How To Attract An Aries Man

Of all the signs per my extensive research baiting men – Aries men are most appreciative of a short skirt.

A woman wanting to keep an Aries man interested needs to comprehend that he is a “thrill of the chase” sort. If you are Susie Cream Cheese, easy to spread, you are a one night stand to Aries who wants a challenge.

If they piss you off, your job is to pick up a pan and hit them with it. This is something Aries respects.

Crouch in the corner, whimper or whine and you will not see them again and it is just as well as you are not worthy opponent.

How do you attract an Aries man?

11 thoughts on “How To Attract An Aries Man”

  1. My Mars in Aries side really likes this!

    My dad has a lot of Virgo in his chart. He speaks to me in a diplomatic and sweet way when he wants me to do something and he thinks I like it.

    I hate it! I wish he was demanding and more aggressive so I can yell and have a nice argument with him.

  2. “Pick up a pan and hit them with it?”


    As an Aries woman, I work somewhat similarly. I don’t like pushovers. I don’t like doormats and whipping posts. I like my men independent and able to call me on my crap (if I do make mistakes har har). 😉

  3. so true! this quadruple Aries I dated was just like that, my Aries Mars was so happy! Overload! But he could also be sooo passive and undirect with a Pisces Sun in the 12th and I suspect he wanted to be tied up good – not my thing.

  4. Wow, this is so true! I have been around Aries men as either friends or lovers and the only way I could get them to listen up is when I put my foot down. These men love the bitchy types and the spoiled brats. When I acted mature and too analytic for them – I won’t see them the following day. But that was temporary. They would be back around to knocking my door. Is it because of the combustible quality of the Leo-Aries social bond? And oh, my gal best friend since kindergarten is an arian.

  5. I am dating an Aries, and we both have Venus at the same degree in Aries at 16 degrees. I liked the remark about hitting him with a pan. We don’t fight a lot but on occasion I stand up to him. I am anything but a wimp.

  6. I am currently dating a Taurus with a 5-planet stellium in Taurus in the 10th (Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Chiron*), but an Aries moon conjunct Midheaven.

    What is hilarious to me is that it works so perfectly, because I want long-term commitment (Cap Sun/Venus in Scorp) but I’m so damned indecisive about it (Mars/Moon in Libra). He and I get along great!

  7. I just witnessed an Aries man with a cancer rising act just like a cancer. All huff and puff, shutting down communication, and withdrawing. Luckily I’m a cancer and I saw his frustration and was easily able to make logical points about certain aspects of the situation. Mindful not to prick his temper. Now I’m the one who’s left bereft because he’s back to being fine and I can’t help but to wonder did that really work out at as well as I’m thinking it did?

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