Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron Conjunction in the First House: See-Through Dress?

“I’m sorry I was irritable,” I told the soldier, calling him back from the Home Depot parking lot. “I am just a little bit nervous and agitated.” (Mercury Retch!)

“What happened?”

“Well I ran into Denis. Remember, Denis? Well I saw him coming into the gym as I was leaving but that’s not the main problem, I think my dress is see through.”


“I think my dress is see-though. It should not be, it’s black but the way men are acting I think it is.”

“Go home, P!”

“I am going home. Yeah, they are hooting and stuff. They are stepping aside and letting me pass just a little too much… I think.”

“I bet they’re stepped aside, They’re looking at your ass, P, you get home right now.”

“I’m getting home,” I said getting into the car. “I do think my dress is see-through, I don’t think this is my imagination, but anyway that is why I was irritable in there. It’s because I’m awfully nervous to be in Home Depot with a see-through dress. Er… I did not consider this may be happening.”

21 thoughts on “Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron Conjunction in the First House: See-Through Dress?”

  1. ][-
    You respect yourself and your soldier:) He should be proud of you:) –
    Other women would do this on purpose just to get attention!

    hmm.. proud ? what am i thinking? ..ok.. you know what i mean.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. *Please don’t take this the wrong way*
    That’s very Erotic.
    I’m sorry it stressed you out though, but if it were I, I’d sooo play along with it, I’d get my partner all “stressed” out on the phone, so by the time I get home he’s full of this Mars energy and takes me aside and gets all bitchy about the dress BEING SEE THROUGH, then he’d have his way with me.
    oh my! I love erotic fantasy. (Venus conjunct Neptune)

  3. Take a picture of yourself in a mirror so you can see if it was the dress or you that was flipping their switches. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aww lol…i have this problem with button down shirts. I think one might have popped open during a job interview once, but I’m still to this day not sure since I didn’t notice until I went to Subway after the interview and the male cashier was looking at me funny.

  5. I’ve seen your picture, Elsa and I know you are vary beautiful, but I’m thinking your dress may indeed be see-through. It could happen to anyone.

    I’d tell you a story about something similar that happened to me many years ago, but I’m still too mortified about it.

  6. This happened to me 2 summers ago too. I went to the bus stop to get Vid in a new dress, people were staring. It was not until I got home, I saw why.

  7. Bretagne – I get it but boy he doesn’t feel that way. He just wants to KILL I am sure. He is an “Avert your eyes, motherfucker before I take then right out of your head for you…” type so I am sure it just boils his blood.

  8. ha ha, I would have played ignorant for sure. Had some fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚ ::blushes::

    Man, you tell soldier everything. I’m not nearly so honest. Too much fun getting away with a little somethin’! And even better, now you can wear it “accidentally” for him in the sunlight. ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tell him everything? I don’t tell him shit! Even if I wanted to he wouldn’t let me! he wants to know as little as possible re: the missing years!

  10. โ€œIโ€™m awfully nervous to be in Home Depot with a see-through dressโ€
    NO KIDDING! I wouldโ€™ve run for my life, lol

    well yeah, but I didn’t no if it was my imag-in-fuckin-ation!

    Damned Neptune!

  11. Ho ho ho
    I live in a small ” colonia”
    My mother spread gossip about me, for 30 years, nothing was true, she will have karma for 30 years.?
    My neptune can’t work with her shit.

    Elsa you’ll be beautiful for eternity.
    Don’t worry any more.

  12. ๐Ÿ˜€ what an experience! i remember reading about one of my favuorite virgos, (I guess i have alot LOL) shirley manson from the band “Garbage” and she said in an article she was wearing a see-through dress and everything was showing lol she said that she didnt even notice.

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