Do You Believe In Love?

valentine candyIt happens to be almost Valentine’s day but that is accidental. Venus is in Capricorn and I really want to know this: Is love real? Is love something people believe in? Have they seen it? Do they feel it? Do they give it and do they get it?

Now I obviously believe in love. I feel it in every fiber of my body however I have Venus square Neptune, known to be delusional!

So what do the rest of you think? Is there love out there or just a bunch of business deals? Is there love or merely hormones, pathology a need for security, etc?


17 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Love?”

  1. Love is the lottery. Some people really do win.

    Many, many people waste their lives buying tickets.

    Many sensible people give up and work for a living and find out that winning the lottery was not a necessity.

    But some people really do win.

  2. When I was 19 and at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, I was sitting next to my grandfather…he leaned over to me and said, “Look at that fine woman, she is so beautiful, more beautiful than the day I married her.”
    Then he told me this…Love isn’t just a feeling it is an act. It is a choice every day to get up and enjoy and love the person you choose to be with.”

  3. Hi,

    Ewinbee – i loved your response. Kinda sums up my feelings on the whole subject.

    I believe in Love, I do, I do. I think ‘healthy’ and ‘fulfilling’ Love is rare though. A lot of what passes for Love in contemporary culture is actually neediness.

    Carrie XX

  4. I think ewinbee and Maheggo have it just about right. It’s part chance (or karma) and a lot personal choice. I love the lottery metaphor–that some people spend their time waiting in line, hoping for the big windfall. I plead guilty! 🙂

    The ancients divided up love into agape/charity (selfless love) and eros (desire). Eros (aka Cupid) gets things going and keeps things exciting. Maheggo’s grandparents no doubt had lots of both kinds of love.

    So, yes, I see lots of agape around me, especially in relationships with family and friends. This strikes me as the more “real” (Capricorn?) form of love. Eros is great too, and real, but it burns itself out and needs new fuel. A good fight might do it, or time apart, or maybe a new object of desire.

    I think what most of us are after in a romantic relationship is agape…sure, with erotic sparks, but if it’s only that, then love seems like a fraud. If a partner has truly cared about me (or I about him) in a selfless way, that seems real.

  5. I absolutely believe in love. There’s no other explanation for how two selfish, battling Ariens could come together and find such peace and contentedness without trying to kill each other. 😀

  6. I believe in love. it just takes alot of paitence and forgiveness, it’s got to be real, and it’s alot of work.

    venus in virgo trine neptune-saturn in capricorn in the fifth house.

  7. I think love is real. I also think it is something you choose to act upon.

    I agree with Maheggo’s grandfather. You get up everyday and make a choice about how you express your love.

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