Lip Service vs Actually Changing Your Behavior

tigerI have been writing about Behavioral Patterns, Desires and Methods and The Games People Play and I wanted to clarify.

I do think people can change their behavior which is essentially, how they use and direct their energy but the energy itself will still be there. It’s like getting the Italian out of an Italian, I just don’t think this can be done.

Further hardly anyone exercises their right or ability to change. Because it’s hard. I imagine their desire to change falls short of what would be necessary to effect the change. This is assuming is assuming the desire exists in the first place which it probably does not… beyond lip service.

People do compromise when they get old. But you can look around and see that people don’t want to age. Not that I blame them, the way we treat old people these days!

It seems that people will postpone changing their behavior until the living end. Many of them die before the living end comes.

This means if you are waiting for another person to wise up and live the way you would like them too, you’re probably waiting in vain regardless of what they tell you.

The chart is the chart is the chart. There has never been a day in my life I did not reflect my chart. To me this is compelling.

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    Hmm… if that’s a fact, it’s a sad fact. I know you talked about applying this concept to giving up trying to change others.

    But, as for changing oneself. People probably want to remain in denial to keep up the hope in their lives for that 0.001% possibility that they (themselves) are able to change… for the better.

    Does this mean for you, that a person’s only real hope is to download increasingly better games to his/her life, but that they essentially will never get better?


    I hope that wasn’t confusing! Let me know if it was.

  2., I think there are all kinds of possibilities outside of changing a dog into a cat, an apple tree into an orange and so forth.

    I am going to keep writing about (I think) and perhaps it will get clearer?

  3. a little confused but that doesn’t mean much, I need some caffe I think.

    from an astrological standpoint: I have Mars/Pluto opposed. I don’t throw tantrums like I did when I was young, but I do stand up for myself…my behaviour is different but my ability to lose my temper doesn’t go away.

  4. “my behaviour is different but my ability to lose my temper doesn’t go away.”

    Yes. Think of it like Siegfried & Roy’s white tigers. That is still a tiger, see?

    My dogs are tamed but if you piss either one of them off badly enough, they will attack because they are in fact, dogs.

  5. I have been thinking very hard about this issue over the last day or so, and have concluded you are correct. The essence of who I am is the same, just modified some surface behaviors.

    For instance, I was extremely shy growing up and while I’m not wildly outgoing, I have no problem speaking up now. There is no getting around the fact I am a 12th house type and have always needed lots of solitude though.

    Good subject, Elsa! 🙂

  6. “My dogs are tamed but if you piss either one of them off badly enough, they will attack because they are in fact, dogs.”

    I see people all the time who are shocked by this and I’m talking about literal dogs. We see it in the kennel at the shop. The staff, the clients… they all forget they are dealing with predators who could kill to eat. It’s a thin veneer, domestication

    I think the moral is to know who you are and what your strengths are and work to optimize them rather than deny them. Use your powers for good!

  7. Fascinating subject Elsa. I guess we are what we are, but we can either travel away from the truth of self, or explore and discover the real truth of self. When we say someone has ‘really changed’, perhaps we just mean that they have become conscious in some area, and travelled a little nearer to the truth of their individual potential. Isn’t that what the birthchart is, a map of the individuals potential? So you journey within the parameters of that map, but it’s your choice whether to smile or scream at everyone on the way.

  8. I am noticing this idea of not really changing as I accept more of who I am and shrug off other people’s judgements of me. I’m currently looking for work and I took a job hunting club for a week where it’s about making the pitch about who you are to as many people as you can get to give you some of their time in order to find a good fit. As a creative video editor, my interest is in storytelling and getting caught up in my imagination. It’s always been there as I was known to daydream in class at school. As an editor I go with what the story is to guide my creativity – and the eyes of others are important too being a libra. I can edit differently but with less success and less enjoyment. I find that then I just end up editing alone and losing my joy in a lot of the process. I have venus and mars together which link my dream/escape house ruled my libra with my 6th house of work. I went to work for someone who had an expectation of me having more of a technical ability than I hold or am interested in having. I do know alot and can troubleshoot with my scorpio mind but being a virgo tech geek is just not my thing. As well he expected me to be creative and capture his vision without a story to guide me. So I disappointed him. I walked away only mildly disappointed myself (i need a job) but not knocked down. I know how i’m creative. With pluto starting to go through my 3rd house i’m finding it’s better for me to communicate what i bring and my style as it saves time for both of us as I search out a good place to work who can use my skills as well as help me learn more and grow my career. Although then I have less money. It should pay off in the long run.
    Funny when you start to see your qualities, when directed appropriately, start to pay off in real life.

  9. yup, that makes perfect sense.
    with age… i’ve seen people soften.. a _lot_.
    sometimes people seem to figure out how little is worth getting worked up for. it seems a gift.

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