things start to happen, unless you say on the ball.” ~ Elsa Elsa

  12. Mars retro is always very hard time for me, since it’s my chart ruler (Scorpio rising). Usually fells just like hitting the wall all the time. My natal Mars is Gemini, 8th house, so its gonna be especially amplified this time, I think. ?

    1. Oh, and I ask a lot of questions about everything. Ironically my Gemini partner finds that annoying. But then again his Mars is taurus. He’s not asking any questions.

  13. OMG…I need to befriend this one. It starts with a trine to my Venus in AQ and my Libra AC in September (nice!), trine Chiron (great!) and – among other not so important aspects – opposes Saturn (Sept/Dec 22 and Feb 23) and SD opposite my Sag Sun at 25deg ! I am not afraid of transit oppositions but SD on the degree is something else. Checking historical three-pass oppositions of Mars and my sun brought about 2 instances: a time in 75/76 before I got married and a time in 2007/08 before my partner (the same one) was taken out of this life by cancer. BUT obviously there were other major aspects happening at the same time – it surely wasn’t the Mars opposition alone. But its good to know what’s coming up, so thank you Elsa. I am a bit unsettled by this … 7 months ? Whew….

    1. Sorry that is rubbish – its station retrograde on the degree, not station direct. And the SD in January is then trine my Venus and AC… some tough time coming up at the end of the year and a retrograde Mars in my solar return 🙁 , I need to consult you, Elsa ! Transiting TN will be conjunct my SN in Taurus (and obviously opposing my TN) in Jan 23 as well, just three days before the SD exact. I would like to harvest this stuff, not be swept away by it !

  14. Hey Elsa good thing we have a heads up here. Thanks for doing my chart recently. Now I know I’m in for it, whatever will be will be. Just like Ema here, I have Mars in the 8th in Gemini with scorpio rising.↪?Yikes, time to learn to zip the mouth.

    1. Gemini is my third house and I have Venus there and transit Mars will sextile natal Mars. I also have transit Neptune trining my Cancer sun. I have natal Neptune in Sadge, though. I’m Aries ascendant so the usual frustration will probably be there, but this one’s not so bad for me because I have most of my planets in Cardinal signs. For once, I’m not dreading this transit. I am more concerned with Neptune moving into Aries in a few years, and being at odds with that energy.

  15. This business will pinball in Gemini between my 6th house Mars at 6º and my 7th house Venus at 28º, and hit my natal Saturn/Mars square. Sounds like an amped-up version of the usual for me. Other than some potential for roid-rage, I can see this being a good time.

  16. This hits my 6th house and also happens to be my Mars return @27° Gemini. He’ll oppose my natal moon and Neptune in my Sag 12th house.

    I’m guessing there are big lessons here for me.

  17. Oh is that what that is; I’m impatient because it takes people so long to catch up! Mars on Gemini at 12 cusp 3/4 house anyone else experienced with this? Mine trines Mercury in Aries in on 1/2. Triple Pisces born in a daybreak new moon Neptune in Scorpio

  18. So it sounds like I’m going to be retreating, and then pushing my ideas, retreating again, pushing my ideas again…yep, it’s crossing my ascendant a few times. Gaining strength, facing hostility, gaining strength again. A lesson in self-confidence?

  19. Mars will be forwards, backwards and forwards again in my 12th. 5 deg sun gets a single Martian hit, while Jup 8, NN 14 and Venus 17 each get a triple whammy by the end of it. Jeepers creepers!! Sounds like self undoing on a really grand scale with Jup on the SD degree?? I’m 56 for heaven’s sake, and really rather boring these days, thought I’d done with all that cr@p already?!

  20. Moving over my IC at 16′ Gemini, 3 & 4 houses. Turns retro just short of my 27′ Gem Sun. Mars/Sun usually means an aggressor in my surroundings, male or not!? Be afraid!?

  21. My sun/mars/nn conj in gemini husband did the blitzkrieg/bombardment of questions for 15 years. I finally yelled at him about it and he backed all the way down (it’s been almost a year). What a relief. That said, I love the idea of mars in gemini for 7 months. It’s in my 5th house and got me out of a slump last time around, and the last 2 years have, frankly, felt like the biggest slump in the whole universe.

    Does anyone else predict a certain divisive gemini might be back and bolder than ever for the duration of this transit?

  22. ““mental masturbation”. They can pepper you with questions, like a machine. Have you answered them yet? What’s the matter with you?” ….called out again! Thank you Elsa! I’m in fits of laughter!!!

  23. Now I’ve stopped laughing ….on a serious note can mars transiting the 12th always bring the ‘undoing’/ ‘feeling of overwhelm’ aspect?… I know someone with a very big 12th H that might benefit from a heads up. Is there other alternatives to ‘retreat’ for 12H mars transit?

      1. Thank you … yes of course!! I wish we knew the magic key/ could bottle the ingredient that can ease/ fast forward the leap from undoing/ overwhelm to learning when to take retreat/ becoming a spiritual warrior.

  24. Uh oh – Mars goes over my natal Desc 3 times in that timeframe!

    So, natal H7 & profected H5 – me thinks, I will go with the H5 😉 way more fun than H7 – thank you for the heads up 😄

  25. Natal Mars in Gemini in my 7H.
    I’m also a Virgo Sun.
    I don’t like to argue. Please go easy on me!
    My bf is Gemini Sun. We get along great.
    Thank you for this article. I will keep all this in mind.

  26. Avatar
    David Henderson

    Sag Asc. Mars in the 7th Venus in Virgo Jup in Sag and Saturn in Capr Uranus in Leo Mercury in Virgo.. is this my Solar Return?? 8/31/60 1:55pm in NYC!!

    1. Your solar return is once a year when the sun (solar) comes back around to the degree it was when you were born, so around 8/31.
      Mars returns are every other year since that’s how long it takes to orbit around the sun.

  27. Hmmm. This sounds like a needed fun n excitement for me. As a Taurean native w/Sun in 8 I’ve really been muted Taurus wise (Uranus, Sun, Mars, TN) by Saturn for most of this time.
    Even the Mars transit through my 8th house has been uneventful.
    However once he ingresses into Gem into my 9th and forming nice trines to my Moon then Mars in Aq this should loosen up if not encourage the less restrictive aspects of Saturn.
    I think Mars will open up what has been stifled and stymied for the last couple years for me.
    Let’s get it!

      1. Nasally ?!? / How about Natally – – auto-correct subliminally telling me already to simply “breath”


    1. Nasally ?!? / How about Natally – – auto-correct subliminally telling me already to simply “breath” thenewboy

  28. Oh No!
    It’s going to be in my 11 th house,
    With Moon Venus and Rahu north node.

    I will have to wear a permanent mask ,not to shoot my mouth off!!😬🤫😳

    Will have to keep my eyes on the kettle

  29. Mars goes retro just short of my Sun in Gemini in the 4th. I’m already getting tired of the behaviour of some rowdy neighbours, and my apartment is in need of some updated plumbing and maybe water filters? This must be Neptune! Not the anger type but my nightly rest is really turning into virulent insomnia.

  30. Mars sq mars transit. Total disaster, interpersonal conflict everywhere… like people just want a piece of me the whole time, constant mishaps leading to silly fines, or where things could be misconstrued so just forking out money to everyone and anyone to save all the bother. Its a daily battle, I’m just in hiding now, waiting the month’s end out til mars moves on…

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