Weekend Love Forecast – Libra Full Moon Eclipse

sun-moonFriday evening under the Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon, Aries Sun ruler Mars leaves Aquarius for Pisces. Spring has sprung; but even though the Sun has moved on, we still have a strong stellium in Pisces: now Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune.

Virgo-ruler Mercury moves through the end of Aries all weekend, out ahead of the Sun and Chiron in the sign. The night’s mood is sensual, but less softened – more explorative, targeted. When we’re interested and paying attention to sensation, the mind fills in the missing details quickly.

Ready to groove physically as well, we respond to the flow of fancy and pleasure. The Virgo Moon heads into opposition with Saturn overnight. Boundaries and slow-ups are strategic, aimed at directing our attention. Feeling blocked or irritated? Perhaps compassion and service are warranted if one looks closer. Relief is pleasure when you put yourself in the shoes of the other.

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon moves through a trine to Uranus in Taurus, earthy ease with a twist of novel pleasure. Have you been holding back on indulging yourself? Austerity is not in itself morally charged, but neither is it a virtue. Give yourself a treat… not just any treat, but something different – something sensually tangible but out of the ordinary. Maybe see and approach someone usual in a different or unexpected way.

Friday and Saturday, and through midday Sunday, Pisces Venus sextiles Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus. When you’re angling for pleasure, go big and make it meaningful, beautiful, all the superlatives. The collective urges long for MORE. It’s invigorating, AND fated encounters abound. Listen for soul-directed urges. It’s appropriate to want more and better; how else will you get it?

On Sunday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo with an opposition to Neptune right as Venus perfects its sextile to Jupiter. Go where that itchy inkling sends you. Something delightful awaits, even if you’re still not sure exactly what you’re hoping for.

Afternoon takes the Moon into Venus’ rule in Libra, right into quincunx with Mars and trine to Pluto in Aquarius. Air and air, and fire in water… and a sweetly scented urge to let go and burn. But cool your heels a bit and take things as they come. Let it simmer, move when you need to. It’s a shiver to your toes and up the spine to your ears. Risky… raunchy? Not quite, but near. Appreciate the intensity itself.

That electric depth of knife’s edge sweetness, the whisper of subtle pleasure, carries us into the eclipse intensity of the nighttime’s Libra Moon, Aries Sun full moon opposition. What will we give up to attain that whisper of attainment/attunement? What will we DO?

Both Moon and Sun rulers are in Pisces. The answers to those questions must blend the “us” and the “them”. When balance is achieved, it is invisible.

The full moon eclipse takes place Sunday night/Monday morning at 5 degrees Libra. Where does that hit your chart? Do you have any weekend plans, any extreme desires?

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    Libra Stellium

    I have first house mars at 5 degrees Libra opposite 7th house Jupiter at 4 degrees Libra. Friday night was a quick skirmish with my man over an old bone neither of us have mentioned, or worried with in a long time. But obviously it had not been deeply buried. It was quick and sharp, words were said and though we dropped the bone, no doubt it will present itself again in the future. Hopefully it will just continue to deteriorate and become less appetizing in the future. Sunday morning now and the hurtful words aren’t ringing in our ears, but there is always that echo.

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