Pluto In Capricorn: Who Has The Power, Really?

Today, pal and double Gemini, Claire-France Perez came up with a phrase that caught my ear. We were discussing the stories I have been writing to the soldier’s son as this process unnerves me. In whatever case she said I was disclosing the reality that is beneath reality and she’s right. That’s my exact in stock in trade.

I was mulling our conversation after I hung up and recalled this weekend the soldier and I were discussing the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group. What and whose strings do they pull?

We were also discussing the gang “La Mara Salvatrucha” aka the MS-13, the ultra-violent gang that originated in Los Angeles but has become international. How powerful are they and who might they be aligned with?

Do you ever think about any of this stuff?

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  1. No, I don’t. It’s too ‘big’ for me, although I am hugely interested in mysticism and metaphysical concepts, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I think of the scale of things here on Earth.

    In 2005, my sister narrowly escaped from being killed when the London Underground was bombed. I went to India alone with my Dad and had my mind blown open. Came home and watched New Orleans drown.

    I can’t explain what I felt during that time but I was so deeply disturbed. I can only say I was permanently altered. My SO was getting serious about yoga and I started chanting like a mother-fucker.

    Much like my decision to stop thinking about God, I decided to stop thinking about Power. I committed myself to smaller concepts (like relationships). I realized I’m simply no good at the bigger stuff. I appreciate that other people are.

  2. more than i should, i think. it walks between the realm of paranoia and unpleasant reality. imo somewhere in the middle is what’s actually moving large parts of the world…

  3. I think I’m the opposite of kashmiri in this regard. I think I’m better at dealing with the big things. contemplating the big things leaves me energized. contemplating how I’m going to pay my bills and fix my fence leaves me with my head in my hands.

    I function my best in crisis too. I think on a certain level I’d make a great cop, maybe even a good soldier, outside of other considerations.

    for some reason this reminded me of a Smothers Brothers joke when he introduces “the entire group… on my extreme left: John Birch.”

  4. Think, as in worry? There are a million things a person could worry about, like for instance if the sky is falling. I worry so much about the environment, global warming, my future, day to day life, etc. There is only so much worrying a person can do in a day…

    Are you asking if they are real, Elsa? Or just if people think or worry about the big stuff?

  5. Yeah Elsa for bringing this up! I get the feeling that a lot of people are waking up to this. I’m about to write about this — with Pluto (sadge) hidden knowledge and Pluto (cap) hidden power. I feel like I’ve just peered behind some veil to see these groups running the show. And they impact ALL the things I personally worry about like food supply, economic system, the environment, martial law, elections. Bill Clinton alluded to a govt behind the govt. and what is this shadow govt we’ve heard about.
    This is going to be HUGE as more wake up to it. The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Center for Foreign Relations….the Illuminati. Looking back, I wonder if that’s why Kerry wimped out and didn’t contest his fellow Bonesman. And that kid was brutally tazed when he brought it up in FL. The more I’ve learned, the more furious, energized and determined I’ve become. I think the Masons were and are seekers (until I learn more), but I think there’s greed run amok in the other ones. And it definitely involves us, whether we’re aware of it or not.

  6. For those looking for more on all the realities behind realities — the best site I’ve found with “verifiable references” is

  7. Who has the power really? Will Pluto’s return to Capricorn change this forever. In some ways, are we [the Elsa Bloggers and many others]kind of looking forward to this?

  8. Personally, I am thinking and hoping that the Oil-agarchy will fall. We, the human race can do a whole lot better than that. There are so many better ways.

  9. I think about it, sometimes.. but on a more abstract and personal level.. “How did these people become who they are?” etc.

  10. This is a bit off topic but I rented the movie “Rendition” the other day and it just reinforced my opinion of why I dont trust the goverment

  11. I find these stories fascinating but I tend to not have patience for people who swear by conspiracy theories and such. Lots of stories coming out in the news about UFO’s these days though, and since I have seen them myself I wonder how all that energy will manifest eventually?

  12. Wasn’t Pluto in Capricorn during the American and French revolutions? Who had the power then? The English royalty and the French aristocracy. Let’s see, the English royalty lost their power over the American colonies and the French aristocracy not only lost their power but they lost their heads as well.

  13. No, because while I’m well aware of what’s going on, I can’t get into that “oh my Gawd everything’s a huge conspiracy and everyone’s out to get me” mindset.

    I knew a couple of guys like this, and honestly, their rambling on got very tiring.

    I’d rather read a good book or go do something fun with my kids.

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