Pluto In Sagittarius: Death By Belief

SaDiablo writes on Pluto Transit The 11th House Losing Friends Left And Right

“…if they’re dumping you then who the hell needs ‘em in the first place? Isn’t a history of good, reliable friendship worth more? And if you’re dumping them, then I’m sure you’ve made your position clear before the final break (as was evidenced in the “amputating a friend” series of posts), and even though it’s painful I’m sure it’s ultimately better in the long haul…”

SaDiablo, I am dumping them as much as they are dumping me. I’ve learned via this transit there are some things that really are deal-breakers when it comes to friendships and it simply becomes, “you go your way and I’ll go mine”.

It’s death or amputation (Pluto) due your belief (Sadge). There are some things that people are just plain vested in and if you don’t believe or agree with their side, you’re out and I’ll give you an example.

If one person has an abortion and the other says that they think abortion is killing a child, those two people are probably not going want to hang out anymore.

11 thoughts on “Pluto In Sagittarius: Death By Belief”

  1. Weirdly, I’ve been thinking about this. Sag. is great fun, lovely, buzzing, but nothing annoys the Sagittarius in me (Mars) like more Sagittarius. I actually fell out with somebody the other day for stating my views on something a tad too enthusiastically, Sag is a minefield.

    I was also going to ask you to explain about the Saturn Uranus thing and why it was a problem. I have Neptune in the 3rd so stuff just evades me. Sometimes I need things spelled out.

    I am worried like hell about the second pass of Saturn opp Uranus because it happens at the exact moment that I get my Uranus opposition. *cries*

  2. “I was also going to ask you to explain about the Saturn Uranus thing and why it was a problem.”

    I have to get my nerve up and this is how I do it.

  3. SaDiablo I understand but I am telling you people get hot. I have already seen it happen months ago when I posted a contrary opinion to someone’s pet theory on their blog and became public enemy number one.

    Now these things are much closer to home and it is hard to avoid discussing them when you are a Capricorn (Saturn) astrologer (Uranus). And it’s an opposition by God, so you are going to oppose and be opposed.

  4. Deirdre: I hope so, and I have to commend you on seeing such a positive outcome. May 09 is already looking very weird, but I am trying to see the opportunities 🙂

    Elsa: I’m intrigued! Actually, I’m all for provocative astrology and since Pluto’s involved you already know there’s no keeping a lid on it, so you might as well tell the world 🙂

  5. I can see it with the abortion angle, and the husband/kids angle in the last bit, but it still trips my mind that a difference in astrological significance could trigger this.

  6. Jeremy recently I heard a nice distillation of the Uranus opposition which was it’s a time of specialization. Like if you sell fruit, you might decide to become a grape salesman. Could this fit? If there is an oppostion from Saturn you might become a grape wholesaler and be responsible for all the grapes on the all the vines.

  7. Well, damn. I value your opinion about everything which is why I read your blog, and for this reason I’m still rooting for your opinion about the Saturn/Uranus.
    Putting your opinion on someone else’s blog is different that writing your own, isn’t it? Unless that person takes it as an affront? Bleh. Social dynamics confound yet again.

  8. Hell, social dynamics mytisfy me almost everyday. *lol*

    This makes a lot more sense with the astrology behind it spelled out. I’m still not so great at recognizing astrology at play in the larger world; it remains a paper exercise for now.
    Thanks, E!

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