Breaking Away From A Bad Relationship

fish hookTo a Capricorn client who would like to reject a man before he rejects her:

“There’s a hook in your mouth that belongs to this man. You can’t just swim off or he’s still got you.

You’ve got to either sit there and dig that hook out OR decide that you want to leave the hook there because you want to be connected to him. There is no easing away while ignoring the hook as it is deeply embedded in the side of your cheek…”

Does someone have you hooked?

13 thoughts on “Breaking Away From A Bad Relationship”

  1. yes…..right now I’m trying to rationally examine my options for removing the hook without causing myself permanent damage….I don’t know if that is possible!

  2. yes. Have had to gently but painfully dig out a hook before. It’s certainly not an easy decision or process, but there’s nothing like looking at what exactly has you hooked and whether you will ever find someone like this again if you like the hook. Check the quality before you dig, sort as much as you can while the hook is there…but if you find you must leave, be gentle with yourself.

    Good luck to the Cappy in the post.

  3. No. If my feelings are not reciprocated, I lose all interest.

    As far as non-romantic relationships, I am financially hooked to my parents. Hopefully, that will change soon.

  4. Is there advice coming on how to get off the hook? Elsa you seem to have some easy fixes, like just stop, create a void, but this one is “The Hook.”

  5. When it’s time to let go, you just do it. Remove the hook. It’s liberating.

    I saw this quote: It’s time to let go…(it will be okay)

  6. I LOVE that song. I think it has the most clever lyrics EVER. John Popper has a hook in me. I loved seeing him perform live.

  7. I had to cut the line, still digging put hook

    Bizarrely I remember early on him talking about fishing tactic, and the unspoken metaphor, he was “telling” me his catching strategy and I fell hook line and sinker but I sunk 🙁

  8. With cappy I think it’s more about learning to stay ON the hook in this case.

    I am ace at shooting when I suspect someone is going for their gun. But you know, you have to be careful… maybe they’re just reaching for a stick of gum.

    Look before you leap. Damage control the Hell out of the situation- don’t take off on a suspicion, because you may end up with just as much egg on your face in trying to “protect” yourself!

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