Solving Weighty Problems Using Astrology

zodiac puzzle brightI just wrapped up an email consultation with a gal who knew a lot of astrology, but also just enough to get to her in trouble.  You can probably relate! Here are a couple of tips I shared with her to help her level up her chart-reading:

  • Try not hunting every chart you see for a problem. If you do see a problem, figure out how you’re going to handle it as opposed to just feeling fear and dread!
  • Plucking out small elements and fixing on them is not only to your detriment, it’s causing you to misread the chart…

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about astrology being useful.  I feel it’s utility is being lost – Trends In Astrology For Good Or Ill. Actually, I know it’s utility is being lost and it irritates me.

I held a workshop awhile back, with the goal of illustrating how to use astrology to solve problems and get what you want.  Now this might be a projection because I like to be effective in whatever I do. And I don’t like problems weighing me down!  I’m a tactical person so I use astrology in this way. I want an advantage!

This is the face of astrology that is fading out right now.
This is the face of astrology I wanted to present in the workshop.

I did this by taking the charts of twenty-five people in the class with twenty-five random problems. My intention was to demonstrate how to use astrology to diagnose and solve problems very quickly. Because when you solve a problem, you’re free. I don’t know of a quicker way to get to the root of pretty much anything and everything.

If you’re studying astrology and want to level up, consider checking out my workshop.

Use Astrology To Solve Problems & Get What You Want!

This workshop exists for one reason. It’s to help you increase your chart-reading proficiency and apply your skills to solving the problems that dog your life, once and for all.

If you do buy the workshop, you’ll get a link in the confirmation email that will allow you to download it.  If something goes wrong, as it something does; don’t panic!  Just email me and I will take care of you right away (unless I am asleep)!

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Solving Weighty Problems Using Astrology”

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    Neptune Barbie

    I have a problem with house systems. Which one do you use, Elsa? Otherwise, I just change the house system and the problem is somewhere where I don’t care. This is not helpful to me or anyone else.

    1. I saw your old post on it the other day- was very interesting… i know you did a lot of tried and tested, over a long stint … in terms of theory is there something about equal houses and the angles it gives that is important?

      1. Yes! The Cardinal house are connected. This is a critical point in my mind. It’s lost with Placidus and Koch.

        I settled on Equal before i came to understand this but now that I do, I feel the other house systems miss the boat, tremendously. But I admit, this is my personal knowledge so I don’t expect others think the way I do. Basically, I’ve been at this all my life and you do learn more all the time.

        1. It’s funny the my first reading before i understood any astro whatsoever was equal and she was swearing by it before i even knew anything, you and frank clifford practice it _ like yourself he switched after tried and tested….i’m definitely going to look at my chart in it again …an evolutionary astrologer called michael de baker swears by porphry …i think on tried and tested(!) – he compares david bowies in 3 different types i think as an example,you get interceptions which i quite like too and i’ve heard of molly McCord using placidus, equal and porphry … but i don’t know how she picks or combines! As an aquarias rising, i think you all must be valid/right but my virgo moon wants to know how!!!🤣😁🥰

    2. It has taken me years of experiences and observations to formulate what works best for me. I was first taught with Equal house from my Astrological Guru and have fluctuated using different systems. YOU do have a choice, good luck and ENJOY your search.

  2. I like your way of thinking Elsa.

    We tend to focus overly much on one small detail, or an aspect in a chart, and instead forget to look at it as a whole. I know I have fallen into that trap many times for sure 😉

    Take my BF’s chart for example. He has a Venus Gemini Retrograde in his 6th house. Venus is also square Mars and Saturn in Virgo 8th house, and Neptune in Sagittarius is the third leg of that triangle in his 12th.

    But the synastry with my own chart is really good, aspect-wise!
    So, in the beginning I overlooked the exact quincunx between our Venuses.
    Add to that, my Venus, Sun and Jupiter is at the same degree as his Venus in Scorpio, in my 9th house.
    So a lot of energy is difficult to integrate and make some of. It will naturally cause tension and an oil-water blend.

    To say my BF has difficulty with expression of love, is not correct. But he is rather difficult to get turned on in the bedroom! His mind is disturbing him and he has a 20 lane highway in his head.

    So, this blend of energies passed by me in the start. Even though we have a strong chemistry you can’t remove a person’s personality and love nature. Intense Scorpio paired with introverted love language, and a tendency to let the practical stuff become a barrier for intimacy in normal/every day life.

    But when we are away on a trip or holiday, let there be light and he is all ready to rumble.

    Pluto/Moon in the 8th, in the 8th house… And a good bit of Venus in Trine to them, in Gemini (trips).

    After 3 years I have learned that one of the ways to turn him on, is by going out, doing fun stuff together. This will make him feel happy and in the mood for bedroom play.

    But in everyday life, he is a seriously private person, and living close to people who can hear you is one of his big turn-offs.

    You gotta really sense the energies of the planet and signs to learn how to work with this stuff. I might need to buy that report one day though… Would probably save me some time 😉

    I have the gift of gab, while he is

    1. I like how you took this apart. Eventually it comes together as knowledge. Your relationship improves with the deeper understanding of your partner’s needs and various quirks! 🙂

      1. I have given our synastry a LOT of thought and analysis through our 3 years together I assure you, to come to this conclusion 😉

        But then I tried to use equal houses. And it was like a whole new level of understanding and knowledge became available…. My oh my! Suddenly a LOT of things made sense to me.
        He has his NN in 8th house in Leo.

        A classic spin on that is the difficulty in asking for help,thinking he is the one to tackle all things. We have had a LOT of issues about him having to learn to rely on others and ask for help and learn to think as a team player and not do his own thing/having the control

        But this placement finally made things click when I thought about our intimate life. (I have Noon in Libra in the 8th)
        So, some days ago, I asked him if he had ever thought about sex and intimacy as in “it’s not YOUR sole responsibility to make things work honey – it’s a team effort. Alas, can you lower your shoulders a bit? And will you allow me to be a part of this team so that our trust can improve? For example, you can just ask me what I need instead of acting like YOU have to know and do everything, instead of asking me”

        …. It’s insane that this took me/us 3 years to figure out. But I am hopeful. I hope the pressure has lessened a bit for him with this approach,which is the way we have approached a lot of other things and problems in our relationship so far.
        Hopefully this will resolve a lot of our communication issues with time!

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