Losing Weight With Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

Jupiter paintHi Elsa,

I have been carrying a lot of weight on my body for many years. I can’t seem to take it off anymore. My problem is motivation and inconsistency with exercise. Any suggestions to help me move into a phase where I am treating myself and my body more healthily?


Dear Burdened,

Yeah, I can help. You have the planet Jupiter sitting right on your ascendant (your rising sign). The ascendant shows the body and Jupiter expands anything it touches. Consequently it’s very common for people with “Jupiter rising” as it’s called, to be large.

However, you’re not doomed and I can tell you this for sure. I have Jupiter rising myself, and I’ve beat the weight thing (knock on wood!!)

Here’s the deal. We are optimistic people with our mind on the future. We think tomorrow is always going to be better than today. And Jupiter is not keen on limits. We’re exuberant: more is better! And in fact, we’d be fine if other parts of us were not interested in fitting in our jeans. We’d just grow and grow and grow. But alas, it becomes a problem.

It’s a problem that can be solved pretty readily. You only need understand the energy you embody that seeks expression, and redirect it. Like a person who is very insightful. They can use their talent to heal, or to hurt. Same with Jupiter. This energy can do a hell of a lot more than grow your body.

For example, you are a natural teacher. If you teach and preach all day, Jupiter will be engaged and you won’t be eating.

Secondly, you’re a horse. A wild one! And what does a wild horse look like? They sure as hell aren’t fat. They’re on the moooooooove. Move. If you get yourself moving, you will not be eating. Get it? Because Jupiter is otherwise engaged.

Third. Travel!! Travel is Jupitarian because it expands you. Go places! Every day! What does a wild horse do? It gets around. It sees what’s over the horizon and over the horizon beyond that. Is eating the focus? Of course not.

Last. READ. Educate yourself. Specifically religion and philosophy. This is another way to expand, yes? And when you’re smarter, go back up there to the first idea and do what? TEACH! Teach others.

So there you go. This is you… if you opt to function on a higher level. Fat is not in the equation is it?

Good luck

5 thoughts on “Losing Weight With Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant”

  1. Jupiter rising, also.

    I only enlarge physically when I’m caught up in unfortunate shenanigans, such as unfortunate marriage, unfortunate work situation, etc.

    When I am purpose-driven, passionately engaged, I am physically … concise. Though I do have to watch that, too, because I have been known to be a workaholic (other placements) and forget to eat.

    It generally takes me a few weeks to get back on track physically when I course correct.

  2. Another Jupiter rising conjunct Ascendent here, have very much lived all the above (in my 60s now). Generally manage to keep my weight under control via activity and purposefulness, but draining relationships/work situations lead to comfort eating for me. I’m back at the gym to counteract this right now, it was good to hear that I’m in great company.

  3. If I am being restricted, I will expand physically. I’ve learned to use my weight as an indicator that there’s someone / something hemming me in – sometimes my body knows before I do! Freedom!! 🤣🤣

    1. Ooo. This makes sense for me. I am currently restricted severely caretaking my dad. And my charts have SEVERAL squares upon my Aquarius Sun. And I have gained 30 pounds! Wow!

  4. Sag asc, venus and moon. I have struggled with my weight since age 30. I have hypothyroidism. I went hungry a lot as a young child and as a teenager became extremely thin. It was a control thing. I was berated about my weight constantly by first husband, then it became me rebelling, like no one is going to tell me what I can and cannot eat. My second husband was overweight also so it was a free for all. I lost 65 lbs after my husband died. I have since put some weight back on. Physically I am challenged at 68 so I spend hours expanding my mind.

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