Venus In Gemini Lies Like a Rug

heavy truck chainRemember those air conditioners we strapped to that trailer last week? And those pins? Well it’s post the holiday now, this is the soldier on the phone:

“Well the last air conditioner is off the trailer and those chains stayed tight the whole time. These guys couldn’t get them off either so I went to take them off and I could barely do it myself. Who put those on so tight? That’s what they asked me.”


“Yeah, I told ’em oh, it was some bastard showing off for his girl.”

I laughed.

“Yeah, she was there so he did this. Dumb ass. And then they complained about the pins being all twisted up. These guys were Jamaicans and they starting bitching about the pins and I told them, oh. The girlfriend did that. That was her with the pins.”

“Oh brother.”

“Yeah, she was showing off for him, he was showing off for her. They were both show offs and now we have to suffer because of them,” he said.

I groaned.

“And they asked me, how did you know they were boyfriend and girlfriend? Oh, well they were making eyes at each other, I said. Yep, that’s how I knew. And she was young and he was old, see. Ahhhhh, they all said like that explained everything. Yep, that’s why these chains are on so tight. They are on tight, aren’t they?”

“You know how to pass the day.”

“Yeah, I do.”

11 thoughts on “Venus In Gemini Lies Like a Rug”

  1. Cassi – it’s harsh if you are being PC but I am talking about someone I love madly who hates people who are PC, so…

    Also I get in trouble around here no matter what I do so I can’t see how it matters.

    You know Saturn in is Virgo and I am having a hard time writing. There are a lot of critics and part of my challenge is to maintain a boundary and seemingly try to defend my writing so what can I say? Here I go again.

    I am satisfied with the title of this blog. I am not interested in writing that is going to not offend anyone, ever. I don’t like to read it and I am not going to write it. I would rather kill myself, see? This is the Elsa blog, it is not homogenized. The title is playful, it is provocative and it works for me.

  2. not venus in gemini here, but a LOT of gemini energy … and lately, even tho i’m known to be a pretty truthy person (saturn in virgo keeps my feet to the fire), find myself, just, uh, bending things a bit. *lol* it’s totally like i can’t help myself. i’m a menace and even find it a bit amusing. right now, don’t buy a used car from me. 😉

  3. Well the thing about this blog… do ya’ll realize there is no way to tell if he is lying to me or too them? Is he telling them a made up story, or me a made up story, hmmm.

    Do I really need to know? Why? Either way, he’s entertaining. And entertaining liar that is. And since I cannot stop him or out-clever him I am of course going to tell him he lies like a rug which is going to spread a smile right across his face.

  4. Also I get in trouble around here no matter what I do so I can’t see how it matters.

    T’was fine.

    An entertaining liar that is.

    If he wasn’t you’d get bored; who else is going to yank your chain the right way?

    [‘I’d think he told them a completely different story about this crazy woman who knows who insisted on overtightening everything…’]

  5. That’s right: all Gemini planets lie but they are SO clever…that we can’t blame them! (I have no planets in Gemini only the South Node)

  6. Well, hell, in Ireland we never let the ‘truth’ get in the way of a good story! He’s a silver-tongued devil, you lucky girl….

  7. well I have venus in gemini in 11th house and it really marked whole my life, especially because it’s very much aspected. maybe one day i’ll write a book about my venus placed in such ticklish position.

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