Is There Karma For Driving A Wedge Between Others?

venus vintageVenus in aspect to Pluto.

You know those people who try to cause problems in other people’s relationships? I know of a situation like this where the tables were turned on the perp, inexplicably.

The wedge was supposed to get between my husband and I.  We wound up thick as thieves. The person who set to cause a problem, now has the problem of their own!

I’m not one to cheer when someone has a problem.  But if you mess with my marriage – hoo boy, you’re taking your chances, thinking I’m as stupid as I look!

What I love about this situation is that I wasn’t the one who turned the tables. I don’t know who turned them, but sure enough that’s what happened.

Calculating people may calculate. That doesn’t mean they calculate correctly.

What do you know about driving a wedge between people and those they love?

24 thoughts on “Is There Karma For Driving A Wedge Between Others?”

  1. 20 years ago I wrote a note to my sister about the guy she was very serious with. I told her she should drop him and go for another person. It was VERY rotten of me. I’m not sure about my immediate karma but I have regretted for 20 years and feel it’s caused a wedge between my sister, her husband and I. It’s best to take care of oneself. I have since apologized but wound will never completely heal – for any of us. Just think if the whole world understood Karma – wow we would be in better shape

    1. Hey, you apologised. You are sorry, and you owned it. I think that lets you off the karma hook. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

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      Shawn Harris

      You are very right about the Karma thing! And yes, if you put your 2 cents in where it doesn’t belong, you won’t like what come along & screws with your life when most likely it will be when your life is at a fantastic point & you might love that person like the other one loved who you put your nose where it really didn’t belong! Karma is 1 mean bitch and trust me, it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 years. She comes with a vengeance!! The ones that messes with me & mine are his mother & his so called best friend. They now have plotted against me by her moving him in & they stress my man out so bad even though his blood pressure is already through the roof! He’s also got diabetes. So they care so much for him that their selfish asses will most likely make the man I love have a massive stroke! They just go back & forth dogging me about anything they can, telling him that I have called them & said things that I wouldn’t even say. Calling the law to her house and staging something like I’m trying to put the friend in jail. Then he acts like he wants to block me on his phone. I Know y’all might not understand that one because neither do I! I just heard about this one. It just goes on for days, might I say years. We don’t have time, trust me. It is just discussting & so absurd! She is jelious, & wants him to come be with her & the friend just wants him to drive him everywhere. He had gotten $300,000.00 about 6 months ago & nobody seen him. Before he got it though he told my ole man, I’ll buy you a truck if you leave her, meaning me! Isn’t that just sick! I want this guy to quit breathing! I hate that these people have taken my joy. They just won’t stop! How do I do this? How do I make them go away without me going to prison? Please!!! Someone help before I do something not so cool. I just want them to feel as betrayed as I do!!!!

  2. I do not know anything about being the driver of a wedge in someones affairs. I stay out of the business of peoples personal lives because I do not want others involved in my personal business. I have been a witness to this behavior a few times in my life and have been a victim of it a couple of times personally.I have always thought that it is some type of God complex to think that you can control the course of the flow in life. You can not , you should not, it is not your job. Things are supposed to happen the way they do, there isa design at work and your interference will come back to bite you in ways that you would have never guessed. I have watched this happen to people. I do not feel happy about what happens to these people, I feel sad for them. I think it helps to teach these people to get off of their high horse and join the ranks of the people who live in the real world. They learn finally, that they are not invincible and to temper the hubris down a notch.

  3. Don’t you just love when it happens, and you didn’t have to be the one to make it happen. Funny I was thinking about a situation like that just yesterday.

  4. Happens all the time. People, you know. There’s nothing I can really do about it. Hard lesson to learn. I just watch it going on. It’s all over the place. I am kinduv getting a kick out of the rhetorical twists and turns now that I’m onto it. It’s a buy and sell game. I was kinduv happy to see venus pluto mentioned. I think I am being prepped for the upcoming pluto transit to my venus. Makes all of those underpinnings pretty obvious. I am just prepping to stay sane through that transit. How easily people can be bamboozled into buying on. Alot of it seems to have to do with sides and brainwashing.

  5. I have Venus/Pluto…I have never intended to “drive a wedge”. I have a lot of Pisces…I’m made up of predominately Pisces and Aries- I am way too…innocent?… Unaware? Non-evil…I’m way too ‘something’ to ever intentionally drive a wedge between people, but I think I could have caused some damage to someone by remaining a little to close to the person they were with. It is possible I unconsciously wanted to drive a wedge because admittedly, I was obsessed, overly infatuated, “in-love” blinded, I was delusional etc… Once I realized this, I felt terrible however. I will not do it again because I learned my lesson. No, I haven’t had karma come after me (yet) for this, but I’m pretty sure it is because my intentions were not clear to me. I refuse to have anything to do with a commited person again.

    1. On the other hand, it always takes two to tango as they say. I think the person I was so infatuated with might be the devil himself. I am not so sure he was so innocent but who am I to judge? With Venus opposite pluto its hard to tell. I’ll probably never know.

  6. Elsa, is this transit talking about MYSELF coming between my lover or MYSELF coming between two lovers? Thanks!! :)) Ritika

  7. What about my sister’s husband destroying our relationship? Or her doing her best to destroy my relationships with my parents (she kept referring to them as HER parents)? Karma hasn’t done anything to them. There is also nothing that can replace the relationship I used to have with her. I don’t know how women can let men do this to them and their siblings, but they do, too often.

  8. A lot of wives keep their husbands away from their families, and I used to think it was really evil. Now I think that the men are plain lazy if they let this happen, or possibly they actually want it to be this way and having their wives take the blame. Any way you slice it, no one can put a wedge unless there is space for it.

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      I agree that in some cases the men don’t want much to do with their families anyway. Their wives feeling the same way is just a happy accident.

  9. Hey Elsa, you’re absolutely on the money; your compass is always sharp and true. I’ve had exactly this kind of crap, with certain people trying to drive a wedge between my husband and I, from within his own family. The tactics did not work. I look forward to seeing how the dice rolls, based on your (Capricorn rising) perspective, expressed so well in your blog.

  10. I had this from my mother during school — she seemed to think my dating meant I might give less money to her, i.e., use it to go out, or work less, or something. She was constantly warning me off these nice innocent guys. I learned to keep my relationships a secret after my aunts and uncles pointed out what was happening. Next, I had a couple of “friends” do this. I was still kind of naive, trying to think they didn’t mean it, and….whoops.

    I finally got wise. The last time it happened, someone tried to do this to my fiancé (now husband) and I, but I saw it for what it was, and ended the attempt. I don’t know if karma ever hit these people. None of them seem particularly happy, though, then or now. I don’t meddle in relationships, unless as a cheerleader for happy friends.

  11. I have Scorpio Venus square Pluto natally. Despite that, I’ve never been the wedge driver, but I’ve had people try to drive a wedge between me and someone else. I think I’m their karma, in this life. I have an innate ability to turn it back on them or change the situation suddenly. Surprise! (My Venus is also trine Uranus.)

    I can say that the times in my life that I’ve done that, I felt that I righted a wrong and exposed a weasel for all to see. I have to admit that I got some guilty pleasure out of it, I’m no saint.

    Wedge drivers always have an agenda and they’re predators. You have to shut them down.

  12. I have a Pluto/Venus trine. Pluto in Leo 9th/10th house cusp. Venus in Sag, 2nd house. Gods know I don’t need any more wedges.

  13. A great movie to watch on this subject of Venus/Pluto – wedge driving is “Enough Said” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini. I think it portrays well how one woman’s words/attitude can “poison” the relationship of another woman — but only because the other women was vulnerable to those words/attitude and believed them. I found the dramatization very enlightening…Plutonian energy can be destructive…but also penetrating and therefore illuminating. It can allow us to see through the muck and illusion.

  14. Let’s hope that all the a**holes get what’s coming to them. Lol

    If anything I try to do the opposite because I just don’t want to be ensnared in bs or accused of anything. If I have to criticize someone, I would do it openly and stand by it . But underhanded stuff, never.

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