Mars Retrograde In Gemini – Whoops! I Lied

mars headA client mentioned she felt Mars retrograde in Gemini was acting similar to Mercury retrograde. I’m usually a purist with things like this but I think she’s right. The square to Neptune isn’t helping!

When I was reminded that Mars will not turn direct until mid-January, I thought I should write something. When I posted a sale but messed up the coupons so only ONE coupon existed, rather than one per user, I knew I should write something.

There was the gal last week who could not make my phone ring. That sounds ridiculous but it’s happened to me, so if you tell me my phone is un-ringable, I will believe you!

The client and I eventually connected. I have fixed the coupon problem and I’m going back and forth, issuing refunds to people who intended to use a coupon but didn’t or rather, they couldn’t.  My last client’s call was disconnected, four times!

How is Mars retrograde challenging you?

12 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde In Gemini – Whoops! I Lied”

  1. Same old arguments over and over and some new ones with extra gaslighting! Oh boy! Lol.
    I take it in stride.
    Just got a new Crossword puzzle book so hoping to sharpen my vocabulary and mind up a bit!

  2. Motivation lagging. A lot of resistance. Bored antsy frustrated. Several dreams with anger outbursts involving relationships

  3. Had wallet/Filofax stolen, schedule was already a mess, and now I have to try and remember it. Luckily I only have two credit cards and only one was in the wallet.
    I am a double Gemini, this Mars retrograde is.🤪

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    Catherine A Dougherty

    Computer glitches! Major hitches in the giddyap. Can’t load a simple task! It’s staying stubbornly static instead of fluid movement. Grrrr!

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    Tess Charbonneau

    All of a sudden a week ago cant make phone calls from my cell phone from my house… and can’t receive calls either… Drive down the driveway and all seems okay,,,hmmmm

  6. Last week dialed a number 4 or 5 times, the screen showed it was answered
    but I could hear nothing. It was important so used my husband’s phone, no problem.
    He said my volume was off? Now watching a movie, Coherence, (sci fi), where a comet passing overhead causes cell phones to crack. All the while reading about your experience with the phone call recipient not hearing your call. Not a coincidence, must be inability for some to be heard, communicate with others or get their message across

  7. computer issues, software issues, issues with orders being mixed up, over charged on a order, received new phones with zero instructions (much confusion), it’s been a whirlwind of fun over here lol! I’m ready for things to calm down.

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