Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon

sun shine round astrologyLive Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon

“One girl’s a streetwalker, but her feet are so soft…”
S. Margolin, performed by Jerry Riopelle

You have to live your sun and satisfy your moon. Since I’ve said this so many times., I’ll elaborate.

Your Sun, its sign, its house placement, and its aspects show what you have to do to feel vitally alive. Your Moon sign, its house and its aspects, show what you need to feel nurtured. Your emotional state. Together they are a natural pair.

In this culture, we are ego centered. It is far more important who you are than how you feel. Consider how we worship those who achieve and succeed. This would be a function of the SUN. It is a MALE.

Take Elon Musk as an example. How many people think about how Elon Musk feeeeels? We don’t care! Or, how about this year’s model? Do we care if she is happy? No. We only know that she is on top.

We do not bestow the same honor on someone who may have a less flamboyant Sun profile, but may be blissful on an emotional level. They may be happy, serene, etc. They may live in a shack but by a different standard, they are more successful than the guy/gal in the posh neighborhood if they live where they do, in contented peace. This is the MOON and it is a FEMALE.

The Vedics (Indian astrologers) consider the aspects to the Moon to be more important than the sun. The Sun is an afterthought in compare. They judge the quality of a life by the Moon because they do not think a life is worth much if you have to live it feeling like crap even if you are rich, or hugely successful in some way.

full moon facDoes anyone care how, Anya Taylor-Joy, is feeling today? How about Chris Hemsworth or Joe Burrow? We don’t care how they feel. We care that they’re on top!

On the same subject, most people like their Sun sign. I was in a workshop once and the presenting astrologer (David Pond) asked who in the room liked their Sun signs. Virtually everyone there raised his or her hand enthusiastically. You know… We’re a healthy group. We like ourselves.

Then he asked same about the Moon sign. Less than one third of the hands went up and I was astounded.

This underscores the idea that we are ego centered and would just as soon amputate our emotional natures in large part. We do not honor them. Heck – if you can get a result like that in a group like the one that was in that room that day… well it made an impression on me.

Just for the record, we do not like our appearance either, by and large. The appearance is shown by the ascendant and I can’t count how many people reject their ascendant / rising sign. They argue it must be the wrong math I am using and stuff.  I just stare at them.

Back to the Sun and Moon. You’ve got your visible and your less visible parts. The Sun is overt and the Moon is not. Perhaps your Sun and Moon are in the same sign (conjunction), same house, with the same aspects. There is no conflict. What people see, is what there is. This is a specialist to an extent. A one trick pony with a knock out punch.

The next situation, a Sun Moon trine or sextile is just as easy and preferable really because then all your eggs aren’t in one basket. Where a person with major emphasis on one sign can be overwhelming to people (including themselves) people with an easy aspect between the Sun and Moon can readily find a way to live their lives that satisfies their emotions.

Like this: Say you are a Sagittarius with a Leo Moon. Sun / Moon trine in fire. Sagittarius wants to travel and Leo wants to be seen. Okie doke. You get yourself an on camera job as a foreign correspondent, and there you go. Your sun is vitally alive, while your Leo (ego) Moon is being fed. Your needs are met, the two energies compliment each other.

But what if the Sun and Moon in a chart do not agree? (The square or opposition). This is the condition that many people live with and they have to juggle. Home and career. Commitment vs love of freedom. Being a private individual who also craves a stage. Examples are endless.

What if your Sun wants to stockpile money for security, but your progressive and humanitarian Moon wants to give it all away? Lots and lots of people live like this, so what’s the answer? The answer is the same in all cases. Live your Sun and satisfy your Moon.

If you can’t manage to do this happiness with elude you. It’s true that some people have to be more creative than others to manifest a happy life. If you’re happy, then fine. If you’re not, chances are excellent that you’ve a conflict like this and you are serving one side of yourself while denying the other.

This is one way that astrology is marvelously helpful. Your average dissatisfied person out there lives without insight hoping for a magic thing to occur that will solve their dilemma of a lifetime. Basically they want to wake up one day and feel fulfilled. Astrology shows very distinctly the conflict that underlies the condition. It gives instant access. It like cracking a nut in one smooth move and this is why I love Space Junk the way I do.

What do I mean?

  • Well you’ve got the woman with all the Aries, other fire signs… Lots of raw male energy and she is at home with the kids all day and mad as hell. Well, golly gee, I wonder why?
  • Or maybe she has a bunch of Capricorn. Maybe she wants to be somebody, in a way that the public respects (ie – not a mommy). Maybe she wants to achieve, but all she’s done is married a rich guy, so she feels like a failure.
  • Or maybe she’s a Libra and happy that she is in a relationship, but her Moon is in Virgo. She may serve her husband, her family, but yearn to do more. She may wish to be out helping people in the evening, but sacrifice the needs of her Moon, for the wants of her Sun – To be a wife.

You get the idea.
The solution?

Live your Sun and satisfy your Moon.

The point here for beginners? You are not just your Sun sign. There are more than twelve kinds of people in the world, right? You may be an Aries with your Moon in Taurus, or Pisces, or Virgo, or…

People aren’t flat and either is astrology.

Do you live your Sun and satisfy your Moon?

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109 thoughts on “Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon”

  1. Do I ever. 🙂 In a relationship with a quirky Irish Aquarius who keeps my 7th house Gemini sun very entertained and I have a very deep spiritual side (including the idea that sex=sacred) that keeps my 12th house Scorpio moon satisfied.

  2. adding to the 7th house suns! (sun in virgo, moon in sag in the 11th) i live my sun but i <3 <3 <3 my moon. running outside with the headphones on (moon conj neptune), traveling, being around interesting people == bliss. i hope i’ll be able to focus on more dramatic 11th house things after saturn leaves my sign though.

  3. working on it. trying to cobble together an aquarius sixth house moon situation is tricky.

    when i need a reliable income for my kid, any way.

  4. I am very confused by my sixth house Aquarius sun and moon… I certainly feel like all my eggs are in one basket, and the intensity is sometimes oppressive.

  5. I try to. My 5th House Taurus Sun needs art and creative expression and play and so I do this…my 1st House Capricorn Moon…well that confounded me until a wise astrologer pointed out my desire to parent myself.

    So while I am great at living my Sun, I’m constantly trying to satisfy my Moon. I think it’s the reason why I take pride in taking care of myself, feeding and watering myself like you would a, er, houseplant.
    The first signs of me not taking care of myself are, funnily enough, not brushing my teeth or washing my face before bed…

  6. By the way, THANKS for reposting this. It is a great piece of writing and I’m bookmarking it…the kind of thing that bears re-reading from time to time.

  7. Definitely makes a whole lot of sense. I enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting it. It’s easy to get caught up in the complex abstracts of astrology and it’s refreshing to just go back to basics. I have 6th house Pisces sun, 1st house Virgo moon. I just got laid off from my waitressing job and have been in a funk ever since. It’s hard to explain to my non-astrology friends how a job, for me, is so much more than just a way to make money. Being an asset to my employer and co-workers satisfies my moon. It hurt a lot when they picked me to let go after I put so much in (but then that’s normal I suppose). Ah well, sorry to vent. Thanks again for the (re)post.

  8. Yes, this does make sense. I’ve certainly lived my 9th house Virgo sun. I’ve traveled and lived abroad half of my adult life as a University level instructor. And I chose a good Virgo/Saturnian country to live in, too, Japan, with my own Saturn in 9th/Virgo. I was appreciated there, and I was happy, but later, of course, restless.

    Now about that 4th house Aries moon, very problematic without a lot of money to just buy the next home that I will adore. I am passionate about my home, as I was about my mother and my taking final responsibility for her.

    1. Same Sun/Moon placements here, in different houses. My Moon is very close to Taurus, and my Sun very close to Leo, so they form a Fire-Earth trine. A fire sign in the house of pisces and an earth sign in the house of leo. But in a harmonious aspect. This is really complicated for me to undersand. Add to that the aspects with my rising it’s even more confusing.

  9. I also have that 6th house Aquarius moon which has been difficult to satisfy in “secure” feeling jobs. It wants security and routine, along with change and freedom! It also doesn’t go particularly well with a Venus in Virgo – it’s very difficult for me to feel satisified and pleased at the same time.

    One thing that does satisfy it though is alternative approaches to healing / nurturing. So for example, meditation. My Aquarius moon likes that it’s kind of a quirky way to help nurture myself and how it has an unquantifiable positive impact on everything else I do (including how I work).

  10. Sun/9H/Aquarius, Moon/11H/Taurus.
    I travel (9H) quite a lot but when I do, I try to eat well and travel as comfortably as I can within my budget (Moon/Taurus) and see friends (Aquarius and 11H).

    It took me a long time to figure that out, though, but great re-post, Elsa, as always.

  11. I’ve lived my 9th house Cancer sun by traveling/doing volunteer work in Africa, Asia, Central America, and going back to college and earning my degree (in anthropology). Though of course, the job I have now has nothing to do with my college major. Oh, also by reading constantly and being constantly curious.
    My 7th house Aries moon is satisfied by my dynamic relationship, and by eating spicy food when I’m feeling down.

  12. My moon and sun are quincunx and have NOTHING in common at all. I don’t know how to live one and satisfy (what’s the difference between the two, anyway?) the other when they want the opposite things that don’t blend.

  13. satori, I wouldn’t really say it’s an obvious life of service, though this observation makes sense. Maybe that’s because I haven’t reconciled with it yet, or maybe other influences modify it. I think that Saturn squaring both this sun and moon make a big impact.

  14. Just found this entry…

    What a great piece of advice! What stood out to me while reading it was: “who in the room liked their Sun signs. Virtually everyone there raised his or her hand”

    I deplore my sunsign. Its Aries and who wants to be a female aries? I always feel I lack femininity, in character, interest and action. I was the gal who was “friends” with all the boys. Girls envied me, but try sitting in a room where not one guy is thinking dirty thoughts about you and meanwhile you are about to explode?!

    I am mainly fire/air. No smooth and buttery water, or womb laden earth. lol 😉

    1. I dislike my Virgo Sun (not as much as my Cancer Mars), but I love my Aries Moon. It’s actually my favorite placement in my chart. I love the honesty, directness and childish energy of Aries. No passive-aggressiveness or mystery.

  15. Avatar

    Nope. I don’t think so….
    Unless Moon in Cap means never being satisfied =P.
    And Scorp Sun means I’m the depths of darkness and hell 50% of the time.

    Wait, I am! Lol…. Greeeeeat.

  16. I just figured out that “Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon” is not a book title 😛 doh
    taurus sun H8 / sag moon H3

  17. Libra sun, Libra rising 1st house, Neptune Libra 1st house, Pisces moon 5th, Mars 5th in Pisces as well, sometimes it is hard to figure out what to DO. I just try to feel my way. I think I am as confused as Carole is

  18. I’m no beginner but I still struggle with this: Aquarius sun in house 6, Leo moon in house 11. I like being an Aquarius and all, like you say, and I have considered swapping out my moon sign, but maybe I have that backward. The 6th house Aquarian sun is poorly placed and challenging to live out. Leo moon is probably more naturally comfortable and better aspected, too. All of this conflicts with my Virgo rising.

  19. Avatar

    Oh. Oh my. Yes- 2H pisces sun wants to be fluid with her assets, 12H Cap moon (cj mars) longs for stability and security. That square alone could tend to bring me to a grinding halt, and it is part of some lovely tsq action. Yep- gotta dig down on this.

  20. I too am struggling! Leo Sun in the 2nd and Pisces Moon conj Saturn at the MC. My poor pisces moon can never get what it needs… one ever believes i even have a pisces moon! The Leo Sun gets all the attention…

  21. hmm, Taurus sun, Aries moon. I wonder if the unsatisfied feeling I have is because I’m not taking risks? I know being independent is of utmost importance to me. It almost kills me to have to ask for help, I feel like I’m begging.

    And it is not well received either by my children. As if I have to be strong all the time…perhaps my moon is also how they perceive me.

    One called me amazon and I just got a lecture on exercise because apparently in the past I somehow inspired them and they feel like I’m letting my image down.

    I have a small figurine my oldest got me, a woman with breastplate and sword. She said it reminded her of me…I was flummoxed, because inwardly I see myself as frightened and weak.

  22. Brizo, I love reading your input!

    It seems to me there’s a gender thing about asking for help & receiving in general: I think its harder for women to allow themselves to receive, whether it is asked for or given. So the Aries and Sag would make it even more of a challenge, because of the added independence needs. Not sure if that applies to Leo as well: Leo loves receiving but I could be wrong about that.

    I also relate about the self image –I have sun taurus and sag moon plus aries mars.

  23. I have been living my Capricon sun for the last 20 yrs. It was a vigorous and steady climb….nothing dramatic but always on the way up.

    After being a very talkative and loving child, I have either neglected or actively-controlled my Pieces moon for the best part of last 20 years, and never found happiness.

    Recently, I am starting to recognize my Pieces moon, and the things are turning up so nice….I am starting to feel contented and relaxed….so much more happy about myself than the way it was.

    What you say is true, unless and until you find a way to make your moon contented, happiness will allude you.


    P.s 26, Male, Capricon-Sun Pieces-Moon

  24. “…….20 years, and never found happiness…….” I guess, should be corrected as “….best part of last 20 years, and never found relaxation, continual happiness and sunshine for any significant length of time in life…..”

    1. I can relate to this as well. Although I am Leo with Aries rising, my Libra moon (trying to please everyone) always takes over. I am always trying to find balance in what I say and do, so as not to offend, think of everyone’s wishes or desires and then out of nowhere bbeesserkk Aries pops up and has a meltdown..not often but when it does it is not pretty (Libra) LOL

  25. New to astrology, new to this space – this was really helpful! I’m thinking in particular about my relationship with X who has Sun in Scorpio, and 5 planets in Virgo and I have a Sun in Gemini, and 5 planets in Gemini. I always thought the other planets would help balance out the Sun-Sun tension, but now I’m thinking not. Lots to learn!

  26. Sun in Gem, moon in Sadge

    I take lots of short and varied trips to learn new and interesting things so I can come home and tell my friends new stories

  27. Taurus Moon, so a strong need for satidfying my sensuality in all its forms… Cappy Sun, but Sun conjunct Venus and prob in H5. So both my Sun and Moon wanted lots of sex and put relationships and esp ‘love’ above all else!

    So … I think I’ve satified both – but probably at the expense of a settled life, longterm security, or career. It was a life of great highs and lows – but it’s time now, all passion spent, to properly satisfy my chart ruler, Mercury

  28. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet,but I’m pretty sure that whatever moon sign/sun sign I am isn’t entirely satisfied. 😀

    I still have a lot of questions.

    Tropical Sun Scorpio 5th koch/6th placidus/Virgo Moon 3rd/Gemini Rising 29′

    Western Sidereal Sun Libra 29’/Leo moon/Gemini rising

  29. My sun and moon are quincunx. I feel like i want two different lives, but can only have one. So i make the most resonsible choice, while sacrificing another. It’s a good sacrifice, i’ll never regret it. I just wish i knew how to do both. I have plenty of time.

  30. Greetings Altera:

    Your response ???? confuses me. Perhaps you need to look at your Aquarius 6th house moon in another light. (no pun intended)

    I have an Aquarius 6th house moon and I LOVE it!! I think its the BEST and Most Satisfying of all moon signs. I’ve also been in the same job for 30 years. . . and had other jobs before that . . . all long-standing.

    Your first service is to yourself dear one. See that you need a position / job / work to keep roof over your head and pay the bills. (However you want to do that) You have to be sensible about this because we do have certain human needs to stay healthy and well. (roof, clothing, food) Certainly do what you need to do (in an honorable way) to take care of those needs, and do it well.

    Your work is physical. Emotionally however you choose to be free with this moon. Do not allow others to tie you into their nonsence type beliefs, attitudes and activities. We have the ability to pull back, distance and withdraw from small thinking and small actions. . On the contrary, with this moon and a change in your thought process, you will easily feel satisfied and pleased all the time. You don’t realize how blessed you are .. even with Venus in Virgo. . (you don’t mention what one has to do with the other – – on its own it has nothing to do with the other) My entire first house is all virgo. . and with my wonderful 6th house moon in Aquarius, I’m one lucky girl.

    Perhaps re-evaluate. . I hope this helps.

  31. Greetings Nikki:

    Please read the message above I left for Althera. I have a similar offering for you.

    You have an Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon. Wow. . . that’s what I say. I have Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon. . and I say Wow to that as well. The signs oppose each other. . . but when you understand them, which is the work of your life, you will see that they balance each other out. No one can be completely happy without also mastering the sign that opposes their Sun / Moon – – and all their other planets for that matter.

    Why would you want to swap out anything that makes
    You – – You! Think about what I’m offering here. Your Sun is Not Poorly Placed. Your Sun is Perfectly Placed. When you understand who you truly are. . . your Sun also will not feel like its challenged in its placement. Nor does any of this conflict with your Virgo Rising. . which is the same thing I have. I think its an amazing placement.

    Clear your slate of that word “struggle”. . sit with yourself and see yourself as you really are (that pretty much goes for everyone on here who doesn’t understand who they are). Your chart is you on paper. . it was designed perfectly in that way and cannot be wrong, unless you use your placements negatively. Find beauty in it. I can just from the 3 placements you mention. You also can.

    I hope this helps.

  32. Greetings Elsa!

    Masterful column! Wonderful offerings.

    I think people have big issues around the word “ego”. . . .mostly because they don’t understand it. But a HEALTHY understanding of oneself – – and I do mean a HEALTHY understanding of oneself, is the difference between a life of suffering. . .and a life of serenity.

    It also shows we are not carbon copies of anyone else. . nor should we repetitiously repeat everyting we hear, so that we become robotic, as our society would like us to be.

    Peel off those plastic personas others would prefer we wear. . and really be who WE are. . that is what this column speaks to me.

    Bravo to you for putting this in perspective for others to better understand.

  33. Hi Elsa,
    Fabulous article, and as all have previously said, VERY USEFUL.
    I am Scorp Sun, Aquarius Moon and an opposed-by-the moon Rising sign in Leo (Uranus there too). I am usually in conflict with myself in some way, but learning to understand the opposition is hard. May just have to put my hand in my pocket and get you to advise. xxx

  34. Avatar

    Wow. Great article . My Pisces sun and Scorpio moon have a hard time. My first thought is they are both water it should be a good mix…. Right?!? But it’s actually hard. Pisces would really just rather transcend the muck. Scorpio wants to go deep and is willing to get dirty if it means something. And I don’t WANT to get dirty . I want to be clean and leave the bullshit behind, forget the crap and move on. I didn’t realize how much I need to go to the depths and purge . And I’m not yet sure how to get through it all. But I have noticed when I’m least expecting it a situation arises like a damn in my pretty stream and won’t let me pass until I’ve done the work. Cleaned out another closet of hidden issues and I’ll tell you what it sucks. I want to swim off a shinney, bright, flowing fish… Not get my long beautiful tail torn apart in the dam 🙁

    1. Avatar

      I don’t know belle and I would really like to. I feel like there will always be something to dig up, great fine but there has to be something more…. I need loyalty, I think that’s my Scorpio too, but how do I get that? Where do you find it and how many times would I have to dig through the muck to maybe finally find it when I just want to swim off.

      So there must be more to it. How do you satisfy a Scorpio moon?

  35. Coping with Scorp moon, Scorp ascendant and Leo Sun – believe me, life is a total nightmare…. the Sun side just wants to move forward, feel the fresh air and move on… but its one step forward and 20 backwards, and its usually other people shit as well.

    Even though I gain another notch on the belt of learning, it seems to come out of nowhere – this profound knowing seems to comes about to help them resolve their situation (or at least – know how they could work around it even if I am not in a position to share with them for my benefit).

    I have come to the conclusion now (57 yrs) its not all about me and how I deal with it, after all the universe is connected – but how I deal with it affects others and how they deal with it (not always in a positive way if they negatively receive you or your comments)…

    …so now I don’t see my life is about me – but the bigger picture …. just wish I could have some sunny bits now and again …..

  36. Great explantion of Sun-Moon issues Elsa! Good thing that you re-post things from the past for recent or new-comers. So many things on this blog are thought-provoking and useful and good for learning.
    Used to think my Leo Sun & Aqua Moon in opposition were a problem, but my worse experiences come from other aspects. It sure takes time (at least for me) to sort things out.
    Looks like I mostly live my Sun & my Moon sort of went along with it. Now I have a better perspective.

  37. Great article and one I will have to ponder. My sun is Aries in the 12th and that old 12th house is kind of mysterious to me. Moon is 7th house Scorpio, so ditto that mysterious thing.

  38. Sun square Moon for me. Taurus sun 5H, Aquarius moon 2H. The Taurus in me NEEDS financial stability, my moon in 2H (Taurus house)is more concerned with others,their needs and helping them. I find it difficult for me to completely satisfy the moon without freaking out my sun. I also have Capricorn rising. What about Me! Me! Me! vs Them, Them, Them. I can be rather selfish, and then the guilt kicks in, and its give, give, give.

  39. I live my Aquarius sun by living by a code of honor that sometimes only I can understand. I defy cages and pat categories and convenient labels. I am The Breakfast Club. Joking. I’m much more dynamic and perverse than a John Hughes movie! I feed my Virgo moon in various ways. Whole Foods. Exercise. Books…I read them and write them. I am learning late in the game to protect my sexuality and fall madly deeply truly in love with my fine ass self.

  40. Wow! This is a great post…and the responses give even more insight. Thank you!

    I’ve got Aquarius Sun & Mercury in the 2nd with my Moon in Cancer in the 8th.

    So, my Sun wants to be social, light and friendly, connecting with people…and my moon wants to be serious, heavy, deep and hidden away. My mercury is opposite my moon…so I’m often just stuck in my head…just wishing to feel nothing on the heavy, dark days when life kinda crashes & burns.

    For so many years I felt like I wished my “emotional” part would just go away, until one day I realized this would never happen and recognized that I somehow needed to figure out how to integrate these two so they will become friends. For now, they do lunch on occasion. 😉

    Fortunately, I’ve got Jupiter in Sag trine my moon, so I do heal & “get over things” fast.
    …but there’s always another one around the corner. The tide comes in…and then it goes back out…only to return again.

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