Family Movies: Percy And Chiron

Last night we went to the movie shop and picked out a movie to watch together. We picked out “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief,” made from the first book of the series my older daughter is currently reading. Early on in the movie, Percy’s crippled teacher reveals himself to be Chiron the centaur. I got all excited and said, “OH, OH, that’s Chiron! He’s a teacher and the wounded healer and…” My daughter opened her mouth, closed it, and gave me that knowing smile of “Oh mom, you’re such a dork.”

I smiled back sheepishly and said, “Love you,” which in my family is code for, “Sorry I’m such a dork.” I get so excited when I see the archetypes of astrology out in the real world. And there I was thinking I was going to educate my daughter when she already knew exactly who that was and what the archetype symbolized.

Percy went on to avert war between his father Poseidon (Neptune) and his uncles Zeus (Jupiter) and Hades (Pluto); and I was just happy to sit back and enjoy the story and how bright my daughter has become, reading and thinking and absorbing the archetypal wisdom through the stories of her culture, all on her own.

Do you notice the archetypal characters in popular culture and recognize their place in astrology? If so, do you find it deepens your understanding of astrology?

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  1. Yes, and yes! (And I get that reaction from my kid, too.) Gazillions of derived and massaged mythological character references show up in culture, and I’ve found that it teaches me, and it’s great to work with this stuff with children. Usually, the kids somehow picked up more than I know, and even the video gaming world has armed many children with lots of knowledge.

    My 14-year-old son is reading stuff from the Bible to Dante’s Inferno for school, and I’m really glad we read the Percy Jackson series! It makes me happy when the kids can look at events in the light of something they’ve learned from these old stories. Just like for me, it seems to add to their ability to understand life.

  2. I love the mythology and archetypes, both for astrology and Tarot.

    Am also familiar with the, “You’re such a dork” look. 😛

  3. I am right there with you. I thought me and my girls were the only one who used that code :::smiling::: when they were in high school we used it both ways. I love you Tamtam, I love you mommy! Before writing and print medium, story telling was how lessons and knowledge got passed from one generation to the next it is refreshing to see these stories still alive. And while I basically love Walt Disney sometimes it makes me sad how he diluted some of the original story lines and their lessons :::ducking from nutsy:::When my girls were in their Disney movie craze I always tried to introduce them to some of the classic stories. Doesn’t matter if it is mythology, astrology, tarot, or even biblical I am glad the stories are still out there.

  4. Well I don’t know if this applies, but it’s strange…

    A lot of oil affiliates, holding companies, hedge funds, big money…with names like Neptune, Leo, Blackstone Neptune…makes you wonder if astrology is helping the wrong people.

  5. We saw “The Last Airbender” last night, and though it wasn’t great, the Moon Spirit is embodied by two fish swimming in a circle, the Pisces symbol. I won’t give away any of the plot points (though it wouldn’t ruin the movie – it’s that bad), but at the end, the fish have something to do with a self-sacrifice that saves the day. Pisces again…

  6. Del, see the original cartoon that the movie is loosely based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. The original cartoon is excellent in every way and the movie unfortunately got so much of it wrong.

    I believe all three seasons of episodes are available on Netflix and they are really worth checking out. Although it may not have been intentional on the cartoon creators’ part there is a ton of astrological archetypes in it. Aang the Airbender is mostly an embodiment of Gemini, with some Libra and Aquarius thrown in. Katara the Waterbender is the embodiment of Cancer, etc.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone has seen or read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but Lisbeth Salandar is Scorpio/Pluto personified.

  7. I heard an interview with the author on the radio recently. Turns out he was a teacher, and he used to read all the Greek and Roman myths to his son. When he ran out of them he decided to write some more himself to try to get more kids into classical mythology. Lovely man. Apparently he’s thinking of doing some based on the Norse myths next.

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