Uranus in Taurus Opposing Scorpio – Emotional Jolt

special forces airborneMy husband is a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon.  He had cause to be digging through his stuff last night.  He came upstairs, stood in the door of our bedroom; his face was white as a sheet.  He had a field jacket, draped over his arm.

“What?” I asked. “You found your field jacket?”

“It isn’t mine,” he said.


He flipped it over and showed me the name on the jacket. The jacket belonged to his (deceased) best friend.  “You didn’t know you had that?”


I hung it up to air out, though it didn’t smell at all. It had been packed in an airtight bag.

I dreamed about this all night (Pluto in the 12th). He said he slept well so I’m glad of that.

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  1. Spirit world, so rich, so close, so real
    We are inches from the door between two worlds
    Have you ever felt that something
    Can move to you or away from you
    Like going to put in earrings early
    Morning feels as you see 2 you pick one up blindly focus on slipping wire
    Into pierced lobe reaching to pick up second one?now it missing
    Soon found beneath a heart necklace as if it moved magically you were hugged kissed or touched by something you can’t see?
    Do we receive all that is sent to us
    Are those who appear to have left
    Actually still close by? I imagine
    Hubby and bud could feel death’s
    Presence,was it merely a door
    A hall ,a vortex?watercolors?is life
    Love and death a form of fiber optic
    That courses thru time space and ones core?

  2. What a wonderful gift! Shows that his friend is still with him, thinking of him, loving him.
    A week or two after my dad passed, I felt a strong urge to lift my spirits by going to a mall that was not my favorite, but was well lit and I could walk a circuit uninterrupted.
    It happened to be built on land that was a racetrack when I was a child and my dad used to frequent. As I walked around the upper interior perimeter of the enclosed mall, I was quite enthused.
    About a third of the way around, I stopped to listen to a faint public service address that said they were closing, and to please go directly to the door I had entered.
    I decided to do so, so I tried to move in that direction.It was as if I was a cartoon with my feet moving, but unable to get any traction to actually move my body forward. I pushed yet could not make any headway at all.
    Embarrassed, I stopped trying, thinking I must look crazy. I decided it wouldn’t hurt anyone if I continued on my loop- perhaps getting to the desired door five minutes later than if I went directly.
    I was relieved to find that when I resumed my loop, I could move freely. What I found on display at the next store- a Hallmark store- was amazing. After passing a dozen round display racks with all kinds of calendars on display just inside the windows, the last rack was facing me with a huge, gorgeous old fashioned calendar, displaying roses and saying in cursive, “I love you, Daughter” just at eye height. The rest of the stores after that were empty.
    I stood there knowing that my Dad had guided me to that place at that time to see that message to me. I felt an unbelievable joy and gratitude and amazement that my dad would go through the trouble to stop me from leaving the mall before I could see his message to me- pure absolute joy.
    So every time I experience something like that I remember vividly that those that have passed are not so far from us that they cannot communicate, and I am comforted and joyous in that knowledge.

  3. Last night was particularly good for me.

    T. Uranus in Taurus is opposing my Neptune in Scorpio.

    My leave-no-stone-unturned (Scorpio) long envisioned/dreamed of (Neptune) research project (Scorpio) is suddenly (Uranus) bringing me solid joy (Taurus). It now stands on firm ground (Taurus), which will ease my ongoing and ever deeper digging (Scorpio).

    Helped along by t. Pluto in my 12th, which has caused me to transform (Pluto) my beliefs (12th), which in turn has been having a domino effect on the rest of my life. Ongoing.

    1. Thankyou for doing what you do, and sharing so much. My best friend , Aries passed Dec 15, he also happened to be an astrolger & psychic. My beloved dog was an Aries that left her body over a week ago when the moon was also in Scorpio. My husband is a Taurus with Scorpio moon…. so your words were much appreciated.
      Love, Scorpio Bobbi

  4. I had a dream several years after my father-in-law passed, in which I was in a smoky room with a bar full of men in Khaki WW2 type uniforms and some women in summer dresses..I realized that it was an Officers’ club in Honolulu, which was where he served during WW2..Then a young man in uniform turned and, in “his” voice, quite cheerfully asked me how I was doing, with the peculiar language he always used in life, and left the club. The dream ended….

  5. There was a wool sweater in the bag as well. It looked like would fit me so my husband gave it to me. I washed it and popped it on. It’s exquisite.

  6. Everytime you talk about your husband it reminds me of a fellow I met 37 years ago in the Army. I only talked with him once. He was the true soldier I wanted to be but I could never fill those boots. I wasn’t made like him.

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