The 8th House: Legacy – Passing On The Goods Of The Dead

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“Do you think that you will pass your energy off to someone else, like that woman did? Kind of like a protege?”

I pass on energy I have collected every day.  For example when Saturn went into Virgo I made a video about how a young person (a teenager, specifically) could take command of a meeting.

An old man gave me that advice when I was a teenager. He’s dead now but his wisdom and helping spirit comes through me. It’s a gross example but a good one. When I made that video you better believe I was thinking of the man who gave me that idea, his name was Al and that’s his picture…and mine.

Al was the one who learned that if you lower your voice, “talk low and slow like John Wayne,” is how he put it – you will command attention. I inherited this from him, this thing of value and I out it on my blog where another generation could profit.

One of the people who watched that video may very well repeat this advice in 28 years and so you see, “Al”, lives.

As far as taking a “protege”, I doubt it. This is because I have Jupiter tied up with the 8th which is always expansive so what you see is me telling stories to a wide audience, publishing this blog.

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  1. It seems like you’re passing on the energy in a modern way. In a way, this blog is your “protege,” open to anyone who reads it. Doesn’t Jupiter rule publishing?

    Theoretically, anyone in the world with a computer could carry the energy onward.

  2. yes, Jupiter rules publishing and storytelling and all things ‘at large”. This is why I hate to write in a small group… it is sort of against my nature but I have tried to do in anyway for various reasons.

    I do have people I exchange with on an very deep level like that double Scorpio ex SF guy I wrote to all month but that is different one on one. I pretty much prefer to write publicly OR one on one like for a consultation. And you never know who is going to read what.

    Henry’s writing is on this blog from 50 years ago and the soldier reads civil war diaries./. everything like that he can lay his hands on.

    We are going on a honeymoon and will stop at a grave in the process. I will absorb energy from that – this is a given.

    Then I come back home and write for a week or a month or a year on that energy. This is just how it works and in my case I am very conscious of it. I know who I am hitchhiking on just like I know that people are hitchhiking on me and I have written about this extensively. Care and feeding of your energy source, that is.

  3. Elsa, your comment “Care and feeding of your energy source, that is” …There is a timeless sense of your worth that feeds like endless loaves of bread and fish. Legacy is a healthy concept to put out here in the blog world, Elsa. Describing your public and large story telling is such a contrast to the narrow trickle of ‘health/wealth/well-fare that maintained the 2% of the global wealth. This is a great model you serve up.

    Energy does hitch hike and maybe there’s a lesson to this … conscious and non-withholding the energy spreads like warm butter yah? When there’s a protege there’s an assumed solo benefit. Stepping up to the energy and broadcasting it without hesitation Jupiter just takes it where it needs to go. Something like that, I like it.

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