Cleaning Out A Dead Person’s House – Scorpio Moon!

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One of my oldest friends, Leon, has a Scorpio Moon. Have you ever had to clean out a dead person’s house? I have. I was 23 years old and I was upset to my core.

Leon (and his wife at the time) showed up each weekend,to help me, even though I couldn’t even speak without triggering a flood of tears.

Think you forget something like that? You don’t. We became friends for life.

Leon is a Libra Sun and if I really put my mind to it, I’d have to credit him with teaching me the value of relationship. When we met I was such a flip little chick and he was on me all the time to get hooked up and stay that way. I thought not!

But twenty years later, we have a powerful bond. And to everyone’s shock, I actually did learn to commit.

I’m posting all these stories but I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve got a problem with Scorpio Moon. Please. I’ve been running with them, all of my life.

So what about you? Know anyone with a Scorpio Moon? What are your impressions? Are you attracted, repulsed or both?

pictured – Leon, by Leon

Edit to add – I am now married to a man with a Scorpio moon.

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  1. OMG, what a story!1 And I thought I was obsessive but now I see I’m just like a silly little schoolgirl. Phew. Thanks for putting that in perspective.

  2. My boyfriend is a Scorpio Moon, and I was attracted to him the first time I saw him…I didn’t see him again for 2 years, but I snagged him that time around.

  3. Never gotten in with a Scorpio Moon to my knowledge (although I have my suspicions about one guy), but Scorpio suns & rising have had a huge influence in my life. My brother (to whom I am very close) has both, and two three of the guys I’ve ever been involved with have had either one or the other, and I never got my hands on the third guy’s chart, but I’m betting on a Scorpio moon (and I’ve gotten burned all three times. you’d think I’d learn). Actually, I’m considering vetoing romantic involvement with Scorpios for a bit, but I’m leery of shutting out that big of a portion of the population, specially since I am really attracted to the depth and the passion. I’m just sick to death of the mindfucks they pull. Decisions, decisions. I’m also bemused by how I seem to attract and relate to them, seeing as to how there’s little to no Scorpio in my chart.

  4. I tend to attract people with a scorpio moon and scorpio energy in general. I have scorpio in the MC so i admire some of their traits, like being very perceptive, when not paranoid… but other then that i don’t like scorpio moons at all, because they love drama and, like they put it in, scorpio moons love a good storm, and sagg moons like myself love nothing more then a sunny day, so we are opposites in many ways. I think scorpio moons tends to show the worst in scorpio energy, the need for the dirt just for the “fun” of it. I’m not a fan.
    now I feel bad, because I know so many, and they are good people. just not compatible with me.

  5. scorpio moons make me compromise in a lot of ways.

    People I am attracted to usually have scorpio moons. They are so… magnetizing. Sometimes it feels as if they have a leash on me. And of course with an aquarius moon, I rebel. I’d try to run away and feel horrible for leaving yet I feel so suffrocated in their presence. AHH.

    And the mindfucked… OH MY GOD. Stop ittt… I believe I am traumatized by scorpio moons.

  6. My son, he’s 8, has a Scorpio moon. I think he’s adorable, but there’s a neighborhood of 7-11 year old girls that are constantly parading in front of our house and I think they see the other side. Sometimes I hear them whispering to each other…”that’s where he lives, he’s in my TAG class…I sit by him at lunch…etc.” And I can never decide…do I warn him, warn them or just let it be.

  7. My husband (Sun sign Libra, Moon sign Scorpio, rising Libra, Mercury in Scorpio:

    “Well, I’m a sociologist, so I like to study people, and I’m investigative. I am pretty good at manipulating people and I do it slowly, but how I do it is very un-Scorpionic. I do it to help people (Libra)– I don’t think i’ve ever manipulated someone for personal gain, because if it backfires you’re too exposed and vulnerable.”

    Observations on being married to a Scorpio moon (keep in mind I’m a water-sign moon, so I think this works better–I’m Pisces moon):

    *When I first met him I instantly felt magnetized to him, even though all the average person might see is ‘Libra fluff’ friendliness. I knew there was a lot more under there.

    *As years went by, I spent a LOT of time uncovering his deep, Scorpionic emotions and needs and sensitivities which he, of course, hid like some kind of horrible plague. I wanted to teach him with my Pisces moon that feelings were a positive force. He is still very secretive, but as time has gone on, not usually to the extent that it compromises his wellbeing by not talking about it or dealing with it.

    *hehee, a good example of something silly he’ll hide is when he bought some eggnog and drank the entire container in a sitting, got sick, but wouldn’t tell me what happened because he didn’t want me to know. I can see how this trait could be frightening for some people who don’t trust their husbands, but I knew him well enough to understand that his motivations weren’t to hide from me but to hide in general.

    *An interesting manifestion of this hidden Scorpio energy, especially strong in his communication (Mercury in Scorpio) is that his entire childhood up into adulthood he tried to carve out hidden places and a kind of wounded mystique, except that in his case it wasn’t just teenage angst, I think there was real angst in there. He isolted himself from himself, too. In many ways, even at a very young age, he wanted to hide huge parts of himself that I don’t think he explored until much later (his sex drive for one). He also made huge decisions like never to drink at a pre-teen age, and helped both his parents as a go-between (mediator) when his sister was going through some frightening ‘cutting’ incidents so there was that element of seriousness.

    * Of course, his insight into people and relationships (re: Elsa’s friend who is also a Libra sun, scorpio moon) is very penetrating and helpful and insightful and can come at difficult times. Believe me, it has been a huge help to me and other people he’s come into contact with.

    Well, there are many more comments I could make, but those are some good examples!



    p.s. This was posted (of course) with the permission of my husband, who has a fear of looking foolish or bad!

    p.p.s. His Scorpionic personality also has a name “Demmy”…I also call him Sarcasmo sometimes. hehe.

  8. Heya Aquarius Moon,

    I understand what you mean about certain sign combos ‘twanging’ you, but this can be looked upon positively…as a great way to flex your “muscles” and figure yourself out.

    I’ve had some rough experiences with Aquarians and Cancerians, but oddly still like and are attracted to them despite what I’d consider a ‘challenging’ combination.


  9. I thought I’d share an amusing and related story.

    I’d been flirting w/this young man, intense as all hell. This was my Venus in Sag having some harmless fun while committed monogamously elsewhere so I was very unavailable. I’d made this clear w/him but this knowledge didn’t phase him one bit. Maybe it made him even more aggressive. I eventually learned he was a Scorpio stellium – oh dear. I realized my Saggy ways had landed me in hot water again lol. How would I extricate myself???

    I sent him an email telling him not to take himself so seriously and that he needed to lighten up. He never contacted me again.

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