Love and Money: Abundance vs Scarcity

I notices that perceptions around the idea of abundance have shifted radically over the years.  With Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius there appeared to be plenty of everything for everyone.  Go, go, go. More, more, more.

Back then, all you had to do was cut out a picture of the car or the man you wanted and voila! These things would materialize!

Most people don’t feel this way anymore. In fact, most feel there income threatened from one quarter or the other. The feeling now is that there is not enough love or money to go around.  So which is it?

Is love and money scarce or abundant? Where is Venus in your chart?

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  1. Venus in 8th. Money. And Love. 🙂 Well, its more like there’s not enough energy to really give out the love, even if you have it. There are boundaries being set, things being weighed, where does this love go to best serve my life and those around me, and to bring equality and balance to our world. Money — there’s a caution and awareness, again focused on balance. And an acceptance that since the pendulum has been this far on the side of abundance for so long, there might be a rapid swing to the other end of the spectrum, before things settle out into something more balanced. And it’s a deep acceptance of that. An understanding that there are consequences to what we’ve been given.

  2. My Venus is in the 6th (Aries). Love is abundant- money not so much… BUT, today I make the final payment on my car and will then be officially be debt-free! It feels so liberating and yes, much more balanced.

  3. Afflicted Venus in 7th. You’d think everything would be plentiful, but I get kicked in the head frequently. I feel like I should have had everything in abundance, but am being punished.

    I am actually pretty okay moneywise (Venus conjunct PoF, Jupiter in 8th) most of the time, but I am always afraid it’s going to go away (Neptune in 2nd).

  4. Venus in Cancer in the 8th trine 12th house Scorpio moon. There is always enough love and money but sometimes I have to dig a little deeper to access it.

  5. So funny you said “cut out a picture of a car” etc. I’ve written for some coaches and “guru” types who’ve had me tell people to pin up a picture of their dream home, car, or whatever they wanted. “The visualization will help you attract what you desire!!” Wooo woooooo. Hilarious.

  6. I couldn’t agree more Elsa. I have been talking to people about this over and over in my consultations. Great topic.

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    curious wanderer

    Venus in Sag in the 4th, trine Jupiter, square Saturn. There always seems to be plenty of love and money, but it’s not always used wisely. I’m working on the wise part of the money right now (Saturn transit to 2nd). The same goes for love too, I suppose. I’m not seeking romantic relationships, but I’m trying to be more loving in all my other relationships. Progressed Venus in Cap? 😉

  8. Two things.

    1 – Venus in Cancer in 2H is pretty happy. More than enough love to go around, and always enough money if I take care of it. Pluto square, Jupiter opposite, so I have to pay attention.

    2 – I often wondered if putting the object of your desire (the car or whatever) within your line of daily sight was enough to keep it in your thoughts and maybe subconsciously you’d change the things you do on a daily basis? I dunno. I’ve always thought the idea of manifesting things like cars and houses was a bit silly, but hey … notice I don’t own a car OR a house.

  9. I like the idea of cutting out pix of stuff u want, esp for certain types, who respond well to images of the beloved, whatever it is– Not that it’s enough of course but I don’t think it hurts and can help improve the mood whiuch then can help improve functioning.

  10. Venus in Aries
    Love : non of my family can say that i am dispicable.

    Money : I was slave, working without pay

    I had to cut out all the assholes thieves
    Now, who´s the lazy? Há¡

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    Venus in the 2nd house. I think both are wildly abundant, although it may be its opposition to Neptune in my chart that makes me see things this way.

  12. Money is problematic but I am not destitute. I find what I need to survive. Love has been scare in my life for some time. It would be nice to attract more but I am feeling fallow at the moment…doing some soil remediation. 🙂

    Venus conjunct Jupiter in the ninth square lots of things.

  13. Venus in Scorpio in the 9th house, conjuct Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, trine by Jupiter. Never had big problems with money, more related to famili heritance than my own work, I’m a saving person. Love … not that men jump off the trees, althought there have been one long relationship and a bunch of 1-year others.

  14. I have love and money isn’t a problem right now. Chart ruler Venus is in Leo in the 11th house, in good aspect to moon, jupiter, mars, mercury & uranus.

  15. Venus in Virgo 12th house part of a grand cross with Uranus, Jupiter, and Chiron, as well as ruler of my Libra ASC:

    I seem to swing between blissfully loving everyone and being fairly critical and opinionated about everyone, although I do love to love! I’m a Leo:-)

    As far as money goes, I always seem to have enough, although my spending habits can sometimes swing from frugal to shopping binges. It’s all about balance.

  16. Wellhell, yes, there’s always enuf – if not a lil sumpin ta go round. Tho I kin’t seem to geddit, they say it’s allin how you look at whether the glass is half-full n all that.
    I do have money – relatively lots compared esp to other women my age and situation (almost 56 and no debts) but nothin comin up lessun I git n haul my arse out there n find my callin…. I.e., no husband, no pension, no kids: I’m my only Ass-et!
    Nothing wrong with pix of what you desire – whether in your mind’s eye or as your screen saver. More the merrier, sez I, and I am TOTALLY INCAPABLE of what some call ‘visualising’: I jest kin’t do it neither. Course makes somekindasense keepin sumpin good in the forefront somehowz.
    Actually, I know it was you yerself, Elsa, who posited that it would be Pluto in Capricorn just as much which would cause the drawing in of the heretofore rapacious greediness and ultra largesse of the Saggs n all. Smaller normal tits back in vogue n all; n good manners; n laidback not loud clothes etc etc.
    I’ve been told I don’t have to ‘worry’ about money cause of sumpin to do with my Saturn Venus thangey in Scorpio. Kin’t say as how I geddit, but thar you go. I do worry about droppin down ta bottom of the bucket, cuz I followed a few guyz down that below – but mebbe ifn I hung on my own, that would never have happened. All’s I know is it ain’t goin to happen agin ifn I have anything to say about it.
    Jest love all youse who cluster round this lil ol honeybee callz herself ElsaElsa! N her too, a course!

  17. Jupiter in Pisces/Pisces in the 2nd house (aka, Where’d that money go? Oh well, whee!) and Venus in Cancer in the 6th house. I’ve got love (from my parents/friends) and a little money, but I find the world really hemmed in by the Pluto transit. People seem to be realizing that in reality, things are scarce. They are (I was talking about this on Shannon’s thread) thinking about things that are worth their time and not just wasting their love or money on just anything. It’s as interesting a development as Saturn in Libra is, to me. I’m finding I have to work for the love of people that haven’t and have been giving it to me.

  18. Venus in Capricorn (Venus is also ruler of my ascendant), 4th house using equal. I have to work my ass off for money and sometimes even that doesn’t help. As for love, you’d think Venus in 4th would make for a happy home and childhood, but.. no. I love to eat though 😀 I’m very reserved in showing love and affection. Hence the lack in receiving..

  19. All that time I had Pluto transiting my 2nd in Sag. It hit Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, now the Sun, and headed to Saturn. Let’s just say that there were ups and downs. Certainly never the cut the picture out and get the car.

    I watched so many of my peers end up with so much in material terms, and I lived fairly frugally and sometimes close to the bone, although never exactly in dire straits. I did see some windfalls, had some money evaporate several times, got robbed, etc. I also got to see a ponzi scheme operate, and came to have a distaste for and distrust of the blue-sky types who wanted to manifest prosperity for themselves.

    Is there enough love to go around? Yes. But here’s the magic trick: Love is a basket with five loaves and two fishes. It’s never enough until you start to give it away. This includes giving some love away to oneself.

  20. I have Venus in Libra in the 3rd. It’s exactly sextile my fifth house Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, and squares my sixth-house Saturn.

    Both love and money have been scarce in recent years for me personally. I’m looking at getting a roommate in a few months to alleviate some of the financial stresses but my work schedule makes it hard to meet people or to establish a relationship.

    Like Mena, Pluto is heading for my Saturn. I’m anticipating huge changes as right now it is sitting right on my sixth-house cusp.

  21. I have Venus in Gemini in the 12th conj my Asc. tightly square my Part of Fortune, sextile Mars in Leo, and trine my Moon in Aquarius. My Jupiter is in Cancer in the 2nd at 2 deg.

    I don’t know if this makes sense, but I feel like I can’t seem to amass any sort of wealth or assets. What’s funny though is that I’m always able to live someplace nice, and I find that I get interest from well-to-do or high status men (Ph.Ds, execs, guys in entertainment, etc). I’m able to land in wealthy, high-class situations without having the cash to back it up. I’m also constantly scared that my poverty is going to come out, and that people will think I’m a bad person. 🙁

    I always have enough to eat…barely, sometimes…and I seem to find the most rarefied living situations. Things that are super cheap, or setups where I won’t be out on my booty if I’m late with the rent. Freak things also happen with my income that end up restricting my cash out of nowhere.

    I don’t know. All I say is that I wish this madness would stop. I don’t like feeling like an eternal mooch, no matter how hard I work (or want to work!).

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