Jupiter in Sagittarius Transiting the 12th house: Angel On Your Shoulder?

Maybe you’ve heard that having Jupiter in the 12th, natally or by transit is like having an angel on your shoulder. Someone (or something) looking out for you whether you know it or not. An ethereal protector. Someone (or something) that lifts your spirits but is not necessarily grounded.

I have Jupiter transiting my 12th now and my angel is another astrologer. She is on the other side of the world. She’s taken to emailing me now and then. Her emails always surprise me because they are smart, funny, frank and friendly which is not really in line with her public persona. There is something automatically delightful about this. When a person shares with you, their secret self that is. She is my Scorpio pal who keeps an eye on me from her spot at the back of the room and her timing is incredible.

Though I never ask, she always shows up when I need her the most like some kind of comet, a brilliant streak across the sky to remind me there are some classy folk out there who value me and here’s the twist:

She seems less aware of her own value. She doesn’t seem to know she’s a flawless diamond, so powerful that 1 mail from her can wipe out 100 of the nasty kind and if that isn’t an angel on my shoulder I don’t know what is.

I am going to email her this because she is so humble she won’t recognize herself. Trip, eh?

Do you have an angel? Who is it?

14 thoughts on “Jupiter in Sagittarius Transiting the 12th house: Angel On Your Shoulder?”

  1. my son was born right as jupiter crossed into my 12th. (and conjunct[ed?] my saturn :P)
    and, yeah. he’s magic magic magic to me.

  2. I’ve always liked that Jupiter position. 🙂
    I think I have an angel, she’s a Pisces and she’s just so *giving* I’m learning that I can love Pisces too. And she’s far away from me too, which doesn’t stop her sending presents haha

  3. I have Jupiter in 12th house, natally and I love the angel on my shoulder concept. I can’t really name one person who acts as this angel for me. It’s more like an inner faith – no matter how grim things get, somehow there’s an inner spark of hope that things just have to improve. When I’m rock bottom and one can’t get any lower the only way is up. So its an internal fountain of faith and hope. In the 12th its personal/internal and not a Jupiter that is projected outwards.
    This 12th Jupiter is trine my Sag Sun (8th H) – internal joy.

  4. yeah, congratulations seekingzen!

    I have jupiter in the 12th and Elsa is my angel. if you think of everything you could ever hope for in a friend, well, she’s one better than that.

    my jupiter is in a grand trine with chiron/saturn and a capricorn moon. I’ve described that whole shebang as being like dropping your toast but it always lands jam side up. everything crappy that happens to me always has a silver lining somewhere. so far ::knockwood::

  5. I’ve got Jupiter in 12th natally… I’m thinking I’ve got a *posse* of angels surreptiously keeping an eye on me, sneaking seconds chances and commuted sentences my way on a regular basis. Probably a rotating shift, or something… Not to say they haven’t let a few stingers through (what DOES it take to wake me up, some days? lol!), but all things considered I’m often amazed and quite grateful that I’m as intact and comfortable as I am. They just won’t give up on me.

    Thank you, Guardian Angels. 🙂

  6. I think it is wonderful that you are openly acknowledging to her what a gift she is to you!! Validation of her spiritual part in the universe and most especially in your universe.


  7. Hi. My sister passed 1/25/08 and I was inconsolable in part because she did not have any children to my knowledge and there was noone I could love that came directly from her. Anyway, I found out that she was 13 years older than me. I did not know her actual age and I think she may have been my mother passed off as my sister because of the sternness of unwedmotherhood at the time. In any case, I think she had a 12th House Sagittarius in Scorpio. I would be so honored if she was my mother. It’s a thought that I am the one to pass on her genes, I have three daughters, that makes me wonderfully glad and self-protective. I wasn’t her guardian angel, I guess. But I did love her with all my heart.

  8. I have Jupiter in my 12th house in sagittarius in my natal chart. It’s really funny that you say it has a “gaurdian angel” like effect, because i have always found that everything will be ok for me, no matter how tough/stressed/complicated/financially tight things are. As long as i don’t take the blassing for granted, and still work towards resolving whatever is wrong on my own, Life honestly just hands me the perfect situations/people to aid/guide me.

    Jupiter in the 12th in sagittarius. Excellent. 🙂

    Does this mean it’s amplified when certain transits happen?

  9. I have Jupiter in sag in my 12th natally also. I also love the idea of a guardian/protector. It’s sweet. I feel that white light always surrounds me.
    I also have a Guru. He is my angel. Tho deceased way before my birth, I know he is always with me along with his lineage. Thank you Jupiter!

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