Jupiter In Scorpio: Exposing Pedophiles & Sexual Abusers

Jupiter in Scorpio has been amazing, and we’re just getting started.

Scorpio is a known to keep it’s secrets.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, open secrets are being broadcast around the world.

There are endless ways to look at this. What do you think about Weinstein, Spacey etc. and more to come?

31 thoughts on “Jupiter In Scorpio: Exposing Pedophiles & Sexual Abusers”

  1. Erm, how about President Trump, too?
    Endlessly disgusted that he seems to be too gilded to be taken down. We’ll see. It’s unacceptable behavior.
    We like to think we as a country are well beyond these issues. Sadly we are far from it 🙁
    But each exposure gets us closer – empowers all of us. Not all abuse is sexual, so I hope those suffering will take heart.

  2. I think it’s good. It’s the tip of the iceberg but it’s a start. What I’d like to see is the public perception and stigma of sex work changed.

    Just more healthy attitudes towards sex period. We should stop making any kinds of connection between sex and abuse period. Sex is wholesome. Abuse is not. That knot is a really complex one in the western world. Dealing with the most obvious abuses is great but I’d like to see acknowledgement of the more subtle forms of sexual abuse like the sexualization of children and the hate and stigma directed towards the sexual empowerment of women. I’d like to see the spiritual aspect of sex be cherished again. It’s the actual abuse of SEX itself that is really the core of this. All that we’re seeing being exposed is the symptoms of the degradation of something pure and natural.

  3. Considering what even one incident can do to damage a person’s whole life, I think exposure of pedophiles is vitally important. Bring it out and let these people face the consequences. Children cannot consent and deserve protection.

    Sex abuse among adults is more complex IMO. It’s very easy to accuse someone. Lots of gray area. But of course when it’s clear cut it also deserves to be brought to light and punished. No question.

  4. anonymoushermit


    I always suspected Kevin Spacey to be gay, my gaydar went off as a gay man. But now I know for sure.

    1. He’s always read as a gay man to me. That’s what I mean about “open secrets”. The Hollywood casting couch is nothing new…also an open secret.

  5. It’s been amazing so far for Sweden, we have quite a few channel directors who kept investigations of one of the swedens most beloved program leaders, or tv show hosts who has been outed to be the same kind of predetor as Weinstein! But this one looks so innocent and is soo beloved (or was).

    Also journalists and other type of men in power has been outed.

    Sweden has Virgo rising, so Transit Jupiter and Mercury and Sun is in its 3rd house (media!)

  6. yeah i knew Kevin Spacey is gay too, i just saw an interview or was it reading his interview and he denied it. He is just not open or advertising about it. Not the way Liberace was.
    not only jupiter scorpio, but the Pluto in capricorn is still breaking down power that is corrupt. or sometimes it’s not corrupt but businesses just can’t make it.

  7. It’s happening not only in the world at large but in my local community.

    I’m glad about it…people who do these things should be held accountable.

    People are criticizing Kevin Spacey for coming out at the same time as his apology, but I don’t see how it makes sense for him to do it any other way…I mean, it would have been better for him if he’d come out already, but it’s a bit late for that.

    1. He could’ve just apologized. Somehow it seems like his proclamation of his homosexuality is an attempt at manipulating us into thinking that we shouldn’t condemn him because he’s gay. Because we’ve decided as a society that we don’t condemn homosexuality. He might be trying to use homosexuality as some kind of protection.
      Even if it was sincere, I’m not sure what being gay has to do with pedophlia.

      1. I feel dense but I didn’t even think of it like that, from the protection angle…I thought the criticism was more that it would make gay people look bad, which I think would be more society’s problem than anything. But that makes more sense now so thank you.

        1. Well I think people might be mad about that too. I’m just looking at his motivation. I think it was a very smart and sneaky public relations move.
          Plus I think most people are enlightened enough to know that homosexuality does not equal pedophlia. Even if they think that, society won’t tolerate an attempt to tie the two together. The criticism proves that.

  8. I got a different feel,I was thinking there’s a wife or children parents family being shocked I guess I don’t know too much about the private lives of actors and actresses
    I was attacked by a brother in law at12 then 17 a friend of my fathers
    A state policeman put a gun to my head said if I told anyone my father
    Would arrested and they would not be nice to him in jail
    I think it created my mute existence in my marriage of abuse
    Point shame them let everyone
    Who ever hurt someone wear
    The sign” I am a creep”

    1. Wow. I’m sorry that those who should’ve helped you made you feel afraid. I had a less extreme situation with law enforcement. I was an adult but i was afraid for my life after being threatened by an ex. Unfortunately I think authorities like law enforcement and government are the last to get on board with the changes that need to be made. At least that’s true from my point of view.

  9. I think it’s about time that there is some cleaning and clearing around a lot of the rubbish behaviours out there.

    I work within the trauma world, with children and young people particularly. This is more common than people would like to admit or imagine (pluto is the underworld.)

  10. I heard someone define Jupiter in Scorpio as when you pull your uncle’s finger and he farts.

    Jupiter in Scorpio is the belly of everything hidden. Jupiter is gas => Smelly farts!

    For me, I am dealing with Jupiter and my father’s too strong interest in my womanly body as I became teenager (phedofile tendencies). I am restructuring, healing and feeling my way through this transit by building a new relationship – hopefully – to this body of mine, which I’ve been almost completely estranged from since my teenage years, repressing and surpressing anxiety for men’s desires.

  11. Yes the effect of Jupiter has been undeniably powerful! I think having Mercury in Scorpio at this time in aspect to Pluto is also helping with bringing these secrets to light, getting the message out. I’ve been seeing a lot secrets coming out and the fog consequently lifting in people’s lives around me too.

    As far as Kevin Spacey.. I always got a weird vibe from him. I don’t care about his sexual orientation but the news about the alleged abuse of the minor is bad. Hes getting a lot of flack for what appears a diverting of that allegation in his coming out. I hope this transit helps expose child abuse.

    1. i agree on that, strawb. that creeped me out that he went after a minor. but even if the man was an adult, he can’t go around doing that. He said he was super drunk, which makes a person have fake courage, having power as a celebrity. drugs, power, sex it’s all kind of linked, and the abuse of power. i dont know if he’s an alcoholic or drug abuser but i’ve seen addicts fall down that deep well, morals and ethics no longer exist.

  12. You can bet that guys like Kevin Spacey have raped many underaged boys. Sir Jimmy Savile of the BBC had sex with hundreds of children, and was protected by the establishment. I worked in child protection for several years….

  13. Where I live, three politicians were outted and ousted about sexual misconduct in the last week. One even declared himself guilty as he had been set up by an extortionist. The other two aren’t even pretending to be innocent either (there are email and social media traces) . Jupiter sure left Scorpio with a bang here!

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