Uranus in the 7th House – Whirlwind Marriage

I have Uranus in the 7th house. I got married once. A few days later I called my old friend, Leon who I met when I was nineteen.

Leon and I ran together with our various partners for ten years, before I left the desert. We traveled all over together but we were even closer than that. We lived ninety minutes apart and were in the habit of spending every other weekend at the other person’s house. It was very tight friendship.

Leon is a Libra but has a his Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio. He also has Mars exalted in Capricorn and he’s very cutting. The first year I knew him he made me cry all the time until we both found our way. So he knows me very well. I called him up, I’d been married a week.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked. I was close to both his wives.

“Listening to Nick Lowe. I knew the bride… it’s in your honor.”

“Are you telling me…”

He started singing, “I remember a time she never would have looked at him twice…”

As soon as he said it, I knew I was doomed. I divorced 3 months later. My advice is ask your friends before not after!

In whatever case, this is my “marriage experiment undertaken for humanitarian cause” song. (more below)

When the soldier and I visited the desert, we met Leon for lunch. We were fighting at the time and pretty wrung out. I don’t think Leon was too impressed with my new coupling.

For the record, the soldier is the only man I ever dated seriously that Leon had never met. This was because I met Leon after the soldier and I had broken up for good. So anyway, I know Leon as well as he knows me and I was sure he was thinking, what the hell is Elsa doing until I got home and sent him the pictures.

Leon is a gifted photographer. He can see what is in a picture so I sent him all the pictures of the soldier and I from back when we were kids and that did it. He could see the soldier knew the same Elsa P, he knew and there would be no repeat of this last fiasco, I mean wedding. You know, I am laughing my ass off in the pictures, I am me.

The point here is it is possible to lose your way. It is possible to be influenced by others, perhaps for years but every person has an essence. If you don’t believe me, ask your old friends or your family, ‘Who am I really?”

2 thoughts on “Uranus in the 7th House – Whirlwind Marriage”

  1. Wow. This resonates with me so much right now. I think I am on the verge of -the “D” word- here pretty soon…..out of my control, and definitely not what I want. I’m devastated, yet wanting me and my husband both to be happy and back to our essential selves, who have in fact gotten lost in the haze 🙁
    For some reason though, we are both having the hardest time letting the other go. There is soooooo much love between us, two beautiful daughters………..but neither of us are happy at the moment. We’re trying to make it work, but going through the motions daily…without certainty is……..painful.
    It’s hard for me to believe the hard work and commitment we’ve put in for 9 years is coming down to this. I suppose that is life. At least during a SR in Libra and Pluto transiting natal moon.

  2. Oh that’s good advice. I’d be afraid they’d tell me. LOL! They say that if you are dating someone and your friends and family don’t like him or don’t approve, they are seeing something you’re not… Uranus in the 7th – that would be me. A nice big, full 7th house opposing a nice big, full 1st house..LOL!

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