Libra and Projection

Libra jacobsI’ve written quite a bit about the 7th house and projection, but what about Libra, the sign that rules the 7th house?

Libra is also known to project:

  • Positive Projection: Libras’ desire for balance can lead them to project their positive qualities onto others. They may see others as kind, fair, and cooperative, even if these qualities are not always present.
  • Negative Projection: Libras’ fear of imbalance can also lead them to project their negative qualities onto others. They may see others as critical, judgmental, or unfair, even if these qualities are not warranted.

I have Libra in my chart; Mars and Mercury, conjunct in the 9th house.  Recently, I realized this is my most active area of projection.

Specifically, I tend to think that people are passionate for knowledge and specifically for the 9th-house-ruled “truth”. I also tend to think (Mercury) or believe (9th) everyone wants to break out and reach higher ground, just because I do.

It’s the same with freedom (9th) and free speech (Mercury). I want these things with a burning passion. Truly understanding this is not the case for others, hurts.

I understand how stupid that sounds but… I am driven (Mars) to communicate (Mercury) honestly (9th). At the moment, I feel a bit disconnected. I really don’t know who I am in relation to you, because I’ve been projecting on you for many years and I apologize for this.

It’s a double hit in a way, because Libra is also people pleasing.  So here I am, trying to publish “truth” to make people happy. I mostly just manage to piss people off.  As of today, I understand this better, though I have no idea what to do next, as lying is not an option for me.

Do you have Libra? What are you projecting?

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  1. It took me a long time to understand this concept, but I get it now.

    I have a Taurus-DESC. I assume everyone is reliable with integrity, like me. LOL ya, right…

  2. Boy do I have Libra, mostly 9th house, and I definitely project both ways. A couple of people at work have told me they think I’m assuming positive intentions where none exist, in reference to different situations brought up by different coworkers, but I’m also very quick to assume people are judging me negatively.

  3. Hi Elsa ~ I have a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra too, 6th house here. Lying is not an option for me either. Yet I seem to come in contact with many who deceive me (Neptune conjunct DSC).

    I am an open person who loves to learn (Mercury) about the arts, Yoga, painting (Libra, 6th house – Virgo ruler). I also love learning Medical Astrology – thru this I’m able to better sort out who is authentic and who isn’t — who is more prone to certain illnesses and why they may be acting/masking/lying.

    I do not like confrontations. I love peace, harmony and painting (it’s SO relaxing! – Taurus Moon.) And research. Love researching just about anything that catches my interest.

    you said, “Specifically, I tend to think that people are passionate for knowledge and specifically for the 9th-house-ruled “truth”. I also tend to think (Mercury) or believe (9th) everyone wants to break out and reach higher ground, just because I do.”

    I couldn’t agree more!!! With me it’s 6th house matters. But Yes! And it IS very disappointing to find out otherwise.

    Don’t know if I answered your Q, but there you go 🙂

  4. I have Neptune and Libra in the 4th with Saturn on the 4th house cusp…. Equally spaced—-Each 9 degrees apart (Perfectly Libra, right!!!)
    I learned from the book, “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck, all about psychopaths and their projection. It’s worth the read! Short and to the point $10 and change on Amazon.
    I can spot projection in a nanosecond! And you can too!

  5. For me, a rather loaded and yet a mystery topic to ponder on. I have Pluto conjunct North Node in Libra in the 9th house, and I would like to know a bit more about that in terms of projecting and relating to others.

    It annoys me that all I get told about is travel, learning, and suggestions of taking up a course. I don’t have the time and certainly not the money to do any of those things. I don’t believe travel broadens the mind either, I find those who have “travelled extensively” insufferably smug and pretentious, like it’s a status symbol, no growth there at all.

    Education for me is life experience not a piece of paper, the School of Hard Knocks. Probably with the Pluto Libra, Heartbreak High School 🙄😂

    Also religion, I was an atheist for decades, now I’m spiritual but not religious. I believe in fate and destiny, a higher power to me is an all-seeing Cosmos (no genders or names lol) who I have many arguments with, and I’m not afraid to call out occasionally with fruity language. What are they going to do, smite me? 🙄 go ahead, you already did anyway, and yet here we are.

    So now I have the 9th house blurb out of the way, how does Libra, Pluto, North Node, 9th house manifest in terms of projecting?

    Admittedly I do get told I get on my soapbox, like how high is that horse you are sitting on? And that’s as far as I got 😕 Do I project Plutonian themes? I do tend to analyse people in terms of the deeper psychology (not that I have any qualifications beyond Google) but ….

    Ohhh, lightbulb moment, just realised this as I’m typing. I do tend to try and pick up on the undercurrents, the unsaid parts, the deeper psychological meaning of why people act a certain way, very much about reading between the lines because I’m suspicious of their MO. I find it impossible to take things and people at face value. When people say, “if someone tells you who they are, believe them”, I still have to probe and ask WHY are they though? What caused it? Is it some buried trauma? And so on.

    So maybe I project suspicion onto others, where sometimes (gulps) it’s not always warranted?

    As for your question here Elsa, “I really don’t know who I am in relation to you, because I’ve been projecting on you for many years and I apologize for this.”

    No apologies needed 🙂 who you are in relation to me is an expert on Astrology transits, this is one of my go-to sites to figure out what’s going on in the stars, especially when the planets have gone all wrong, so maybe I see you as a guide. How 9th house is that! 😃

  6. Adding to my previous post about Pluto Libra in the 9th and projection, I do seem to have a case of everyone is guilty, until proven innocent. Projecting guilt and judgement onto another, but THEIR guilt.

    Romantic relationships are a minefield. I’ve already made up my mind in nanoseconds of the first date that they will be guilty of future misdeeds towards me. “Hey babe, can you tilt your head slightly to the left? I just need to position that Sword of Damocles that I’m installing above you 😘 xxx”

    It nulls and voids the Venus Pisces rose-tinted glasses, and there is no pedestal placements, maybe stocks instead?

    Maybe, scary realisation, they don’t stand a chance, and also it results in self fulfilling prophecies. Especially as I’ve YET to be proven wrong. I look forward to meeting that guy who does prove me very very wrong!

    1. To make matters worse, I have Mars in 7th square Pluto! More dicey projection.

      Shall I just give up now, and Google Search “cat sanctuaries near me” ?!

  7. Libra projects Pluto and Mars – the root pain, fear, and darkness associated with Scorpio and Aries. A Libra Mercury Neptune SN conjunction in the 12 th has repeatedly brought this home to me.

    Curious how the way into expansion, light, and truth is thru the darkness we hold at the root of our projections. The ouroboros – the snake digesting its tail – its psychic excrement – evokes this reality.

  8. With the end of making projections associated with Libra, Venus and Taurus – also comes an end of vulnerability to emotional attacks from those who project upon us.
    This liberating quality of individuation has the possibility of emerging right now for many as Pluto enters Aquarius while both Nodal rulers come up on Pluto shortly….

  9. Neptune in Libra…maximum projection, which has dissipated over the years..But on the whole, projecting that people want the good, true, and loving hasn’t worked out too badly for me…People don’t mind that, and sometimes they do want all those things…

  10. This is so cool!

    I have Libra in the 10th – Neptune is there too – and I always project that everyone knows what their life purpose is! And that they knew their career from the moment they were born.

    And of course I had no idea about my purpose or career myself, so therefore they were so much better than me. Ha!

  11. Had a friend ask me yesterday if I was projecting when I tried to spare her a hassle, when I was actually trying to spare myself a hassle. We had a great conversation about it, but I was a little pissy about it for a minute. What? Me, project?! Yeah, Libra ascendant with a tight conjunction of Mars and Neptune in my first house. I routinely get projected upon, as well. Mostly by my double whammy Scorpio husband. He thinks I’m always mad at him for something. Nope. Not mad. Annoyed for him ignoring what I say more than half the time, and only mad when I’ve asked repeatedly, and something happens I’ve been trying to avoid. Like the dogs getting out and running amok in our neighbors field. Especially now when the calves are being born which puts the dogs, the calves, and us in danger of varying degrees. I also project that people should have common sense, but so many don’t even have a clue. I used to believe that everyone wanted to know true things like I do, but they don’t, especially if it’s inconvenient. I’d rather have brutal honesty than smooth lies. Like my friend asking me if I was projecting. I was. And it brought us closer because she can trust me enough to ask hard questions on other topics and we aim at something higher than platitudes. Friends like her are rare. I have a handful of them. They like truth and common sense too. We are going to need each other in the times ahead. See? A projection into the future. Pretty sure it’s a true statement though. Time will tell.

    1. That Libra Asc/Neptune in 1st thing is kinda crazy isn’t it?
      I’m guilty, guilty, guilty n must work diligently on this.
      Since the Neptune is perfectly trine Venus in Gem in 9 (and Pluto in Leo by Sextile in 11) I easily project whatever particular fantasy about you I attach to you.
      It’s a quiet game I believe is harmless because I’m also fully aware I could be wrong.
      Thing is this placement imbues a sort of empathic intuition which blurs the lines a bit.
      I think the problem arises when I attempt to manipulate (Pluto) people/situations according to those intuitive (Neptune) messages by projecting what I feel will make all pleasant or sweet or easy (Libra).
      However since Pluto has been squaring this Neptune he’s sort of blocked all such activity.
      I’m being forced to deal with things straight up.
      The intuition is still there but only when absolutely needed.
      That process I described was a bit of a luxury.
      It’s ok this Pluto transit has been very instructive and transformative.
      I’ll be glad to see it ease in down the road tho

  12. Elsa, for me you have been this tiny voice with many topics, your voice and stories gave me moments to address the thoughts of mine that for the most are under my umbrella, so I put the umbrella down and
    Gotta say Love the rain! I am on east coast trying to be sensitive to those with too much.

  13. There’s always some reality in the projection, no matter how small.

    Whoever is more conscious, or more annoyed, will stop it first.

    My Libra husband projected his artist onto me. I was annoyed and said go make your own dang paintings. He did and was hugely successful. The dear, dear man (RIP).

    Thank you, Elsa!

  14. 9th house Libra… ditto. Took me a while to understand this too. We come here to your site because you lay it all out in your very unique way. No worries Elsa, it’s always good to see different perspectives whether we all agree or not.

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