How To Spot A Vicious Women?

harpyMy husband and I were discussing women who are vicious. We each have a question for you:

I want to know what percentage of women do you think are vicious.

He says, “Tell them you are writing a story with a vicious woman in it and you want to know some character traits of this kind of women. Just a couple lines. How would you spot a woman who is vicious?”

Character traits and the astrology too please.

75 thoughts on “How To Spot A Vicious Women?”

  1. So far in my experience, whenever I’ve been told about how vicious someone is; it turns out the person doing the telling is really the vicious one, every single time.

    I would love, just once, for this not to be true.

  2. My mother can be vicious. Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in house 1 squaring Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction in house 4. Cancer rising veneer.

  3. If something hits chiron. Pluto opp chiron. Cancer, temporarily, if something pushes past the shell into the soft centre. The most vicious person I’ve encountered was male. Leo sun, a bunch of planets in virgo, saturn in aries and mars in scorpio. He liked hurting people in the most invasive ways; he gloated about it. His twisted sense of entitlement and power.

  4. Many of the women on my mother’s side of my family fall into this category. It’s a certain rigidness and unwillingness to show vulnerability, as well as attacking vulnerability in others, betraying those closest to them at their weakest moments. Lack of mercy, I guess. They do tend to present a friendly face in public but be extremely evil and harsh to family, especially to other females. They also put males on a pedestal. The astrology in my own family is Gemini, and a strong (but negative) Saturnine influence, as well as unconscious Neptune, allowing for projecting on others while not taking responsibility for themselves or seeing the harm they do to others. They love to give unsolicited advice/judgement to anyone they can get away with doing so. They give preferential treatment to strangers over their own family. For a while I thought this was normal, now I realize it is f*cked.

  5. ric describes a few of the women in my fmily too! Welcome ric 🙂

    Satori’s description of the Air type perfectly describes my adoptive mother: she was Libra sun with a stellium in Scorp (Venus, Mars/Merc exact), an Aries Moon, Pluto/Saturn exact in Cancer, Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aqua. Chiron in Pisces! A heady brew, and the Uranus/Neptune/Mars:Merc form a T-square. She loved to fight, loved tittle tattle (never mind the truth of it) was a liar and liked nothing more that to set people against one another. Her tongue with that Mars/Merc exact in Scorp was something else..

    My oldest cousin is a Gem female – she also can be very vicious. she has a huge sense of superiority due her advantageous marriage and seems to enjoy exercising her power.

    I’ve known three other quite vicious women well – one a Cancer Sun and the other two both Pisces Suns.

    I think about 5% of women are truly and irredeemably vicious, and another 50% are capable of being vicious, on a sliding scale, but mostly keep the impulse under control.

  6. Uh, I guess I forgot one of the most vicious women I know as I choose never to think about her lol! She’s an Aqua Sun. She’s the only one I remember (since school at least) I’ve had as a ‘friend’.

    She took me for quite a bit of money, when I had some, then turned very nasty when the source ran dry… She’s a very weak person, an hysteric, and has always sponged off other people all her life while constantly criticising people behind their back. Ugh! She befriended me when I first got back to England after my divorce – people did warn me, but I found her charming and amusing – for a while. And of course, I felt sorry for her…

  7. Truly vicious I know of only a handful less than 5% some women can be vicious when provoked but those with venom coursing through their veins are few.They use their children to hurt their ex, they manipulate people to get what they want they say cruel, hurtful things as though its fact and then will blame you if you get upset about it and they have no guilt and no sense of wrong doing, they feel they are totally in the right and anyone who says otherwise is evil and out to get them.

    They come off as pleasant nice people but once they say they love you and/or declare you their enemy they get mean as snakes.

  8. ive been known to be vicious. purposely mean and vengeful with my words. aiming to hurt. sun conjunct mars within 0’16 apart. opposite uranus/jupiter conjunction.

  9. I’d say somewhere between 5%-15% women are Vicious. But it depends on which Definition from Elsa’s post#4 above.

    On the List…. my ex (Aqua sun / Scorp moon) would be a combination of #4 & #6…. and my twin sister would be between #3 & #6.

    I’ve known a few women who were physically vicious , but guess I’ve successfully forgotten everything about them.

  10. My definition of a vicious woman is someone who is woefully self-absorbed, immature, and vindictive. The TV show BRIDEZILLAS is a good example. It takes a vicious woman just to agree to be on that show.

    I think many women are like this (like 30%) and it is not usually apparent until you get close and see her under pressure.

  11. Any woman with a fixed sign is at least capable of being vicious, if she thinks you’re messing with her. That’s my experience anyway.

  12. Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada! probably about 20% of women based on abnormal psychology. I’m a graduate student and there are many more than one would suspect, Elsa.

  13. I am amazed that people are coming up with such high percentages! I don’t think I’ve ever met a truly vicious woman, and I have, for years, worked in an environment that is about 85% female. I’ve also been around a pretty long time! When I think of vicious, I think of pure evil, without empathy for others. The movie: “Leave Her to Heaven.”

  14. Personnaly, I have observed that the vicious women I’ve met are usually frustrated or compromising in their sexual or relationship life while trying (or maybe in order..)to keep an image of immaticulate successfulness. I guess this creates an internal tension that can outburst on those that purposefully or accidentally (just by their way of being and living their lives..) challenge this model.
    I’m talking mostly about the occasionally vicious women. I don’t think I have encountered the scheming type (or maybe once but I think it was a very imbalanced girl anyways). I wouldn’t know their exact astrology (although taurus or 10th house was always in play), but I guess I know what on mine attracts this kind of viciousness. 12th house sun (sometimes people think that I can be easily bullied, but that is not the case), Venus and moon in 1th house (feminine energy in the front plan that seems to “provoke” those women that are at ease with themselves and others) as well as pluto and saturn in libra in 2nd (I guess I have valuable lessons to take and eventually transform through difficult encounters). As far as percentages are concerned, I really don’t have a clue.. I guess vicious women evolve too and they are not necessarily vicious all way long.. 🙂

  15. Here’s a story with a different take on a vicious woman.I work for an optician. A woman purchased some designer spectacles with prescription lenses for around $1,000.When using her bank credit card to pay, the transaction was declined as she had exceeded her credit limit. ($10,000 credit card limit which she’d exceeded ..WOW) She then handed over some cash $450, and negotiated to “pay off” the balance, at $200 per week etc, and the optician said that she could take the specs and case with her, and come back each week to make the payments. The following week, she returned saying that she’d lost the specs and asked the optician to waive the remaining payments. When the optician said that she’d still have to pay, she then remarked in an accusing way, that someone had probably found her spectacles and case, and handed them in to us, and that we’d put them back up on the wall and sold them to another customer. We assured her that we hadn’t and wouldn’t do that, and if someone had handed them in, we would telephone her, and let her know that they’d been found and handed in, and ask her to come and collect them. She grudgingly repaid the debt,(with many reminder letters), and also had to pay off another set of cheaper spectacles to use in her job. She calls in to the opticians shop every so often, just to make sure that we haven’t got her old specs up on the wall to sell to someone else! As I’m a part-time assistant and don’t wear a uniform, and she’s started making rude comments about my hair, ( it does nothing for you in that style and makes you look older) and about my clothes ( you need to do your colours, you look so drab, give up the pastel colours, you need a lift, you should wear red etc)The other day, she came in done up to the nines, to give me an earful of advice about fashion, and lo and behold, she was wearing the spectacles that she had allegedly lost.

  16. I personally don’t see anything wrong with being vicious sometimes. I wouldn’t have survived some situations I’ve been in if I wasn’t viscous. As far as a percentage I would say most women can be vicious. Especially mothers. Mama bear instinct. If someone’s attacking my child you better believe I’m going to get vicious. I have no shame regarding this.
    Sun conjunct pluto and Lilith.

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