Legacy: The 8th House In Astrology

woman in graveyardHaving a packed 8th house I think in terms of legacy. I think about carrying a person’s legacy, sharing a person’s legacy; I also mean to leave a legacy of my own.

If you have an emphasis on your the 8th house you inherit energy from the dead, one way or the other. It may be money or it may be in energy in other forms but there is always a powerful transfer.

My husband characterized me as a dog in heat in a cage today, meaning that people are attracted. I repeated this to another person who asked me how it felt. “Feels normal,” I said.

I told him about an extremely energetic woman I met when I was 15 years old. She was 23. She took under her arm, big-sister-style.

In the eighteen months that followed she taught me everything she knew… and then she died. She died leaving me holding the bag, see?

I was 16 at that time. She was a Libra with her Moon and Venus in Scorpio. It is well understood she saw herself in me. She also saw me as someone who could carry her legacy so she passed it off.

This has happened to me over and over in different ways and on various different scales. I consider myself expert at propagating other people’s energy. It’s this simple: Got energy? Give to Elsa, she knows what to do with it!

I am proud to have dead people live through me and I’m happy to credit them for the fact I flourish on this earth.

17 thoughts on “Legacy: The 8th House In Astrology”

  1. Since I’ve taken up astrology I have long struggled to understand my 8th house sun, not to mention Pluto’s aspect to it. I want to live it consciously, find its gifts and make them real in my life, instead of trashing what I was born with.

    I so appreciate your writing about this. It’s a big help to me personally. An invaluable service, so thanks.

  2. hmm i have a packed 8th house (which i never knew until i ran my chart elsaelsa style – equal houses). sun, nn, venus, saturn, mercury all in the 8th. when i was younger i think i used to see ghosts. i was once convinced that i saw a man in my house (a very particular image down to the clothes). so i told my dad and he got out a bat because i was so convincing and he thought there was an actual physical person in our house. there wasn’t but i was left wondering, omg, then what WAS that?

    btw, more amazon support coming. i have to buy 5 gifts sometime soon!

  3. What a refreshing way of looking at the 8th house. I have Taurus Sun and Venus conjunct in 8th house(Aries on the cusp) and both planets make trines to Pluto in Virgo, in the 12th house (Leo on the cusp). I’m very new to astrology and am just beginning to understand things about my natal chart (which with my little bit of knowledge seems to me to be very negative and afflicted). The descriptions that I’ve read on the Internet for the 8th house (and the 12th) are always so negative and scary. Thank you for the insight into a more positive view of this house and its gifts.

  4. there’s also a possibility that dead people want to move their stuff through you and it’s not welcome.

    boundaries are always good.

  5. i like this way of looking at it, though. this makes certain things make a lot more sense.

    of course, i still find it strange that death is connected to the eighth rather than the twelfth. obviously it’s not the end of the cycle, which i find interesting for contemplation.

  6. Yes, this is fascinating – I have Saturn, Chiron and the north node in the 8th house opposite a stellium in the 2nd. My grandmothers live through me definately – and I love the way Elsa describes how energy lives through one. But more, and I wonder if this is Saturn, but I meet many older men in my life whose work they saturate me with and then there is a disconnection and then death. But each time there is a death they will come to me in my dreams to inform me of their passing in some small and exquisite movie that charges me with their meaning in my life. Neptune on my IC in Scorpio ensures that the hotline remains intact.

  7. have four planets in 8th, but so far can’t see correlation to the death energy legacy. However, do sense people topping off their tanks on my pump wherever I go…

  8. I have a Stelluim in the 8th if I use equal house or 9th house stelluim with Placidus. I feel both strong tho.
    But my Mercury is in the 8th whatever.Its powerful sextile Neptune and as part of a yod to Jupiter.
    I feel very close to my Uncle who is passed and also he left me an large inheritance (8th)that has enabled me to pursue occult studies(More 8th) instead of getting a “proper” rent paying job.
    I feel “other” energies come thru me when I write. My psychic abilities seem to be accessed only that way. I Illustrate too and that can work like an oracle for me. I feel my Father lives thru me too and is guiding me to certain people. Gosh and my grandmother Lily thru my daughter. I’m just noticing this now. Thanks for this Elsa!

  9. Well..Insite that I am Libra sun..I have planets in my “waterhouses” Sun in the fourth…at Ic but also Jupiter in my 8th house in Aquarius square Mars in Sag in the 5th!!!??? Well at last I have contact with my “waterhouses”. Just around the corner is the Jupiter-return at 28 degre

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