Does Karma Always Come Around?

I was talking to client who is an investigator of some type. He’s the brain who digs in the records and discovers your petty (or not so petty) bullshit you’ve been pulling. I can just imagine the people he busts. They’d go right into denial until someone shows them the tape and they realize it’s game over.

Tiger Woods is a classic example of this. How he could have thought (on any level) that he’s be able to get away with what he was doing is beyond me. I just don’t think you can be as good at something as he was and be an idiot so this is mysterious to me.

There are people like me who anticipate being caught for any infraction.  My group tends to think that other people will also be caught, eventually and this is where it gets interesting for me.

If I knew Tiger Woods, knew what he was up to and I was a friend of his, or even his astrologer,  I’d have surely told him he was going to go down. But some people think that some people never go down and this amazes me.

Now I understand projection enough to realize that if I think it is going to happen to me, I am likely to think it is going to happen to you.  But I also work with a lot of people and do see that karma ball come in and knock their teeth right down their throat.  Make no mistake, I’ve been hit by it myself. I  I have been staggered at the poetic way the punishment fits the crime…and humbled.

Here’s an old video about people who leave a string of bodies behind them. If you do this, eventually you are going to be seen as someone who have left a string of bodies behind you!  If you get yourself into debt, you’re eventually going to have to pay that debt or be known as a person in debt. If you don’t cut your hair, it will grow!

I just don’t understand how people feel they can act with impunity (or believe that someone else can) as if actions of any kind or type don’t have corresponding repercussions.  What kind of magic is that?  Anyone?

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  1. i have a new employee.. he was recommended to me by a close family friend. he’s already tried to go over my head three times, in just as many weeks since he was hired. this latest blow was yesterday when he edited a long stream of emails between he and i so that i look incompetent, and then forwarded them to my boss under the heading “just to keep you in the loop”.

    WHAAT!?!?! seriously? i got to my positions BECAUSE i keep my boss in the loop.. she doesn’t want to hear his whining. he just dug himself into a hole.. and i’m going to let him get buried in it.

    he’s got pisces venus/sun/mars injunct saturnRx/jupiterRx.. and aqua mercRx sextile moon/neptune sextile pluto Rx (which is then trine his merc) ..i don’t think he lives in reality.. and i’m about to become his rude awakening.

  2. I usually get popped on the head really quickly if I do something I shouldn’t! I don’t get away with anything that I know of.

  3. I try to learn from my mistakes but I have made choices in my life that have cost me and I learned from them and am still learning from them. And I have never seen anyone get away with anything for long (assuming they kept on doing what it was they were doing).

    I will always remember this:

    Sow a thought reap an act.
    Sow an act reap a habit.
    Sow a habit reap a character.
    Sow a character reap a destiny.

  4. How he could have thought (on any level) that he’s be able to get away with what he was doing is beyond me.

    Privilege and delusion. And you’d never be around someone like that for long because you’d get bounced as harshing their mellow or something like that.

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    I think that everything that I do will catch up with me. It’s not really paranoia, it’s not fear, it’s just that I’m mindful that every thought, word and deed ultimately impacts me. I have Saturn in aspect to Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Pluto and Moon.

  6. I know people who think this way–not even sure they think they’ve committed the “crime.” Denial, rationalization, those sorts of things that keep them where they want to be.

  7. When I think of this topic, I think of a story Teddy Kennedy told in his autobiography about his father. He stated that his father told him growing up “That there are people in this world who can get away with things, and Teddy, you’re not one of them”.
    I know I’m not one of them either!! So I try to make a concerted effort to keep things above board.

    I like to believe the old adage that what goes around comes around. However, I have friends who are convinced that some people will always come up smelling like roses, no matter what they do. Guess I have too much Pluto in me to think that these people will always go unscathed.

  8. if people do not suffer tangible consequences like being ostracized, serving time, losing material security, etc – then they suffer the intangible consequence of being genuinely miserable and numb to the joyful sensation of being alive.

    i grew up spoiled in some ways, neglected in others. and the feeling of knowing that you will get whatever you ask for (power, things, etc) can actually be very frightening. it’s the feeling of having no limits. it’s also the feeling of not being real, not being grounded. i think true happiness happens from the ground up. if you lose touch with reality you really have no idea what good you’re missing. and it’s hard to find your way back from there. i believe it takes outside intervention, a firm knock from the real world “hey anyone home?” at least that’s how it’s panned out for me. which is why i think therapy is great (mercury in libra).

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    Yeah my ex is like that. Wanna hear something funny or maybe not so much? During the divorce when he took one of his many pity party travel trips (instead of paying child support) he went to Florida hooked up with a Disney world employee who plays one if the main characters there. Evidentily she’s well connected and they went to some hi end club parties. Ended up hanging with tiger woods. He came back to wa bragging about it to me? Like I’m gonna be impressed. Talking about tiger and his girl friend etc. This was 3 years ago. And stupid me us thinking tiger? A girl friend? But he’s married…..

    Well this last weekend a server came to MY house looking for him for child support. My youngest answered the door. I took over and sent him inside. He called his dad freaking out afraid dad gonna be arrested. I end up talking to ex. He truely didn’t believe they would come after him. $13000 past due. He freaked out. I was like dude really you haven’t met your commitment. It’s not gonna go away they will get it from you. He’s in a panic. Then Monday texts me I talked to support enforcement it’s no big deal papers were just to inform me I’m behind. He paid $1000 is at least temperately off the hook. I’m pissed and shocked!

  10. Definitely not. Time has proven that. I tended to be a do gooder. Did good by the wrong people only to have them turn around and poop (I know you don’t like bodily function talk Ms P, please note I used poop :)) on me. I now try to be fair but not overly invest in others. I expected too much from some.

    If I make a judgement on someone and rant and rave, I will somehow find myself on the receiving end of that in some way. And pretty darn quickly. I probably am propagating it. Creating an environment ripe for it.

  11. annonymous, I liked what you said and thought it was very apt for me as well.

    I know I have been on both sides of this. I have some debt I would like to dig myself out of; it’s easy to put off responsibility but it needs to get done.

  12. I saw some scientific-ish article awhile back that pointed out that people in power are basically TOTALLY HIGH off of it and really do think they can get away with doing whatever they want– because they have so far, you know? Their rationality, their sense, their sense of other people, all goes away when you have a taste of power. And that’s why politicians, etc. act like total douches.

    Makes me want to stay a peon forever.

  13. I go overboard the other way, giving in way too much. Or I used to. Think that lesson has *finally* been learned. And i’m still always waiting for the axe to fall on me even when I haven’t done anything. Because life is just like that sometimes.

    Karma is pretty quick. I have been called out on a thing or two in my life and that teaches you quick. Thankfully I learned this stuff really young. But the number of people who walk around treating others disrespectfully blows my mind.

    “You’re going to be a decent person, when?” LOL That needs to be on a t-shirt, bumper sticker, billboards etc.

  14. I so agree with you Elsa. I personally believe that if I do any thing no matter how minuet I will either be caught or swatted in some way. However I have a story my daughter just told me last night.

    She went on a mini vacation to visit her bio-father. He had gotten remarried a few years ago and it didn’t work out. He thought he was divorced but though his X has moved back to the East Cost to care for her parents she never completed the divorce. When he and I were in the process of divorce he made it as difficult as possible for me to complete the divorce as possible. He avoided being served his divorce papers notifying him he was being divorced. Now the shoe is on the other foot so to speak. I thought it was funny personally and so did our daughter.

  15. @anonymous I like your ‘memory’
    Sow a thought reap an act.
    Sow an act reap a habit.
    Sow a habit reap a character.
    Sow a character reap a destiny.

    I have lots of Pluto and Saturn, and have spent decades unraveling the knots in my powerful restraints so I begin to see the light.

    Controlled by instincts someone like me needs to be retrained to differentiate between perceived threat and ‘real danger.’ To the point of your question, Elsa, I think that it’s important for me to know what I need; ask for what I need (not easy) and want; and see that when others are asking for way too much, NO is the better answer.

    @Shakti “privelege and delusion” . Right! I have deluded myself about my priveleges, and karma has served up the lessons again and again. Now, with very little, I regain wealth from the inside and begin to feel who it is I am. Caught? Yeah, caught by karma and glad of it.

  16. Nope. I know I can’t get away with it…doesn’t matter what *it* is, I’m going down.
    Heck, too often I find myself going down for other people’s infractions and having to fight my way free! I’m sure not interested in fueling the fire. No thanks.

    What puzzles me is how oblivious these types are to the wide swath and cookie crumb trail they scatter about. They conjure up delusions of persecutors with elaborate spy networks and informants.
    Typically though, its a simple proposition for any interested party to connect dots and paint by numbers to figure out the basic landscape…

  17. @CP Griffin . . . If folks are digging up the past and casting a negative light on it, no wonder the investigated might feel persecuted? I guess my question would be what filter the info is being processed through and why. What would I be trying to prove by digging dirt on someone?

  18. learningtoground – In Ohio, as long as he pays “something” in a 3-month period, they cannot take his driver’s license or send him to jail. What they do is tack it on to the end of when he’d be able to stop paying (kids turn 18 and are out of school), and make him keep paying until it’s paid in full.

    If they don’t automatically take it out of his pay, he can play that game forever – wait three months and then just pay a token to keep his butt out of jail.

    I don’t get all of my support either. He’s also paying for an illegitimate kid he had with a psycho that he broke up with before he met me.

    NARCISSISM, my dears! They are legends in their own minds, and are so smart and fabulous, nothing will ever touch them!

    The pathological lying – I can’t figure it out for sure. Ex has Neptune Scorpio 10th Sextile Jupiter Virgo 8th. He believes he can get away with anything because he’s so smart and so HIM.

    He also has Mercury in Libra, which really mystifies me, except for how he lies sooooo smoothly. If you didn’t already know he was lying, you’d never, EVER be able to tell.

    I, on the other hand, have always felt like God or Angels were watching me all the time. Your Soul Record. So, I behaved myself. I prefer being good anyway.

  19. No clue here, I’ve got cappy/saturn and it seems logical that at some point, everyone gets their comeuppance.

  20. It’s not that they don’t think the truth won’t come out, but that some people are so loaded and well-connected the truth doesn’t come to light soon enough to affect them much financially or in their social circles. Whether they are accepted by the public depends on social pretenses.

    And sometimes the things the general public condemns isn’t that important in the end anyway to their private purposes.

    Like in Tiger’s case, the public/media stance is that we believed someone in his position would be “faithful” to his wife while traveling around the world to legions of fans and groupies. Yeah, right. Something like 80% of male travelers request company, too, so something doesn’t add up in our charade.

  21. Great post and comments. I know things catch up with us. It’s like a mathematical equation, and in the end y+z=z+y. There is no way around it, although it may take generations to play itself out. In the meantime, what we see and perceive may not be the truth.

    For example, when I dig up family tree stuff, my interpretation today may not be what actually happened, even if the info is there in black and white.

    I have personally experienced the deception a person can
    pull off if they have enough secrecy and a crowd of supporters. It amazes me that they have no conscience or empathy for those they affect. I feel guilty FOR them, and I have been held up as their scapegoat. Since I often question my grasp on reality, I am an easy target. Or maybe I just look guilty? I think it’s a combo of my Scorp Asc, Saturn in 1st, and mainly my Merc square Neptune.

  22. I’m guessing the magic has to do with lack of heavy Saturn contacts? Ask a Cap type what they are able to get away with in this life…

  23. BP – That is one unbelievable woman.

    I’m getting an Aquarius vibe from her. The shadow Aquarius, of course, which tends to be mistaken for Leo.

  24. I have been baffled by this about celebrity (and others) behaviour and have come up with an answer – they are so arrogant they believe they are entitled to behave this way – regardless. PLUS they are SO BORED and “dead” (the money, the everything they can buy but happiness) they are more than willing to suffer the consequences of getting caught for the THRILL. It seems its the only adrenaline surge they have left

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