Excavating The Real You

After posting  Lies We Tell Ourselves (And Others) and following up with Describing A Person’s Deep Nature, I had some people hire me to look at their charts with this idea in mind.  Some things emerged.

One way to approach this is to look for what’s in your chart that cannot be denied.  For example, my Capricorn cannot be denied. My 8th house cannot be denied.

It doesn’t matter how I feel about this, or what I think about it. It is not possible for me to live and thrive without acknowledging this energy and expressing it.

Let’s say that I don’t want to be a conservative authority figure? So what! I am never going to cut it as a flake.

What in your chart cannot be denied? Does looking at it this way help you? Horrify you? Are you able to pick out the strong themes in your chart in the first place?

23 thoughts on “Excavating The Real You”

  1. My need to be self-directed cannot be denied (lots of Cardinal, Pluto opp. ruling planet, Aries activity).

    My need for personal down time cannot be denied (Cancer activity, 12th house).

  2. Despite my virgo moon, I work best when I utilize my intuition…sun & Mer in pisces in the 9th house and jupiter and neptune in scorpio. I am overwhelmingly a water sign…just a grounded one.

  3. I have Mercury/Sun/Uranus all conjunct in Leo in the 1st house. I need to be able to express myself in multiple, unusual ways. I get very unhappy if I am unable to do this or if am being “pigeonholed”.

  4. I can’t deny my Mercury. It rules my 2,3rd & 11th houses. I have it on both sides of the fence –the Venus/Moon Gemini and Sun in Gemini-Cancer cusp. I have a prominent 3rd house with Pluto in it. I’m happiest in my Virgo elements (Saturn/NN, 2nd house) because I am organized, clean in mind/body/spirit, hyperfocused, and accomplished. With my Pisces in South Node (no big planets there, thankfully)–I acknowledge my drug-addled past but keep it there. And while I like the buffet my Gemini parts like…they can drive me crazy with their fickle, scatteredness, and utter flakiness. I NEED stability, routine, and predictability to some degree. Virgo gives me that! 🙂

  5. After looking at my chart, I can’t deny my stelliums and the houses they’re in.

    I have denied it before by not being aware of and acknowledging it. Leo? I’m not a Leo. I don’t act anything like a Leo. I denied my Sun sign and have a stellium in the sign. Boy, was I miserable for snubbing that energy instead of expressing it positively. It expressed dysfunctionally but still expressed (i.e. projecting Leo energy on others, stirring drama, seeing things dramatically, addicted to drama), and I wasn’t aware of of my Leo energy at all.

    The Cappy and my planets conj. the ASC on the other hand, has always been on the forefront. I have always been aware of them, my Cardinal need to control, and my Pluto aspect/8th house stuff, though I’d also sometimes project my Pluto.

  6. Does looking at it this way help you? Horrify you?

    It helps! In the beginning, I did not like my chart… but looking at it that way helps, definitely! Better to place and be aware of the energy than not.

    Are you able to pick out the strong themes in your chart in the first place?

    Yes, I can pick out the strong themes in my chart because it is quite condensed.

  7. There’s no denying that I am a parental figure. Looking at house influences like this as well, there’s no denying I’m a 12th house sun and just too overly sensitive to my surrounding enviroments. Meaning that I’m going to have to s significant amount of ‘alone/home/down’ time.

  8. That externally I’m unpredictable. That I only truly make sense to myself. That put in the wrong(or is that right) kind of circumstances I have a nihilistic streak.

  9. There are too many conflicts in my chart so I’m not sure. When Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are all involved in a T-square there’s a lot of crosstalk.

  10. A Scorpio stellium and Pluto on the ascendent.

    An intense person.

    No matter how much people tell me to ` chill out `, it ain`t gonna happen.

  11. Well, Elsa, you told me yourself it’s my Moon in Scorpio and the issue around where to put all my crazy energy. Also, the fact that my Sun/Ascendent/Mercury and Venus are all in Libra.

    You also used the word flake alot in reference to another women. 😉

    Best reading EVAH. Still staying the course!

  12. I do not deny that I have a Sagittarius stellium and a packed 10th house. I want to have a unique job where I can go outside and have an adventure, a goal I think I’ll be able to achieve by summer 2013.
    Also, with my packed 10th house, it’s almost like I’m being called to lead, like I’m meant to do something special in the outer world. However, I have a feeling that it’s not going to come right away for numerous reasons. I’m going to have to learn how to feel comfortable with myself while still dealing with other people, carve my professional niche, wait for things to get better in the world, be knowledgeable about issues that need resolution, and have a strong set of soft and hard skills before considering leadership.

    My Sun in Virgo fears the spotlight, yet I feel the need to be in spotlight with my packed 10th house.

    When I can, I am definitely considering a reading. I want to figure out how to best express my energies.

  13. I can’t deny my packed 9H and my cancer stellium. I’ve been actually expressing my moods now, still quietly but I acknowledge them.

    I can’t deny my Capricorn either. Nor all my action in my chart. Or the fact that I will never escape religion. Or anything for that matter!

  14. Can’t deny Virgo stellium. It’s a toughie but whatev.

    Can’t deny Scorp Moon 8th house. Now that makes the chart interesting. Bada-bing.

  15. I cannot deny my Virgo Asc ans Mercuryand Venus in the 12th. I am always going to care about others until it hurts and then some. I definitely feel the serve or suffer bit. Being selfish feels unnatural.

  16. I cannot Deny my 12th house Sun and NN. Nor my Moon /Pluto conj. in my 10th….nor my Ceres and Vertex in my 8th house. I feel a deep need to mother and care. Also to tell it like it is. That may be my Sag Saturn conj Merc square my Virgo Moon.

  17. I’m a student, teacher and a philosopher. I need to propagate ideas and link them together. I have to ask the large, universal questions that assign meaning to life and affect us all. I need to nurture and support others and help them on a deeper level than skating on the surface requires.

  18. I have a lot of moon needs. I’ve learned to subsist without someone to talk to. But they demand to be addressed much of the time so I burst out a lot i I sm impulsive and have a big insecure ego

  19. I can not deny any of it! The one I forget the most about is my moon sextile venus. It’s the closest aspect in my chart. I am saturn ruled and a lot of pluto/scorpio. I forget that I am a loving and sensitive person sometimes. I can’t deny that I am a sweetheart even though I’ve tried. It’s a weird thing to deny.

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