Your Facebook After You Die – Horror For Your Descendants

Facebook mistakenly tagged some people as dead this week. Good thing, in that it made me think.

This is what I’ve been talking about in these type posts:

Pluto In Capricorn – Keeping Power & Control Of Your Business

You post your life and your work on another person’s website; you die, and that’s it.  Your memories, your family pictures and whatever else you’ve got up there, belongs to this outside entity. There is nothing you can do about it. You’re dead! There is nothing your family can do about it, either.

Now think of what you might have posted, that could embarrass your children or grandchildren the future.  All that duck-face stuff!

*You* get to choose what you post. But what you post outlives you and your ancestors have to live with it.  Who here does not have some crazy aunt or grandparent who spews?

Chrome has an extension that allows you to block delete old facebook posts. You better believe, I’m using it.

Have I got your attention, fellow 8th housers? How about you Scorpios?

21 thoughts on “Your Facebook After You Die – Horror For Your Descendants”

  1. I came across the term “sharenting” a week or two ago.

    Teenagers are now reaching the age where they are feeling embarrassed by all the photos of their younger selves that their parents have shared on social media.

    Even worse when they’ve been tagged and the old stuff appears on their timelines available to hundreds of their friends/acquaintances.

    1. All the half-undressed pics is what kills me. Very few wants to see their mother with their ass out, lol. Sorry, but think about it. Never mind, their grandma.

      And what might happen in the future. Will Facebook lock the content and sell you the key to your mother’s memories and pics?

      I know I keep harping on this, but it bears thinking about.

        1. Did it! Thanks for that link in your “Pluto in Capricorn …” post, I used it and all my blogs and drive accounts have now been archived, and I can load them to a zip drive where I can manage them and buy my own domain(s) as an action of maturity and legacy leaving. I’m a Scorpio with heavy aspects to an 7/8th House stellium, you’ve sent me a Solar Return Chart, and I celebrate a 69th birthday next week.

          Thanks so much for being here to cover my back! (the check’s in the mail to keep you working)

  2. If I hadn’t t already deleted my account I would have lmao if FB had killed me off. But I am going to go to that link you posted, Elsa. Thank you.

  3. I don’t know I don’t think that’s the way people think when someone they love dies. From what I’ve observed, most people are so grief stricken they’re happy to have anything left of that person. I just think all of that is menial when someone is dead. it actually puts into perspective how it actually doesn’t matter in the grand scheme .. is the way I see it

  4. I’m an 8H Libra Sun. After my divorce (Saturn transit), I immediately made a new Will and Living Trust for my children. I refused to have my children go through the emotional challenges that were suffered when my mother died without these legal documents filed with the courts.

  5. I don’t know that I want to. Celebrities, politicians, musicians, artist leave their mark and we can go to YouTube or there are recorded accounts to go back to their work; they leave a legacy of sorts. I love a lot of what I put out there because I give it thought. My moon and Pluto are conjunct in the 8th house and in Scorpio I often ponder what I’ll leave behind and will I be remembered.

    I don’t know that I’d be comfortable not having a record of a lot of things I’ve thought, said and done for myself either as I get older and things constantly change. I also have an innate understanding of the end and the beginning of cycles like when the clock ends for one thing and begins for another; and trust me once a period of time is done there’s no turning back.


  6. If the teenagers enduring nonstop ridicule from their peers due to oversharenting pictures respond by posting the most squirmingly intimate and private pictures of their parents they can find, I have to say I think it would serve them right.

  7. At least in the case of the teenager whose father put up toilet training pictures of her on Facebook and refused to take them down while he also shared them with 700 of his Facebook friends who probably like children just a little bit too much. I wouldn’t blame her one bit if she found something just as humiliating of him to post online.

  8. Would it be overly picky of me to point out that the title is probably wrong?

    It’s your descendants, not your ancestors who’ll be living with the problem.

    Got the general idea though 😀

  9. I think it’s just important to keep in mind how you want to be remembered. I personally don’t want people to remember me as miss ducklips. It’s important to keep in mind the legacy you leave behind not just on social media but in your daily life..the way you treat people and how you loved and gave.

  10. There is a legacy setting where you name a person who can take over your account upon death.
    You can also download all your facebook info. Pics, posts, messages. It’s in settings.Then you can delete anything you want that’s online and you still have the “memories”.
    Obviously messages still exist for others in messenger on their side after deletion but.. That’s the way it is.

    Talk dirty in person not in chat! 😉

  11. Facebook brings up daily posts down all the years so I just delete most of those every day simple no chrome needed
    If no one else’s mentioned that already

  12. Also under FB “Privacy Settings and Tools” you can choose option “Limit Past Posts” (appears to delete anything over 2 years and beyond)

  13. My page is clean because of my Saturn and nodes in the 2nd/8th axis. I’m protective and mindful of my legacy. If my descendants find it, they’ll only find a few family photos and a whole lotta insights from one of their brilliant ancestors. ?

    I do wonder if Facebook “dies”, if those records become archived for the generations ahead or if it just vanishes into internet history? This is something that should be seriously considered collectively, especially with Pluto in Aquarius coming in the next decade… Like the people who used to be buried with a telephone or a bell… It comforts the family of the deceased to keep the page as a shrine of sorts.

    1. Right on, Primrose. Except I don’t even have a page, my Scorpio Asc, Saturn in the 8th doesn’t do social media. I was amused to hear of the facebook “dead” thing. And I also look forward to seeing what happens with my friends who have children, as the children get older and their parents have put pics of them all over their (the parents’) facebook pages.

  14. If there is any antiquity to facebook it will be fascinating as a global nation all at once in that era as the next decades of 21 take all into a new orbit…..legacy and Facing life.

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