Uranus In Taurus: Financial Instability

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, Uranus will enter Taurus. This is bound to be an eventful day for several reasons.

First, it’s an outer planet changing signs. There is also a new moon in Taurus on the same day. These two events happening within a couple of hours of each other, right before the stock market opens.

I mention the stock market because Taurus rules finance. Uranus destabilizes whatever it comes in contact with. Reversals are common. It’s no stretch to imagine a person witnessing or suffering a reversal of fortune at this time.

Further, Mars will square Uranus as it changes signs. Tightly! Mars will be at 29 Capricorn in the morning, square Uranus at 29 Aries. Around midnight, Mars will ingress into Uranus-ruled Aquarius, squaring Uranus in Taurus with both planets at 0 degrees. The shift here is undeniable. “Jolt” may be a better word.

Uranus is in it’s Fall in Taurus, a sign known for being stable and predicable. It’s also worth mentioning, Uranus will conjunct Mercury in Taurus which suggests the strong possibility of shocking news.

Uranus will be in Taurus, May 15th – November 6, 2018.
The planet will retrograde back into Aries, November 7th 2018 – March 5, 2019.
Uranus will return to Taurus, March 6, 2019 and remain in the sign until July 7, 2025.

What do you expect from this transit?

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  1. My Aries south node in the seventh house is at 29 opposing North node in the first conjunct Neptune at 2 Scorpio and with a wider conjunction to Jupiter at 21 Libra. I expect that I will have some kind of giant release!

    Maybe, as well, there will be a financial global reset which has to be coming.

  2. I don’t know what to expect from this transit, at all.

    My sun/moon midpoint is Taurus 2, and my descendant is Taurus 11. Also, my uranus is Scorpio 6.

    My progressed Sun will move into Taurus on March 8th (my birthday, in fact.)

    So in the next years I will have the uranus opposition transit, uranus transiting my seventh eventually, and uranus transiting my sun-moon midpoint and my progressed sun.

    I have uranus rising (from the 12th) natally so I think I’ll need to be quirky, inventive, adaptive (to instability), communicative, and open minded about my relationship, my values, and life so on.

    Will admit I am a bit apprehensive yet what can I do? Only create some more uranian energy and go with it. I recently became full time self-employed and freelance (uranus is currently transiting my 6th house) to meet my wishes and needs right now.

    I can’t imagine myself going back to employment status/employee status for a long long time.

    When uranus conjuncted my sun by conjunction years ago it brought me the insight of working with children and young people. It was sudden, extremely clear and I followed my drive.

    So I guess that deep down whatever these transits bring to me, in the end it will be needed (the changes.)

    Natal uranus rising in the 12th does allow me to connect deeply to my instincts, collective movements, and what the next steps are.

    Yet my progressed sun in taurus (next year) won’t like the instability! My fiancee has four personal planets in taurus, including his moon and sun, so it will be interesting, electricity-generating and anxiety-provoking!

  3. I sure feel threat! But there are planets in Scorpio yet. I think that reinforces this feeling. But I am very alert.
    This Uranus will triangle my natal Sun, Mercury and Mars. And it will sextile my Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. At the end it will square my Pluto in Leo. I don’t know what to expect. There is a great tension in the world, that is for sure.

  4. For some reason, I think this is going to be another major climate event hitting the U.S., rather than a stock market adjustment. We’ve already seen forest fire and hurricane, so I’ll go with earthquake or tsunami. SIGH

    1. I think this is the change of the finances as we know it. Usher in cryptocurrency… In that world they talk about a big change in the spring 2018 where crypto takes off. Worth a look into?

  5. When it comes to money, I go by a bumper sticker that I saw one day: “I started out with nothing, I still have most of it.” On my birthchart, the Sun is parked on 1Taurus08. So having nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear.

  6. I expect to keep all the amazing changes that I have gone through in these past 7 years with Uranus in my Rising. I sure hope that I don’t lose them – maybe under some future Plutonian unearthing??? Nah – they are mine and I am resolved to keep them. Watch out to all the wonderful Taureans I agree Uranus is not too happy there. Can’t wait for the retrograde period when it visits Aries again.
    It’s been a great ride … but hold on tight!
    Aries Rising

  7. This is scary to me. As that is my birthday.
    I have been through so much this past year and have had suffered a lot of fincancial upsets and also suffered a miscarriage. Anything that could go wrong have, I am dreading more trauma coming this way. The only reprieve is that I have learned to grow up and focus on the blessings and I have truly committed to being the best mother and wife I could be no matter what. I guess my attitude should be “bring it on” but I feel like I’m just beat and depleted. *sigh

  8. Me too Dee!
    I feel in my area I could imagine not only an earthquake but a real estate bubble burst. And with that, my home either gone or worth much less than it is and especially if an earthquake takes it down. This is on the edge of my 5th house and 6th House and those are ruled by Mars (volitile) and Venus (money). So there are many things here that could go way wrong. I was planning on selling in May but may not get to!

  9. With Pluto in Cap we are experiencing transformations of all kinds of established institutions, so it is natural to expect that Uranus in Taurus will be shocking change in other realms we expect to be solid, but couldn’t there also be some more positive outcomes? Exciting new kinds of pleasure? Unique new kinds of spas? Unusual singing, jewelry, turtlenecks. Eccentric bulls? Mental body building? Just trying to see this from a less fearful perspective!

    If we think our culture has become too materialistic, Pluto in Cap and Uranus in Taurus could help us get to the place where we could build a culture that is more equitable for all, more ethical, more spiritual. It is doubtful we will all decide to share of our own free will, so maybe we need to have it redistributed via crisis? Ferdinand the Bull is the perfect image of peaceful fulfillment. It will be interesting to see what happens when Uranus appears in his happy field of flowers.

    1. aspire,
      I was wondering along those same lines: “It’s no stretch to imagine a person witnessing or suffering a reversal of fortune at this time.” Isn’t it possible the shift could bring what you’re describing. I mean, from the Ferdinand the Bull POV the positive to this is a change in definitions of ‘value and money.’ I especially like your point about people not sharing on the own … BUT …
      I appreciate your observations and second those emotions/perspectives!!

  10. I’ve been curious about this one. I have natal Chiron here, 3rd house square the nodes. My progressed moon is here, but only for another year or so. I’m hoping I’m lit up with ideas! I just started writing, well finally decided to share my writing. I could use a few sparks from Uranus for my book and to finish my degree ✨

  11. I have venus in Taurus at 4 degrees..Uranus at zero degrees also will be exactly opposite natal neptune at zero degrees scorpio..wow.

  12. I have a natal Venus at 20′ 55 degrees in the 8th House. So I dunno what to expect. My Venus only has two aspects. A semi-sextile to Jupiter in the 7th and an inconjunct to Saturn in the 3rd House. Any one have any clues what this could bode?

  13. Could be both. We saw it happen in Japan after the tsunamis and how hard it hit their economy. Especially with vehicles and electronics. If Uranus is transiting the 11th house of the USA natal chart, it could be one of our allied countries that’s impacted and we do outreach (11th) for them. But anything that happens in an active, global economy is bound to impact everybody.

  14. So, when did Uranus last enter Taurus ? June 7th 1934. Mars entered Gemini 3 days before back then. The country was already 5 years into the Great Depression at it’s worst where Uranus was retrograde at 8 degrees Aries on the crash of 10/29/29. John Dillinger robbed a bank in Indiana for over $20,000 and was killed by police a few weeks after. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed for bank robbery weeks before. Hitler initiated the “Night of Long Knives” before the end of that June whose murders secured his power in the Nazi Party. Stalin took power in Russia and Mao began his ascent in China. So, how might that reflect on 2018 ?
    Any thoughts ?
    Time will tell !

    1. So maybe humanity gets a chance for a do-over? Let’s keep our eyes wide open; no time to be an ostrich w/head in the ground.

      1. Since nobody else offered world views and only personal considerations (Uranus is a generational planet with a 7 year
        sign transit), I’ll offer my own. Curiously, Jupiter is in Scorpio as it was in 1934 when FDR began Social Security and the beginning of new bank regulations. Thus, I expect changes in finance and banking as well as the possibility of the rise to power of dissenting government leaders who would shake up the stability of the world stage. Should this be feared ? I think not because the higher octave of genius and inspiration could equally prevail. Curiously, the financial meltdown of November 2008 found Uranus at 19 Pisces so I see no sign correlation to another stock market meltdown, but shake ups appear in the cards ! Would I take my money out of the bank and buy gold or put it under the mattress as suggested below ? NO !

        1. Thinking of Uranus in Taurus, I wonder about more banking innovations, like the new electronic currencies. The old structures are breaking down thanks to Pluto in Capricorn, so we will need new ones to replace them – this could be the upside of Uranus in Taurus. Using Uranian technologies to create Taurean well-being for all. I am trying to use my imagination to generate positive ideas!
          I see too clearly the trend towards tyranny in the world. Putin, Xi Jinping, Kurtz in Austria, Duterte, etc and the developments in the US. Maybe they are the Taureans holding on to power who will be disrupted by Uranus?

          1. Reason for optimism ? Saturn will trine from 8 Capricorn when Uranus transitions to Taurus and hold that trine to exact through November when it retrogrades back to Aries.

          1. Very interesting correlation ! Albeit a bit early/Aries still.

            Still, a revolutionary change in currency ? Bitcoin might
            blow up !

  15. Uranus will be leaving my 12h then hitting my Taurus Asc…hmm radically change my appearance? It will trine my Cap Mars/Mercury at 0, then later trine Venus Cap at 8 degrees. Maybe some new/exciting personal opportunities within the general instability…tho it’s so hard to say.

  16. I don’t know enough about astrology to know how this will play out for me, but since I have my Sun and Moon in Aquarius, I’m now officially concerned.
    Luckily I have a serious distrust of the banking industry b/c I was a part of it for many years. I’ve taken precautions to keep my money safe in ways that have nothing to do with banks and have almost no debt. The rebel in me is keeping me as independent as possible in these interesting times.
    Now I just have to move off the San Andreas fault!! ASAP!!

    1. Would love to hear your ideas on non-bank places for $$ if you are ever in the mood to start a thread on the forum…

  17. Uranus conjunct (in 12H) my Taurus Ascendant.
    Certainly reading everything about this. I’m expecting changes in income, values, ways of life, maybe getting back to a “basics” lifestyle, growing veges, slower way of life.

  18. Taurus is my seventh house. I’m immune to love, so it does make me wonder if suddenly I do have dating options. Maybe I just elope and get quickie divorced a lot, though.

    Or according to this, end up broke. Which might happen.

    I have a bully at work and seventh is the house of open enemies, so…yeah, that’ll be fun.

  19. 5th house. Looking forward to it not lingering too long in my 4th (I like disruptions only if they are self-created). Me thinks I should avoid gambling with money!

    1. And birth control… Really sticking to that birth control seriously. On the other hand, the potential for a lot of fun (or at the very least, entertainment) on the dating front! Yes!

    2. Me too. Uranus in the fifth feels creative and fun. Exciting!!

      In the fourth it has meant a huge move, change and anxiety and feeling alternately unsettled and excited about home. Lots of creativity poured into making the new place feel like home… Feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Enjoying being the eccentric.

      1. I can absolutely relate to that.

        But I really like a stable home (/source) to go back to… So the transit through the 4th has been incredibly frustrating and unnerving. Even if some things may be shaking because change is necessary… Ha!

        Thank you for reminding me of the association with roots as I am definitely re-working my relationship with mine!

  20. I am an Aquarius with Aries rising and aries moon, I just married a Taurus on Sept 2. He has struggled for 10 years with a startup tech co. creating and now producing a product
    that has been needed for everyone. I choose to believe that his fortunes and mine will be reversed on the positive side. I have already experienced a reverse of fortunes starting in 2003.My husband experienced a reversal also more than once with several inventions. I lost everything due to a now ex husband. My reversal lasted for more than 10 years of struggling to recuperate from being a millionaire to abject poverty. I was homeless and broke. It has taken me 14 years to rebuild and continuing the rebuilding process. I believe God restores and will possibly bring a company who will buy out my husbands new company or sales will explode. I am not an astrologist nor do I understand all of this. I thought Uranus could be a positive influence, a good surprise, not just negative. I choose to believe good things will happen. Good luck to everyone.

    1. I would definitely also associate Uranus with shakeups, inspiration, change… They can be positive or negative.

      I see Elsa’s post as a general vibe, worldwide. Also, a risk to keep in mind. Afterwards, where it plays in a personal chart would influence the personal “flavor” if you will.

      At least, that’s how I see it (and I’m absolutely choosing to view my future as hopeful, whether through opportunities or my choices in how I react/act with what is).

      Good luck to you too Jacque!

  21. that’s close to my chiron. so i’m thinking it might hit people in my age range particularly (young gen x, old millennial, depending on who you ask.)

  22. Avatar
    J venkata ramireddy

    When mars sqare uranus in may2018.my natal mars at 29 degree in aries.i have experianced pluto sqare pluto then neptune trine neptune then uranus opposite uranus and present entering saturn opposition saturn.i have no water for tears, what might be the results from now onwards.still no job, no money, no friends, no relationships but having partner only my happyness.

  23. It’ll be moving into my 10th (finally) and sextiling my Sun. I don’t know. It’s already created tons of shakeups on the home and career front as it keeps moving forward and backward on my midheaven. I don’t want to know. Uranus is known for its surprises. ??‍♀️

  24. Avatar

    Uranus is just coming off of opposition to my natal uranus. It will soon be conjunct/transit my natal sun. I wonder what the flavor difference is between the typical “mid-life” opposition of transit uranus to a conjunction for all of the taureans out there? I am sure the house/sign placement of the two are so different but I would think that there is a different spark to this transit.

  25. excited to see whats happens overall, and very cool the day it shows up is mmy birthday WOW! but still trying to understand it all

    1. My husband will have Uranus @ 29 Aries in his. He has Uranus @ 29 Libra natally–so he gets his Uranus opposition EXACT on his birthday, at critical degrees no less! Should be a wild birthday. (He did get a top-of-the-line speech device to help people understand him, and this opp lands in his 3rd/9th houses, maybe that’s how this plays out…)

  26. This is 2 days after my birthday…I’m a little nervous and a little excited at the same time lol.
    DC, Mars, Chiron and Sun Taurus 7th house between 6° and 24° it will be one after another.
    I was thinking though as far as Solar return chart it won’t be there yet so not sure how that plays out?

      1. Avatar
        Jennifer Lisette

        I know a few Aries people so I’ve been able to watch the effect Uranus had on them for the last 7 years. Some have left their marriage while some had lost someone close to them (due to sickness) others have left their jobs of 20 years or so. Uranus will bring something totally fresh in your life wherever it is much needed, in my opinion. These people have been in a relationship whether intimately or professionally for a long time and now it is like they have been given a breath of fresh air!

    1. Avatar
      Jennifer Lisette

      I was about to say that…..I’ll miss Uranus in Aries as well! Being in my 5th house, my creativity was at its peak! I am a Sag (fire) so I don’t know if the Uranus Trine played a big part in it but now going into Taurus (earth) hitting my 6th house, I would love to be able to revamp my daily routines! Funnily, I have been getting some supplements lately to help boosting my energy. Let’s see what Taurus brings……?

  27. Tr Uranus will be in the middle of my (empty) 5th house. I must say Uranus in Aries has been quite good to me on the whole.
    BUT – that New Moon will be right on intense Algol, for all of us. For me personally, it will be right on my Descendant. I was thinking, hooray! Then I read a posting above which pointed out that house 7 is also about open enemies… oh dear.

    1. Avatar
      Jennifer Lisette

      Romance, for me, didn’t happen during Uranus-Aries transit though I was open for it…….instead I was given the gift of creativity so I made the best of it. With Uranus I’ve learnt that you’ll definitely be surprised with yourself! You’ll do things you didn’t know you could make happen.

      1. I took a look at the dates of Uranus in Aries. Many amazing things happened to me during that time. There was a lucrative contract that I won, money left to me in will, a really huge payout from a pension fund (non-contributory, no less) from a place where I’d worked for only a year, and most importantly, a reconciliation with my soulmate after 40 years apart. Also, the creative energy to write huge swathes of a book that had been spooking around in my head for years.
        The only negative things came with Uranus’ brief fling back in Pisces (Neptune!) from August 2010 to March 2011.
        Unfortunately, though, Neptune is dogging Uranus. For me, when Neptune touches any part of my chart, something in my life that is critical to my well-being, dissolves. I am struggling to let go of things even though I know it’s necessary. Neptune will be hitting my IC on 15 May.

  28. Both my Cap Mars and Leo Moon are at 0 degrees, so this is all happening square moon, trine mars. At the same time, I have Chiron doing the opposite (trining my Moon, squaring my Sun). I have no idea what it’s all going to mean, other than a lot of uncertianty and unexpected shocks and changes. I’m just hoping for something good for a change. I have Pluto sitting on my Sun for the next two years and Saturn about to hit return and it’s just all so *heavy*. ::sigh::

  29. Ooh, boy — My Moon is at 1* Taurus, my Sun is at 29* Libra, My Saturn is at 0* Scorpio, and my MC is at 2* Scorpio. Uranus will be rolling back and forth across my IC and Moon while opposing my Saturn, Sun, and MC. Meanwhile, TR Pluto and TR Saturn sit in my 1st house because my Asc is 9* Capricorn! So, this looks like a cosmic trainwreck, if you ask me. Does anyone want to venture a guess what I’m in for? I’ll think I’ll hide under the covers.

    1. Uranus Conjunction Moon
      A time when the new and unexpected may figure in your living situation or surroundings. An insight about your support system, your mother, or other females may be important. You could discover a student or a younger person that opens to you.

      Uranus Opposition Sun
      A time when considerable tension could accumulate, with release coming in the form of unexpected bursts of temper that may well involve other people. You may find yourself feeling rebellious, challenging those in authority or the established order.

      Uranus Sextile Jupiter
      Breakthroughs in your career could open up during this time, making it possible for you to solve problems and reach new levels of accomplishment. Improved solutions, insights, and approaches make this an opportunity not to be passed over.

      Uranus Opposition Saturn
      A tendency to break away from routine, ignore responsibilities, try new and different things. This unusual behavior on your part could challenge your sense of order and discipline, sending you into a time when you are unpredictable, even unstable.

      Uranus Square Uranus
      A period of pressure and tension relating to your sense of independence and freedom. You may find yourself curbing a tendency within to rebel and actually finding freedom this time by pursuing more established routes.

      Uranus Opposition Neptune
      A time of independence when you may try new and different things that don’t necessarily go with your established ideals and image of yourself. You could rebel against sentimentality, too much dreaming, and any “pie in the sky” you bought in the past.

      Uranus Trine Pluto
      A time of sudden insights (maybe jolts) into some of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of your inner self and psychology. Breakthroughs regarding inner growth and transformation. A time during which you reach new levels in understanding life and death.

      Uranus Opposition Midheaven
      Sudden insight into your home, family, and sense of security. You could be asserting more independence, perhaps at the expense of your job or career by spending more time away from it, engrossed in your personal and domestic scene.

      1. Thanks, JC! This is really helpful info. I’d say that Uranus seems to be keeping me constantly on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop!

    2. Sorry, had to laugh when I read that. 🙂 Nat sun 0 deg Scorp here, and have had a seemingly endless parade of planets squaring or aspecting natal moon 24 Lib among other transits.

      Seems to me you’re already in the thick of it. If you can laugh about it now, you’re doing okay!

  30. Uranus will leave my 10th house in Aries, and move into my 11th house with Taurus cusp, Mercury and S.Node in Taurus. Mercury is on a T-square with my Moon in Scorpio in the 5th, and Pluto in Leo in the 2nd. Mercy!

  31. I’m on pins & needles, as my husband & I purchased a $100 cancer care hospital lottery ticket – the grand prize is a multimillion dollar house – and the draw was JUST announced to be made on May 17, 2018. I’m 2 deg. Libra w/Aries Rising 8 deg. and I have Uranus in Libra 7th house. My Husband is Leo with Taurus Moon and Scorpio Rising 1 deg. The ‘interesting’ part of the ticket purchase is that it was made via my father-in-law, in his name, as my husband & I are not eligible since we had to move to an adjacent province (we all live in Canada). So, if the ticket won, my father-in-law (Capricorn) has agreed to claim the prize and then Gift it back to us. I’m hoping: 7th house triggers (husband, in-laws) with his Rising Sign & Moon Sign combined for something awesome and ‘unexpected’ and Big! …Lord knows we really could use this miracle, as we had to move away because of financial issues and I cry every day, I miss our old province so much! It would be the miracle we need, that’s for sure. High hopes & fingers crossed!!

  32. On 15 May I fell seriously ill and am still recovering.
    Fortunately I realized what was happening in time and managed to minimize permanent damage to my body. But Neptune on my IC has made me feel terribly insecure.
    On the plus side, I had a huge creative insight as Uranus went into Taurus, which helped me make sense of something that has been worrying me for decades. Suddenly it was all so clear and obvious! Now the story I’ve been writing hangs together at last.

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