Mars in Libra Square Pluto: Potential Upside

mars in LibraMars is in detriment in Libra.  Mars Pluto aspects have a bad reputation but I’m not sure it’s entirely deserved.

I say this because energy is neutral until it’s directed. Focused (Pluto) effort (Mars) is good thing!

Mars is currently squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The aspect will be exact on October 8th @ 27 degrees.

Libra wants everything to be nice and at least roughly, fair. Pluto in Capricorn have no problem crushing people and things like bugs.  So it’s not an easy thing here.

Mars in Libra has squared Pluto, since it went into Capricorn, for a couple of weeks, every couple of years. I always note this and I’ve written about it, previously.  The interpretations hold. These are Mars in Libra / Pluto happenings, but today I have another idea.


Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn – Social Sharks

This one is from 2008. In hindsight, it’s insightful. Mars in Libra – get the other person to do it!

Mars Square Pluto: Who Does Your Dirty Work?

Today, I look at the square and think, so long as both people strive to be fair (Mars in Libra) and maintain their personal  power and integrity (Pluto in Capricorn); the result should be constructive. Never mind, if you focus on this, it will be easier to side step people want to brawl in the mud, or worse!

You can also dig deep and fight to get along with the other person. It’s a skill, you know?

How might you use the energy of this square?


5 thoughts on “Mars in Libra Square Pluto: Potential Upside”

  1. I was attacked by my HR manager in 2019, as these two squared off. It was really a “get the other person to do your dirty work” kinda event.
    It made me quit the worst job I have had in my career. Dirty business, and dirty business indeed – it was in an oil company. Classic, right?

    Actually, I have been hit again and again by this energy the past 2-3 years, as my natal Pluto is conjunct Saturn in Libra (the 1982 conjunction) and Pluto has been having a one man party in my 12th house, close to my Ascendant…

    I think the saving grace here is that Mars is exalted in Cap.
    With that, it can go both ways. It can either be a very cunning attack/bomb, or it can be a stoic/frozen affair. It all depends on the other factors in your or the others’ chart(s).

    I have Mars in Cap square my natal Libra Moon. Intensity is my middle name, baby.

    As I see it, it could be either your hidden enemies come out from their hiding place, or it could be the time you cut off the codependent relationship you’ve been having with someone or something.

    I am just very satisfied that this aspect won’t be exact or too active in my solar return chart, like it’s been the past frigging 10+ years since Pluto entered Capricorn!

    Also, Mars is opposite Eris now, and Pluto squares her. The Pluto-Eris thing was also in effect during COVID…..

    The crap I’ve been dealing with is off the charts!

  2. I – Sag Sun in the 3rd will direct the energy of Mars in my 1st house (applying to a conj with Jupiter) toward Pluto in the 4th to have him gear up forward and OUT OF THE 4th for good! I know it still takes a while but I know the nature of the transit by now and Pluto told me he can’t wait to exit Cap! I told him to give me the best outcome cause I never resisted and complained. He said he would…

  3. I like the idea of using this powerful energy for good. Mars is sitting atop my 11th house where my natal Uranus is. The Pluto square has been forcing me to change my personality and how I relate to others. I’ve been maturing but its been slow and steady. Ive moved residence and have a new job and feeling more bold to bust out of my self woven cocoon. At 50 in 2024, I hope to reemerge stronger and better able to help others.

  4. l like this approach and it can work if we know who we are– as in we have done our Shadow Work…ok l know it is always a work in progress.

    Someone (over the page) mentioned Russell Brand. Nice bloke, family and kids…no he isnt. As a celeb. he was protected. l dont think he waited for consent…l dont mind his rep. being trashed (too many young men see him as a role model)…that bloke is having transits alright! He is being exposed …something he was fond of doing.

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