Star-Crossed Love

Are some lovers truly star-crossed?

Some years ago, a double Scorpio pal of mine suggested that my husband and I might actually be star-crossed.  Thankfully, this did not turn out to be the case but at the time she said she thought this was very rare and one of the most painful things that could happen to a person.

Thinking about this, I can’t say that I have ever met a couple that I would consider “star-crossed”, however I live in a culture where people enjoy a lot of freedom around who they partner with.

This is from wikipedia:

“Star-crossed” or “star-crossed lovers” is a phrase describing a pair of lovers whose relationship is often thwarted by outside forces. The term encompasses other meanings, but originally means the pairing is being “thwarted by a malign star” or that the stars are working against the relationship.[1] The phrase is astrological in origin, stemming from the belief that the positions of the stars ruled over people’s fates, and is best known from the play Romeo and Juliet by the Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare. Such pairings are often but not always said to be doomed from the start…”

Have you ever known a star-crossed couple?

pictured – Frank Bernard Dicksee, 1853-1928, Romeo and Juliet, Oil on canvas,

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  1. No.

    My mother had a deamy relationship with someone she was involved with before my father came along, but mum was afraid that she would literally lose herself in him. He was the one to lend her the money to get us out of here, when she left my dad in 1979, and he tried to kiss her, but she was still married, and wasn’t clear of my dad emotionally, so she stopped him. I hope they aren’t star-crossed; I’d hate to think that my mother wanted to be with him instead of my Dad.

  2. you know what, I don’t think I do.
    I’ve known people who seemingly love eachother and blame outside forces but truly it was their own doing that kept ripping them apart.

  3. Not personally but I’m thinking of Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy, or couples similar to them, for some reason.

  4. Not really sure my mothers older sister was an Aquarius and the love of her life my Uncle Charles(don’t know his birth sign). They couldn’t live with each other but really didn’t love any other. They had 3 boys and a very explosive relationship. I would say that my sister and her X-husband were also star crossed. She is a Leo with a Virgo raising and a Virgo Moon as well her X was is a Sagittarius with a Gemini raising and they had the absolutely worst relationship of any two people I have ever known. If he worked she couldn’t if she worked outside the home he couldn’t find anything it was bizarre to say the least and the abuse is off the charts. Don’t know if these relationships qualify but to me they do.

  5. Think there are. It could be a lot of struggling and obstacles, like a grand cross in their composite and quincunxes in signs that are hard on both of their natal charts, and it is just too much for them to handle when things keep popping up while they’re maintaining their lives. Sometimes it’s more pratical problems than that, like lack of resources, very different classes/culture/worlds, families being opposed and both being responsible types who would not dream of eloping and starting a life on their own without their family. The worse ones are when the timing is wrong, and one or the other is moving away or is grieving or just having short periods of time with each other because life continually interrupts. Outer planets in hard aspects to vital points. Also moon in too public a place can bring too much outside forces inside the relationship.

    I think it still exists as much as before, but we have more solutions to try to overcome the barriers. Truly star-crossed ones that stay that way nowadays are rare because we don’t have such rigid boundaries as we used to. It depends on how much they are willing to and can change their lives and adapt to the circumstances, though.

    I know a couple who just had things come up out of nowhere – they were finally together for a short time, then one got transfered, one lost their job, a parent died, then sibling had financial problems, job required a lot of travel, health problems, more loss, problems, difficulties all the time. All in all if you add it up they had maybe 2 months out of the year when they could be together. Staying together with a ton of effort is possible, but they are still star-crossed compared to other couples who have it easier.

  6. Avatar
    Stellium in Taurus

    No I don’t know anybody like this. Makes me feel very sad that people experience this though. How tragic.

  7. absolutely.

    me and him.

    it’s ridiculous.

    and yes. painful. but i’ve had worse pain. (although the jury is out on that one.)

    and it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

    this affects me so bad i’m all over cliche-land.

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    I’d think free will comes into play here. Everything can come from every direction and it could mean going against their natural tendencies to overcome the obstacles free will is allways a factor ? There has to be something that attracts them in the first place and if it’s good and made stronger anything can happen.

  9. learning, I don’t know the answer to this. As I said, I live in a culture where it is possible to be together of both parties desire it. I am not sure this is the case, around the world and if not, I can imagine a scenario like this, happening.

    I guess I feel very lucky because I do think I am supposed to be with my husband and if this were prevented by some social or religious law, it would be very difficult and inordinately painful.

  10. Yes…It was incredibly painful for me. Bad set up, bad timing, complicated because he was married. I eventually left my job because of it.

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    Thanks Elsa. I’m so glad you share your stories about you and the soldier encourage me:) that I too may find what Saturn is showing me I want and need 🙂

  12. It hasn’t happened to me, but I’m sure things like this does exist in the world. I’m sorry to those that it has happened to.

  13. Hmm.. Star-Crossed? I don’t know. I know I have fallen for people that I’m “not supposed” to.

    I could live with the pain it would cause to my ex though personally. But only if I knew my feelings were returned from that person.

    I cannot my the first move into this kind of situation.

    Anyway, me and that person have Pluto exactly conjunct Saturn in the 7th house. It’s not fun. 🙁

  14. I love the blog. Best one on astrology out there and I’ve visited quite a few.

    When I think of star-crossed, I think of Romeo & Juliet not relationships that have problems/abuse issues.

    I think of a relationship where the two can’t be together for some reason even though they love each other and want to (job, city, kids, religion, etc.)

    One of my dearest friends seems to be in this situation. I’m glad it’s her and not me. 🙂

  15. I can say that I’ve been in a star-crossed scenario. Essentially, my girlfriend at the time and I had 6 conjunctions in our synastry, including a sun-moon conjunction and a ascendant-venus conjunction, among others. We were extremely happy, but had gotten pulled apart when we went to college where the best one I could go to was 600 miles away.

    So what was the star that crossed us? It was Pluto. In the Sun-Moon conjuction synastry, I have a Sun Sq. Pluto and she has a Moon Sq. Pluto. And in the Venus-Ascendant conjunction, she has a venus conj. Pluto and I have Pluto in the 1st House near the Ascendant. What is forged by Pluto, is also destroyed by Pluto…

  16. In modern US society, I would also point out that gay and lesbian couples, generally speaking, do not always share the same cultural freedom as heterosexual couples. This is starting to change of course, and some areas of the country may be better than others. But there have been several cases where a gay couple is separated by deportation/immigration law because federal law won’t recognize same-sex marriage.

  17. We have a lady on the boards who is a star-crossed lover: although living in the West she is from another culture, and has not been able to marry her one true love (a long relationship btw, now a simmering ‘friendship’ whilst he is trapped in a loveless arranged marriage). It’s immensely sad, esp as time is running out for her to have a family.

    I feel my relationship with my First Great Love was star-crossed. We came from very different backgrounds, something which weighed on him heavily in our youth: he never felt he could bridge those gaps. He realises now that the things which parted us were trivial compared to the depth of our love; but we both have Moon square Pluto, and Venus square Neptune… and he has Moon square Sun.

  18. It would seem like it. Pisces and her Scorpio. Yet he’s a cowboy and I’m hippish. Mostly his addictions & attitudes got in the way. Even after divorce we don’t try to hide our true love, we just have to stay far away…

  19. hmm so synchronistic this post..i love it ..well i do have Saturn at the sabian symbol of 17 degree libra that is going thru its 2nd pass now in my saturn return ..according to Lynn Hayes, that Sabian symbol of ‘karma’ is the classic Romeo juliet story enacting its energy fitting that im reading this i woke up at 2 am MST to still feeling drained and dead from my failed and ‘star crossed’ if you wanna talk ‘fairytale love’ tell this venus in pisces square neptune soul here lol..but if you wanna go deeper ask me about my relationship and love of my life Scorpio ex who we both double crossed and loved each other deeply * go figure scorpio right lol..but alas taurus scorpio axis features enemy or crossed souls to began with..then throw in her venus and mars in 7th house..and her mars in libra exactly conjunct and on the first degree of my mars in libra Retro..meaning her and I co created our ‘passion and mars drive’ or aligned with that energy alone..never mind Taurus/Scorp magnetism..but alas…outside forces..outside ‘karma’ from her soul group and mine was what doomed us..whats even more eery * (did i mention scorp already lol), is well we both connected some how and at different times..we were ‘fatally attracted or deep lovers’ at some point in our distant past lives? go figure… but if you wanna look at charts or dig deeper me : 4/28/82 2.50am MST 10/29/85 at 3:07 pm MST , so have fun with lookin at all the power and force of attraction and also all the signs of deception..confusion and all that other good jazz of a cosmic love story.. haha love the post elsa thanks again all in here 😉

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