Gaunt Capricorn Risings

Annalisa has lost 10 pounds (probably more) since our mother fell ill. She is naturally very thin so it’s got to be alarming.  I think I have lost some weight as well and I am wondering if we both won’t wind up quite gaunt looking with Saturn on the angles of our chart for 6 months.

This reminded me of when we were kids and had no food. Saturn was in Cancer then. We were thin. Eventually we got food.

I gained a lot of weight when I got on my feet after being homeless as a teen.  People in town liked me and fed me all the time and I just grew and grew until I finally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and saw the buttons on my waitress uniform were about to burst.  I was shocked and appalled and quickly lost 60 pounds. Saturn was in Libra and I got way too thin.

It’s pretty strange isn’t it?  This astrology stuff.

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  1. Love the picture.
    Saturn on the angles of my chart now, squaring off my Sun for as long as it sticks around the tail end of Libra.

    I am glad you and Annalisa made it up the mountain, bumpy ride it seems.

  2. So glad you two are looking out for each other. It’s not surprising this is taking such a toll on you guys both mentally and physically. Sending you both all the energy I can muster to help carry you through these toughest of times.

  3. i lost waay too much weight when saturn hit my first a couple years back. (got down to my pre-baby “starving college student” weight..) i was sick and wasn’t getting treated and didn’t eat, much (not much carbs, anyway…)

  4. (((((Annalisa and Elsa)))))

    Wow…the astrology is amazing! I have been the same weight (give or take a couple of pounds) for most my adult life. I wonder if this is because Saturn in my 8th aspects everything in my chart.

    I’m late degree Sag ASC but most of my 1st House is Capricorn.

  5. Sorry you guys are suffering.
    My dad passed away when Pluto was transiting the same house as my natal Saturn… and my mum passed away when Pluto was transiting the same house as natal Moon. I’m guessing that’s significant.

    I lost a lot of weight when I was sick (Saturn was opposing my Sun at that stage). Since I’ve been well I’ve piled the weight back on… having Jupiter conjunct my ASC isn’t helping!

  6. Saturn has been slamming my Aries Stellium and my Cappy Moon this past year, and I’m thin as a rail right now. My clothes are falling off me. Earlier in the year, people were telling me how good I looked; now they’re asking me if I’m feeling okay, so clearly I’ve crossed a line. I am eating somewhat normally; I think my metabolism is just really out of whack due to all the stress. Luckily I’m not sick — yet.
    Also not investing in a new skinny wardrobe, since I’m sure I’ll be back to normal once Saturn clears my Sun next fall.

  7. Yes, it is strange, this astrology stuff. I envy you and your sister for imbibing it at young age: for myself, I get massive ‘glimpses’, and I can do the arithmetic – fab grade school, dontchyaknow – but I jest kint synthesize, even when the only subject is ME!
    You are Lucky AND Gifted AND One-of-a-Kind, Elsa! You have achieved Maslow’s Top of the Pyramid: You are self-realized: personally, from listening to all your stories, I think you were almost born that way – at least, it didn’t take YOU too long to figure it out! And that’s the Elsa I think we all Love.

  8. Where I was/am/about to be coming from: TR Pluto cj Mars cj NN, oooh and a lots more besides in 2012 and them upcoming squares.
    PS Anyone ever talk about We only have so many years ahead? Personally, don’t think it likely I’ll make my 3rd Saturn Rx, eg.; Hell, not sure I’ll survive the 2nd: not many teeth or much weight left to lose. Pluto’s in Cap for quite a few more years. Doan need another Mtn to climb.

  9. I have a double Cancer (Sun/Moon) friend who has Capricorn Rising with Saturn in the first house. He was of average weight with a round-ish Cancerian face up until his mid-40s, about five years ago, when he started working out a lot more and lost a bunch of weight. Now he looks like his Capricorn rising rather than his double Cancer … it’s a little scary, to be honest.

  10. My Venus is in Capricorn in my second house. I value that lean, gaunt look. I wanted to be a model and am 5’7 and got down to 110 in High School. But as I have grown older I go up and down and never that thin again. Right now with Jupiter in Taurus in my 6th…well forget about the weight loss.
    Elsa, I couldn’t read you story above. The beautiful photo covers almost the whole thing from my browser : ( Can be fixed?

  11. Oh it’s okay after I refreshed. That sounds rough Elsa. And I hope Annalisa is ok and doesn’t lose too much more weight if she can’t already bare that. I think it is odd I can’t seem to lose weight now myself though as my progressed chart has Capricorn on the ASC.

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