Dealing With Your Second Saturn Return

eggYour second Saturn return comes around when you’re about fifty-eight years old. At the time of your first Saturn return, you’re in your 20’s.  You have plenty of time to do just about anything. If you’re “behind”, you can still catch up. By the time the second return rolls around, you’re pretty much facing a time crunch.

With Saturn in Capricorn, this is particularly noticeable. I see people, gobsmacked by reality at this time.  This is true, even if person is relatively happy with their life situation.  Some edges in life are hard and there’s no way around it.

Let’s say you’re a person heading into your second Saturn return and it’s really is harsh.  You’re unhappy. You may be depressed.

What are you going to do?
How will you get through it?

A older man I know used an analogy that struck me. “You have an egg.  It either hatches… or it rots,” he said.

Hmm. If you’re having your second Saturn return, no doubt you’re under pressure.  I like the idea of “breaking out” as an “older adult”, as compared to rotting in the shell. Use the wisdom you’ve acquired throughout your life, to position yourself for the next phase.

I also specialize in all things Saturn. Schedule a consultation here. I know I can help!

Are you in the middle of your second Saturn return? How’s it going?

45 thoughts on “Dealing With Your Second Saturn Return”

  1. Yes SSR.almost 60 moving fast as the tide, is life hard, always, am I strong? The strongest I’ve ever been
    Am I sad, in the middle, am I happy
    The only way. The day shrinking faster each day, I feel like a star in the sky, one in a million am I curious
    About what’s coming, absolutely
    Kisses to all who find hard ;happy
    Just a sigh away, keep breathing

  2. I’m not going through SSR, but I appreciate analogy “You have an egg. It either hatches… or it rots,”.
    That really says it all!

  3. I completed my second Saturn Return last year. Like my first one, it involved a move into a different house (Saturn rules physical structures and real estate). Unlike the first one, I did not suffer a miscarriage, lost jobs, or a relative’s death.

    Post second Saturn Return, I do see it as the beginning of my third life chapter. I am now a mentor for younger friends and I am the matriarch of my family.

  4. I took that workshop. Like all your workshops, it was very helpful.

    I now find myself on the other side my 2nd Saturn Return.

    I now need to hatch the New Me. I’m pecking at the shell from the inside. Hoping to crack through and emerge soon!

    Thanks for the visual!

  5. My North node is 11th house Leo but my aquarius Saturn is in my 5th house with my south node.
    Not sure if Saturn will smack me to stay grown up or smack me out of my seriousness and Im able to have some fun and romance in my life.

  6. SSR conjunct Pluto in the 7th…Neptune conjunct MC…I’m going off the rails on a crazy train! Really totally unreal. I can’t explain myself. Thank you Elsa for the probing questions that provide oblique strategies and necessary diversions from the swirling miasma currently holding court in my subconscious. Write-On!

  7. My SSR will happen early next year and then go on to conjunct transit Pluto. All in my 6th house. I’m figuring (hoping) it will be a life change (last Saturn return husband got fired from brothers company and started his own) I’m hoping our day to day life relaxes and husband can enjoy his hard earned retirement (me too!)

  8. My 2nd SR was GOOD… but that’s because I believe I had a successful 1st SR. I stepped into myself at 30.
    My sister stayed hidden through her 1st and stepped out of a 35 year marriage during her 2nd SR. Did we think she was crazy? Yes. But now we see she’s stepped into herself.
    My mother ignored both 1st and 2nd……and at 87 the egg had rotted. Sad but true. So I’d say you gotta give it all you got by 58 years…the 2nd SR. We’re all living longer so even at 87 you still have a chance, but that’s a lot of years of turning your back on yourself.

  9. At my first SR Saturn transmitted the natal conjunction with Pluto on Saturn (Libra).

    At the SR think I stepped out of a dysfunctional home with a dysfunctional relationship with a dysfunctional man who had a lot of issues with women.

    But due to the Pluto presence in my natal chart I lost a lot of the structures you build in a relationship when you live together (SR was in 8th house). I was stripped bare, I lost 10 kilos, started a running routine, became a sharp tongued corporate lady and rose up in my new job.

    Now Saturn has its first square since the conjunction and will soon cross my Ascendant. I am pressured to stand up for myself and face some harsh truths about my family dynamics, my lineage and our common, ancestral emotional baggage. Autism runs deep in the family and has never before been diagnosed until my sister was last year.

    One of the problems with autism is the inability to control your impulses and/or temper.
    Growing up with an undiagnosed Asperger parent can cause serious harm to your psyche, and PTSD is not uncommon. I have a father and a sister who are on this spectrum, and the reality of a dysfunctional family structure/dynamic to deal with.
    It’s almost classic 12th house.

    But I also like what this square represent… You gotta stand up for yourself. Use the wisdom learned in the past to be kind but firm.
    Pluto transits the 12th also. It has been a lot of losses. But ones that has been a blessing in disguise for some reasons or the other.

  10. Can you make up for your first SR with your second SR by any chance? Not 100% by any means, but maybe turn a corner?

    My first one was okay but I definitely played the catch up game in my 30s. About to hit my 40s. Still hunger for everything!

    If anything, perhaps it can just bring clarity.

      1. Funny, I left a comment on that video 11 years ago, so I came across this back then. Looks like I needed a refresher. The title of the video is a bummer but oh so true. Thanks for the link.

      2. I think this is a defeatist attitude to say astrology is the be-end-all to life and that the Saturn return at age 29 is all there is to life. I would reconsider my attitude. It’s just a period where you tend to get more organized about your life’s path before reaching 30.

      3. Avatar
        Hildagarde's Noviciate

        Not sure what you mean by “muck up” Elsa. And is it a matter of perception? How do you know if you ” mucked” it up? I think my Saturn return was a good one. But now Im wondering…lol!

  11. Never was wishing time to go faster ,
    But man has the last month been a wallop, few jabs ,few smacks
    Then BAM BANG SMASH, never could have imagined nor believed I have so tried to shake things off ,hate to think I can’t get more swished???
    Still breathing deep, start in with the nose out with the mouth, it helps ,truth is my
    Whole life has been a nightmare
    But if I quit now,what will the point
    Have been?hmm ,this girl, lets
    Send the turkey buzzards down
    On her, watch her bleed! Nah I
    Am just a few months from that corner right? 10 moon count down…

    1. Raerae— you are blessed! Know that the gods challenge the greatest among us with the most and the worst. There is no need for you to live a life of the simple and mundane. We are all challenged to be our uniquely true selves, only the bravest and strongest souls are challenged to be their most authentic selves, This world is so fraudulent, your soul’s path is to find the truth of reality. Be your strong, wise courageous self to find your way. Bless you for your path is lonely, weary and dangerous, but you will prevail.

  12. My SSR was 2 years ago, December 2017 thru February 2018. Part of my job got transferred to somebody else, and I had to scramble to justify being retained at that office. I pulled it off, only to have even that effort fizzle later in 2018 — and it became obvious my “real” job, both actual and karmic, was to assist my mother through her final decline. That being completed as of early 2019, I am now free of the job and into discovering my new self.

    Thanks to Elsa for the consultation that encouraged me to see all of this in a very positive light!

  13. My 2nd Saturn return(Scorpio)a few years ago I realized I had lost money in the financial crash I will never get back, and Im not going to dwell on it any more as I could not prevent it. As Saturn moved on I began to feel that I have definitely learned a lot, can see the writing on the wall in many instances, and its possible I am the smartest person in the room, although I dont mean this in any egotistical way. Especially if I am the oldest person in the room. A more mature viewpoint.

  14. On my second Saturn Return, it was 1915 and my father was slowly dying and my mom had died the year before. He was a Pisces and I know you can’t really predict death but I had a gut feeling when the Solar Eclipse in Pisces was going to occur in 2016, that would usher him out….and it did. I had been managing his care at home with Care Takers and taking him to doctor appointments. I had to really start to put my life aside for him, so he could have security and comfort. It was worth every sacrifice, though I didn’t really feel I was sacrificing, everyone kept telling me how strong I was since my mom had also died two years prior. Then once my father did pass, two days after the Eclipse, I struggled with the loss and if I should keep their sweet little home nestled in the Redwoods or sell. It was gut wrenching because my heart was in that little 812 ft 1924 home, with all the memories of Christmas Eve Fondu my dad always made, dinner parties with Jazz and my dad playing piano for their guests, my mom and I sitting in the dusky lit kitchen, having a glass of wine looking at her latest French or Health cookbooks or discussing which book her book club was discussing, their plans for their next road trip or trip to Europe. And then it all stopped, like turning of a faucet. I ended up deciding they were in my heart, and realizing I could not afford to keep up the repairs and maintenance the house needed so badly and after staying there every weekend cleaning it out, sold it to a nice family I know my folks would have approved of. I ended up sorting and throwing out clothing, childhood mementos, my fathers art and my mothers cookbooks and had to just dump antiques because I could not afford to store them and had no room to keep them and no one would buy them. It was the most emotionally exhausting thing I have ever had to do but two years after dad passed it was done and done. I feel if I can go through two parents I loved dearly, dying, two years with in each other, and going through what I had to, I can get through anything.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your story. It really resonated with me. Your family home sounds like it was a lovely place.

    2. Avatar
      Hildagarde's Noviiciate

      When my mom went into a nursing home back in 2008. I did the same thing. Took 3 months but I did it. Fummy how different a house looks when you empty it all out.
      I still have a number of my moms things. But cleaning out all those memories is a rite of passage.
      Im glad you have so many wonderfil memories. They are the things that stay with you

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Im revisiting my post from 3 years ago
    2nd Saturn Return in Aquarius at 5 degrees. Im swimming right now with all this Aquarium stellium energy from the 6 planets.

    Saturn is at 6 degrees now so its sitting practically on top of my Saturn and heading towards my South Node in Aquarius at 7 degrees.

    The South node is my comfy place. All the natural gifts I was supposed to be born with are getting an extra boost to help me straighten my as* out.

    Because Ive been preparing for this, every slap on the back of my head I now look at as a favor. Like a heads up by Saturn to address the issue that caused the event.
    And I know it will put me back on track.
    Im trying to practice humility. Sure I get angry, frustrated and whine about the change I have to do.
    But I feel Saturn is there to help me wake up and grow up.
    If Saturn slaps me hard right away, Im thinking its eit
    Either because the issue has been lingering for a while or its a top priority to whats next.
    I dont want to be 60. Of course its natural because Im starting the Return.
    But Youre right Elsa, Im on a timeline now.
    Gotta hustle while all this energy is around.

  16. Smack dab in the middle of my 2nd Saturn Return. It will be exact at 8 degrees. It’s certainly been a bit of a mind-fuck. My first return was pretty epic, so I admit, I’ve been holding my breath for this time for awhile. Looking forward to my next consult with you Elsa!!

  17. So so rough!! I cry every day at my current job- teaching in a pandemic – online and in person- at the same time- I know I want to hatch but I’m so stressed and depressed that I am immobile- rotting. The egg analogy helps but I’m afraid I’m getting to weak to crack the shell.

      1. So sorry Heather M. It’s a hard time and no one is getting a break. I can only imagine how stressful it is for your teaching situation. Self care helps a bit (((Heather)))

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    the laughing goat

    Can you “prepare” for your SSR? Like looking at the house and aspects and seeing what you can shore-up and get your poop in a group so it doesn’t hit the fan?

  19. I got through mine (0 degrees Aquarius) ok. My job changed during it because of COVID. Instead of being the librarian I was tapped to do distance learning for Kindergarten and grade 1. I wasn’t planning on being that challenged at the end of my career. I worked very, very hard and was looking forward to getting back to the library. Just as I nearing the end,I found out my librarian job was probly not going to be around after this year. I’m in the library now trying to make it the best year ever butI keep getting thrwarted by surprising changes. Trying to “innovate” per Elsa’s advice 🙂

    1. Avatar
      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      Sorry to hear that Jana. You were very fortunate to have a career you loved.
      I hope your last year is wonderful though Im sure it will be bittersweet

  20. I don’t get it because i’ve got 30 years old and my saturn return now in Capricorn. So is it my first return? But this description match to second return.

  21. I always think of Saturn as getting your ducks in a row… If not, he will point out the ones which isn’t!
    And so you gotta work that challenge.

    Saturn is going to trine himself in my first house. I am afraid I don’t make the best of it, when I now have the opportunity for it, but I hope the road will be clearer.

    I have begun setting standards for people and how they behave towards me, putting up boundaries in case of my family, dealing with and assessing psychological stuff (getting diagnosed correctly) and slowly but good working towards a new introduction to a new era in my career. Because now I know what’s been missing and what I have been fighting with my whole life.

    I would say it has been most enlightening the past year or two, since Saturn-Pluto in 2020 mirrored my natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra and sextiled Neptune. That revealed some very interesting stuff!
    As you said, Elsa, with Neptune sextiling Pluto and Saturn – the truth will out!

    As Neptune is traveling in my 1st house, my truths got out about myself and focused therapy ensued. I am grateful for this 2020 conjunction, it was a HUGE help behind the scenes. (Capricorn in the 12th house sextiling my Scorpio planets).

    I really hope that this is building into making the best of my 2nd SR.

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