20 thoughts on “Does Love Ever Die?”

  1. I think to honestly answer this question one must be clear about Love. A lot of what is assumed or passes,as Love is really attachment. Love is wanting the best for the other person regardless of how or even if you fit into the picture without personal gain or affect. Love is pure, and yes true love is eternal. Attachment can be strong and sometimes all consuming but it is not the same thing as Love. When threat or loss of attachment is present it induces fear and anxiety. Attachment too can be eternal but doesn’t have to be. It is also possible to be experiencing Love and attachment at the same time. Attachment you can get over if you want to, Love is something you always want even if the other person is no longer physically in your life. Love makes you smile, attachment can be brutally painful. Discovering the distiction between the two made a huge difference in my own relationships and the pain associated with releasing ones that weren’t working for whatever reason.

    1. I appreciate your definition and agree whole heartedly. My own discovery of this principle released me from some very painful memories and has made my life and relationships healthier. I catch myself now when I start to drift into attachment mode much more quickly.

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      Michele DeCresce

      Wow.. I had not considered this analysis before and I thank you for this post. Certainly many good points in this post!

  2. I think it can go ‘underground’ sometimes with certain people but the ability to rekindle it I believe is always there. That’s the case with me. I love all the people I ever loved and always look for opportunities to rekindle love that has gone cool. I’ve got a stellium in fifth house and 8th house merc and sun so love for me in all relationships is vital.

  3. I think the oracle in the Matrix said it pretty eloquently when she told Neo that “when you’re in love you just know it from balls to bone.”

    Most of the confusion with the “concept” of love is lost in the definition that we give it; the semantics. But i believe the real deal is something undeniable. When you know you just know with %100 certainty. I too am Venus square Neptune so maybe it’s my rose tinted glasses but I believe once it’s there it is always there. That kind of thing doesn’t just wash off over time.

  4. Wow, love ever die?,I hope not. Can 1 pretend? I think I did for a very long time. I still love the dream it didn’t die. I want need am waiting for the life buddy , the one you hold off till it can’t be shushed ,I wait with baited whispers. No love can’t die , it’s hiding it’s right inside waiting to whistle happy each and every moment you can.

  5. I still feel the same love towards my dear grandmother, even though she’s passed away for about two decades now. I still feel the same love for other relatives and friends, even if I don’t see them much. About romantic love, I still have friendly feelings towards some of my exes who have some endearing things about them (not all exes do!).

    Love (= when we truly resonate with someone in our heart) never dies, with the exception when the person eventually did something so horrible to us that the whole resonance got killed in the process.

    1. Venus Neptune would not see edges…love is infinite, transcendent, neverending. Like amputating and the limb is still there with you. 🙂

  6. Can there still be love after almost 40 years. It is almost 40 years since my divorce…… I never truly dealt with it..just closed the door,walked away and never looked back. I still ask why,think of her often….how do I come to terms,get closure?
    She never remarried and is single………

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