Six Planets Changing Signs In March, 2023: Dates & Details

earth moverMarch promises change with with six planets changing signs on one month. This is even more of a sure bet if you consider that all the planets are direct at this time.

It’s as if a series of switches are being flipped. We’re going forward, regardless of anyone’s feelings about this. You can probably can already some effect of this, in your life. Things are rolling over, rolling on, changing, and transforming.  Many will be stressed by this.

I’m stressed by this. I just listed the astrodispatch domain for sale. I’ve maintained the site for fifteen years or so.  My husband is getting ready to retire; I have family and close friends who are terminally ill.  There is a real sense of a page turning at this point and we’re not going back.

Irmi left this remark on the Virgo Full Moon post: “I’m in such a state of shock that I feel as if I’ve just fallen onto this strange planet Earth from a very great height.”

I don’t think she’s the only one who feels this way.

Speaking of feelings, it may help to note that the moon is changing signs every 2.5 days. Chances are your feelings about this change with it so if you are having a bad day; don’t inflate that to think it will be a bad month!  But yeah. It’s rocky our there or wavy or maybe they shifts are taking place at your core.  Jupiter in Aries may help with this.  It’s about courage to go forward with confidence.

Here’s your list.

Mar 2 Mercury enters Pisces

Aquarius is a Fixed sign. With Mercury in Pisces, information flows. I mean, you shut the door on it and it flows under and you’re swimming in it anyway. It can be overwhelming.

Mar 7 Saturn enters Pisces

We’re all waiting for this.  I don’t think this is an easy transit by any stretch but there is a lot to be gained once you get the hang of it.

Mar 16 Venus enters Taurus

Love and money, bay-bee. The real kind that lasts.  Quality relationships. Loyalty.

Mar 20  Sun enters Aries

More courage – by this time we may need it.

Mar 23 Pluto enters Aquarius 

See the tag – Pluto in Aquarius

Mar 25 Mars enters Cancer

This will be greatly relieving to many, seeing as Mars has been in Gemini for seven months.  But the planet is going to land hard in Cancer. See Harder Core Than Most Think.

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How to you feel about all these planets rolling over?

20 thoughts on “Six Planets Changing Signs In March, 2023: Dates & Details”

  1. “Trust and move forward”
    is my takeaway! (Not pie-in-sky attitude, rather,
    moment to moment practice, earned as I very imperfectly work through much loss & trauma)

      1. Oh! The AstroDispatch is another site I created so astrologers could work together. My thought at the time was “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

        It worked! Astrology blogging took off and a lot of people got traction.

        1. Right, now I realise what you meant by the AstroDispatch. Thank God nothing will happen to the blog 🙏

  2. My gut tells me that this is going to be a busy month…a bit like being on a roller coaster.
    Yes I think some changes are going to feel permanent. I need courage and composure to get through March. May we all land gently…

  3. March Fourth is the date. March Forth is the directive.
    My concern with the Soldier’s retirement is with the fact that his entire career has been mission oriented and now the mission is unknown. I would love for the two of you to join forces on a mission. My current fascination is in the true crime psychic investigations and missing persons genres. I feel there wouldn’t be a better team! Nobody ever had to tell either of you to March forth-it just happens instinctively. Much love and many thanks to you both for your service to the world at large.

    1. I don’t know that he will retire in March. It’s more the decision is made. It has to be acted on.

      On the other, retirement will pose no problem for my husband. He has Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius. He will very happy to stop busting his ass and channel his energy into his broad and varied interests!

  4. Mars in Gemini made my life interesting on one hand and he’ll in the other-Twins going in opposite directions. I joined a new Meditation group which has been good, read some great books, and had lots of commutation with friends.
    On the other hand, my partner and I argued nearly the WHOLE time!! Then my favorite Aunt who I considered my second mom passed away a few days ago. Now I have barely any family left other than those in Switzerland on my dad’s side I never met.
    With Pisces and Aquarius both will be transiting my 3rd and 4th House. I am watching here closely. I expect big changes especially with Neptune ruling and still transiting my 4th house.
    I am experiencing some health issues but won’t know the outcome until mid March.

    One astrologer said Saturn in Pisces could be building heaven on earth. I sure hope this is the case!

  5. WOW Elsa
    I maybe the only one “Feeding off this Energy”
    Since I have a Gemini Moon,with Mars there,it felt i was Turbo charged.
    I got the house painted,ship shape, literally pushed for completion despite feeling exhausted.
    And the outcome is Fabulous.
    Now My 11th house seems to be triggered.
    Because suddenly I meeting old friends from the woodworks.
    Going out round the clock,with parties back to back.
    Mind you i m not complaining.
    I Frikin love it.
    But I am concerned about my Mum’s health.
    There is an underlying worry.

    But for the most part,in a Few days…
    I will be meeting so many friends from around the World!!!
    I just feel so hyped in a good way.
    When my Body gets this way…I KNOW something GOOD is gonna happen.
    Bout time too 😉

  6. My husband is having a total knee replacement on March 7. He is a double Gemini. We’ve been waiting months for this and are as prepared as we can be. We do not score high on any measure of patience, so the waiting has helped to shift his perspective from SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I DO THIS to LET’S GET THIS OVERWITH ALREADY. Due to the waiting, we now have a much more agreeable doctor and the whole team has been helpful. I was worried about surgery on the full moon but when the spot opened, he took it thinking he could cut three weeks of waiting and pain. (His knee is bone on bone. He exhausted all other treatment options over the last 5 years or so.). Being in constant pain with Mars in Gemini has not been easy for either of us and I’m looking forward to 3-6 months in the future when he ought to be fully functional again. My general feeling is we’re going to be so glad he did it.
    Any thoughts?

  7. Avatar

    It feels as though I am being pardoned. Like a higher power (God?) is having mercy on my soul. 8th house NN in Aries 11*56′ along with Chiron, Christ comet, Kassandra, and Saturn. The scriptures say: suffered, died and buried but will rise again. 2*34′ Virgo rising; I’m ready

  8. Hi everybody,
    I have rheumatoid arthritis. Got it two years ago and then roughly followed the Pattison program well one year. This is the second year having it with many planets in my 10th house my mid heaven is at 14° of Cap. Transiting Pluto has been exactly conjunct my Chiron and will be leaving at the end of March. And if I have fought for my life before but this is indeed the biggest fight of my life. I am taking it on.

  9. I have had Mars trans. the 4th…l learnt ‘they’ are not good with feelings/emotions. Glib. Verbose. Defensive.

    Used my 8th house Libra node to Balance. Probe. Uncover. And l did not blame or attack…

    My natal Mars is in Cancer. Lots of water in my chart.

    I am mud with a spark.

    I am getting to the truth at least–not the rose coloured glasses kind either.

    All those planets (shown) are underneath but on the other side of the chart.

    2nd house south node Aries. Is big too, atm.

    Elsa, you have such a lot deal with. Some things you can’t change. Some, l guess will be about bearing wittness…as to the rest l wish you a ‘windfall’. Call it a Karmic payback for your good works.

    I hope all of you get a better deal with the changes. Either way we have to work with what we are given.

  10. My Pisces rising sensitivities are triggered to the max right now and with Moon in Cap I don’t use that word often.I handle things. I am a baby boomer, not a snowflake! I have a lot of cardinal so I DEAL. But, this week is very very edgy.. I am feeling at a precipice. A few family health matters are coming to a head and I am having to shift my stance DRAMATICALLY to deal with what is is real.I can’t pretend anymore. A few (more than a few) friends are VERY ILL! Covid is rearing its head in my community again.I am feeling reclusive.CRABBY. (CANCERIAN HERE with Mars and Uranus there too,thank you,yes I am feeling EDGY and IRRITABLE . ) I am having intense psychic dreams this week.. not good stuff, but I have to thanks the Guides for the heads up. I am feeling like I am going to be a different persona after this month…. And my Moon in Cap is wondering about all the POLITICAL FALLOUT from all this— Biden gonna die? trump gonna go to jail (one can hope) America gonna survive her Pluto return??? I meditate,I pray.All will be well…right??????

  11. Picses rising here too, Madeline.
    Everything you said resonated

    l try not to look too far ahead–it increases stress.

    I’ve been talking and walking my truth and values. It has been a challenge but sometimes you have too

    Fullmoon too.

    Feelings havevto go somewhere!!

  12. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Tr. Venus will conjunct my Natal Moon 2H Taurus this month… fingers crossed for a big money kiss from Lady Luck!

  13. I have decided I will be looking for the goods the gold the glory my mind slows me down I seem to be able to pull off whatever it is is on the list I just have to apply myself I’m encouraged by the thought that things are going to shift and move forward I’m thinking there’s a beautiful pocket of time before April 22
    I’m ready more than ready . my ego has been bruised in my recent interviews however I do believe I made all the right moves I’m lucky maybe lucky is not a good word thankful.

  14. There has been a lot of new stuff going on in my life the past week, and not in a bad way actually.

    My mom’s medicine seems to be improving her state, I am beginning a new chapter in my career, my BF is (soon) leaving a position which has been detrimental to his mental health the past 3 years, my dad is having his car back and can now practice more self reliance (he lives very far away).

    And my sister has been approved for more help at home with my baby niece, which will support her mental health.

    My friends have gotten new jobs in the beginning of the year, and my friend has finally sold his house (put on the market when Pluto entered Capricorn actually, and the new owner takes over in march 2023…)

    Overall I can’t really be unhappy about these shifts. Rather the opposite. There are finally some good things going on in my life!

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