Will I Never Marry If There Are No Planets In My 7th House?

brideRule number one in astrology – never make a blanket statement about an aspect or an empty house or anything else you see in a chart. If you do, you’ll be made a fool, eventually.

The 7th house is concerned with partnership and marriage. But having no planets there does not mean you will not marry. You have to look at the chart as a whole.

An empty 7th house may reveal a person who is less interested in partnership than a person with a packed 7th house but this is not always the case. For example if the person has a lot of planets in Libra or Taurus (Venus-ruled signs), they are going to favor relationships no matter where the planets fall in the chart.

There are endless scenarios that see a person with no planets in their 7th house marrying, well and happily so the answer is, no. Having no planets in your 7th house does not mean you will not marry!

65 thoughts on “Will I Never Marry If There Are No Planets In My 7th House?”

  1. I have no planets in my 7th but my 4th house Libra is full with a Scorpio Stellium. I have only been in relationships and I am really bad at and never have really dated. I have been married though…too many times. 🙁

  2. I’d say to check out the status of the 7th house ruler. Mine is conjunct Uranus so partnership has not been a focus. However, even with that situation,there have been partnerships and typically it has happened when Saturn crosses an angle by transit and there is a supportive progression happening.

  3. I have two planets there, one of which is Venus. In Pisces! But they’re squaring saturn / mars so…forever alone. My mission now is to accept it and move on. It’s hard when there is a wish in your heart but you lack the skills or wherewithal to attain it.

  4. Sun moon Venus in 7th mars and Lilith in taurus in 11th, married 35
    Years, very difficult, ended not a day too soon makes me think
    I stayed as 7th house had my
    Subconscious wired

  5. my mother: empty 7th house, married and divorced twice

    my sister: moon conj DSC (squared by 5 planet cap stellium), does not date. ever.

    my brother: also moon conj DSC (part of fire grand trine with pluto and saturn), has been trying to settle down since he was 15.

    me: cap mercury, mars, uranus in 7th, sag venus conj DSC, can always find someone who’s game to waste my time.

  6. I m almost 34 and have Saturn at the very end of 12th House (almost conjunct ASC) opposing sun at the very end of 6th house (almost conjunct DSC).

    Settling down is so freaking hard for me. I always end up falling for older men (blame my daddy issues) and the ones who don’t want long term commitment. Think I’ll stay forever single 🙁

  7. Avatar
    Subhasree Maity

    My seventh house is empty and there are no supporting planet that is going to support my seventh house my marriage life is going to ruin now dnt know how could I handle

  8. If the house is empty, besides transits and progressions- which are slow for some planets- might want to check out your solar return. Especially sun/moon/venus/jupiter in the 7th that’s a good year even for those single because it can bring opportunity to meet someone.

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