Mercury In Aries vs Mercury in Libra: Curious Cat

“I sure wish I could read Spanish,:” I told the soldier on the phone standing outside of Vid’s karate studio.

“Well it’s not that hard to read. It’s easier then English. What is it you’re trying to read, P?”

“Some girl’s ass.”

“Some girl’s ass?” He laughed.

“Yeah, she’s got some writing on her ass and I’d like to know what it says.”

“Her ass?”

“Yeah. She’s wearing low rise shorts and right above ass there is a message and I wonder what it is.  This is my ass? Look at my ass?  Viva la Mexico?”

He roared. “I’m sure it doesn’t say any of that. It’s got to be something short and sweet,” he added.

“No it’s not. It’s long.  It goes across her whole back,” I explained, meantime circling because the girl was outside talking on the phone herself and I was trying to see her ass and read so he could translate.

“Well what does it say?”

“I am trying to tell you.”

“Ignore all the la’s and las and de’s and tell me what it says.”

“I can’t. I can’t tell, it’s in script and the words are long. The first word is.  It’s long like bienvenido,” I said.

“Well that means welcome, I am sure it does not say that.”

I snorted. “I don’t know, this is what I’d like to know, say. Is it rude to ask a girl, what does that say on your ass?” I asked.

“No, it’s not rude. I don’t think it’s rude.”

“Well maybe I’ll just ask her then. Say.  What does your ass say ’cause I’m dyin’ here wanting to know…”

It occurred to me I am too old to care what some girl’s ass says but this did not stop me from caring.  I was not able to read her ass well enough to find out, however I did glean she is a regular around there so I aim to find out and when I do I’ll let fill you guys in.

22 thoughts on “Mercury In Aries vs Mercury in Libra: Curious Cat”

  1. “It occurred to me I am too old to care what some girl’s ass says but this did not stop me from caring.”

    Elsa, I can’t imagine you being too old for anything – ever! LOL

  2. You react in young girl ways…you laugh, you question things….qualities that are very endearing. I would do the same….I am always reading things on people’s clothing or body…it fascinates me too! Bet it was something like Bienvenidos! or Sabrosa…or Calientosa. I will be thinking about this until you let us know….

  3. denamaria – yes! Calientosa!! That might have been the first word, then something short and then a third word, something close to fresca… but not that. What is Calientosa?

  4. This is what I wrote down – my guess of the first word, the best I could make out:

    That is not it but close. Maybe Calientosa??

    The girl was really young. 20 years old maybe. 22 max, friendly, chatty and well liked by people in there, both older men and women.

  5. Calientosa means a girl who gets heated up….or was it calientame which means…heat me up…..I have an image in my head now with her little butt cheeks bouncing up and down ……of course one would look! hahahaa…..

  6. Ha ha, write something in a foreign language on your ass and you will get a lot of attention – from readers and translators. 🙂

  7. Do you know what’s crazy? The Google rank on this blog is so good that I just Googled calientosa and this exact entry is at the freaking top – the second and third search result. That means gets indexed mad fast. This is from YESTERDAY!

  8. Heated up! The post was crack’n me up, and this thread is doubling me over. Silliness, bring it on lordie, bring it on. And you’re going after this woman to make sure. WOOOOMAN.

  9. He could not read the ass. She was there and he saw it but not long enough to read… and then she faced the wrong way and her clothes kept flashing the writing but not quite enough to read.

    He said she looked like a “sexpot” but that I already knew because I look like one myself at times. 😉

  10. Elsa, I was remembering this very blog (post? I never know what to call items by the hostess, in a website) yesterday! While doing errands with my sister and our kids.

    I’m grateful to you and Annalisa, because, I haven’t thrown in the towel – and I could have – re my sister. And yesterday, she listened to what I needed someone to hear. (Mercury-Mars signaure for us: communication happens best during busy doings.)


  11. PS It might be useful to add… among the many gifts I have, from my sister, there’s a metaphorical knife, with my blood on it. (Explaining for anyone easily confused: she betrayed me, when she could have stood up for me, when NO ONE was standing beside me) I’ve long since chosen to transmute it, into something more useful. Thanks again, for the gift of words for understanding how that works, and why.


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