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mercuryYears ago, someone observed that I was able to live in a world of disagreement. She thought this was unusual. I thought it was interesting, which is no surprise considering she’s a double Gemini.

I wasn’t sure I understood what she meant so I asked her to explain. She said that most people want to live in a world agreement. I seemed to thrive in the opposite environment.

I think this was true at the time. I have Mars in Libra which would indicate I am used to being at odds in relationships. It’s conjunct Mercury, in the 9th house. I do like to debate and will fight (Mars) for my beliefs (9th).

At the same time, I’ve come to really loathe strife. After fifteen years of blogging, I guess understandable that I lose interest in it.

This is on my mind because today, because last week someone asked me for my opinion. MY opinion. They made it very clear they wanted MY thoughts on a topic. I complied with the request.

I knew at the time, my opinion would not jibe with theirs, but what in world was I supposed to do? Write their opinion?

I’m in a bit of trouble over this. It’s like I created a conflict. But I don’t see how I can be blamed for complying with a person’s request for my honest evaluation, by offering them my honest evaluation!

Recalling this gal’s remark, I think she was right ten years ago and she is still right today. When I give my opinion, I do not have the expectation or even the desire that anyone agree with me. I’m an independent person!

How important is it to you, that people agree with you? How do react when someone offers an opinion that you do not share?

14 thoughts on “Mercury & Independent Thought”

  1. Well if i ask for someone’s opinion, I don’t necessarily expect to agree with it but it would be ridiculous to get upset if I had asked. Now if someone imposes their opinion in a way that feels like conflict then I might get upset because I’d feel someone were either attempting to manipulate me or control me. Yes we all have a right to an opinion but some people just bulldoze over others. Some people are power driven and feel the need to be right all the time due to ego issues. So control and power are the culprits to feeling the need to force others to agree. IMO. 😉 And everyone has them because everyone has an ego, some are just more yielding than others.

    1. In an online setting though, such as in a forum. People get upset a lot of times due to power struggles. They feel undermined so they get all pissed. most of the time not even realizing they’re both right most of the time. It always looks better to rise above an asshole or a troll. We humans have a good sense of justice. . . most of the time if you do that, you win

  2. This was real life. After I wrote this, I thought of another situation. Someone I know had the whole world thinking she was right. I did not agree..was beaten to a pulp by the person with all the support in her pocket.

    I resolved this by walking away. I will not lie to get along. I just won’t.

    1. 😀 But how the heck can you walk away in a small town when it continues to knock on your door? I am ending up observing it but not getting involved in it. I ain’t gonna feed that fire.

  3. I won’t lie to get along, but I will not say anything unless specifically asked, which sometimes gives the (incorrect) impression that I agree. I just don’t see the sense in breaking into a mutual admiration society with a dissent when it usually backfires spectacularly. Learned that lesson the hard way. *smiles* That said, if I’m asked for my opinion or if “that group” says/does something particularly offensive or egregious, I’ll speak my piece honestly and bluntly.

    It does not bother me that people disagree with me, not one whit. It does bother me when people try to force their opinions on me, a whoooole lot.

  4. Gloria Steinham said “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!” I can’t think of a more true statement lol

  5. I like agreement before embarking on a joint endeavor. And most times we make it up as we go and that’s really fun. I like working on teams toward common goal. I’m okay with opinions as long as the opinionated doesn’t consider their opinions fact. And ya know, if a person asks, well then they better be ready to hear it. I do have a disclaimer with that though. Sometimes people ask an opinion when they know my answer because they just want to start a fight. I avoid that like the plague.

  6. I’m a button pusher. I don’t really intend to be or want to be, I just am. I have a stellium in sag, including sun, Jupiter and mercury. I don’t really do deception well. Its taken me a long time to become ok with how other people deal with this.

  7. I’m a 1st house merc/mars and I’m my own person. I also enjoy others that can be their own person. I don’t mind a good discussion, but wobbly types (wishy-washy is another term) just irritate me. It is just one reason why I am grateful to live in the country I do, otherwise I might not have made it as far as I have.

  8. Hm, I dunno. If someone disagrees with me I generally stay very, very quiet and try to remind myself that other folks have other opinions.

    I sort of assume certain people will agree with me on certain things, I guess. But in general, who knows. People are people.

  9. Well being a Leo sun, Leo moon., Gemeni ascendant. I’m always right and will attempt to correct the error of your ways 😉

  10. i prefer hearing what people actually think. being exposed to a variety of opinions. but, er, seventh house mars. think it might be a similar effect. i enjoy a (respectful) debate.

  11. Some years ago a friend asked why I would spend time with another mutual acquaintance, ” you guys are so different!” I remember saying I had no reason to to look for friends just like me…it would be boring and I wouldn’t learn anything new. She didn’t understand that although she and I agreed on many things, I really appreciated how she was different.

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