Leo Woman Wonders How To Handle Long Distance Relationship With A Scorpio Man

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Dear Elsa,

I met a Scorpio man about 4 years ago; he lives quite far from me so we kept in touch on and off via phone. We talk, get on well and then I don’t hear from him. He got in touch again recently and I went to see him; we’ve talked on the phone, and again we get on well. But now he’s backed off again. I suggested we meet again and on the phone he was interested but now he’s backed off and I’ve just left him to have his space.

I know that there’s an ex-girlfriend who is still interested in him, although he’s adamant that it’s over. Should I contact him? Should I wait to see if he gets in contact again? Or should I confront him? Or am I best to just forget him entirely? I’m not really sure what is the best approach to take?

Kind regards
United Kingdom

Dear Phoenix,

I would let him go. Scorpio has energy and when interested in you, they put their energy on you and it is unmistakable. Besides living at a distance, you have known this man for four years and it does not sound like he has ever been focused on you.

I don’t see there is anything to confront. Just take it as being two entities that met and had a minor exchange. Then release him and your thoughts of him because I don’t think anything will ever come of this.

If you want a visual, just imagine that you are caught on his hook but he is not caught on yours – so dig that thing out of your mouth, okay?

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Leo Woman Wonders How To Handle Long Distance Relationship With A Scorpio Man”

  1. Elsa’s right — Scorpio has a tractor beam of desire. If he really wanted you, he’d be way more active about maintaining this relationship.

  2. I totally agree with Elsa. Must be serendipitous to have read this, but this sorta happened to me a long time ago as well. I am also a Leo woman who unfortunately met a true blue Scorpio who never got over his ex (they split 15 years ago) but he was literally trapped in time; meaning he was still living in 1994. Fashion, music, memories etc. It was pretty painful but in the end I am glad I put my foot down and let him go, because Miss Leo, you deserve better my dear, regardless of his sign, you deserve to love and be loved, with someone who know what he wants and isn’t afraid of committing to anything. His energy and heart is not on you. Release him, life will be so much better and completely relinquish the thoughts about him, as long as you do, he has control over you. If you walk away, you are no longer part of any mind games or manipulations he may have up his sleeve and for your heart’s sake, walk away, you deserve A LOT better.


  3. Scorpio man if is interested in you can go crazy and bring you to him to keep forever. ya He is not just Romantic but he is Romance inventor. He created the idea of romance. Its love with no expectation in return. Its love in a Rainfall for a love of drop in exchange. I am a scorpio man and i really like this leo girl. I can stay mad at her but i cannotlet her go out of my life now when she has clme to mine once again for just a sake of friendahip.

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