Jupiter Conjunct Saturn – Sagittarius / Capricorn Hybrids

Jupiter SaturnA freakish situation emerged the session I held in the Colosseum in spring. I put everyone’s chart in the group up during that session and we saw one Jupiter Saturn conjunction after another. I would say that more than 50% of the charts had this aspect which was mind boggling.

Now these planets are a natural pair, many don’t realize that. Like the Sun and the Moon or Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn complement each other and they only meet every 12 years. People who have this conjunction are deemed teacher/preachers and I have found this to quite reliable. People with Jupiter in aspect to Saturn also have this potential, as to people with a lot of Sagittarius AND Capricorn in their chart. Basically Jupiter combined with Saturn is the mark of someone who can manifest their vision in reality which is no small feat.

It’s interesting, knowing so many people who read this blog have this signature.

Jupiter Saturn people represent! If you’re nervy, tell us about the vision you plan to ground!!


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  1. Jupiter-Saturn conjunct here! Maybe a lot of us were born in the same years?

    I don’t have a vision, but I had a dream once, that a tidal wave had taken away half the farmland in this country. I had to get up and make a speech that would get people to focus on the problem, not arguing and blaming each other. That’s as close to a mission statement as I’m likely ever to find (both Jupiter and Saturn in 12th!)

  2. Don’t have the conjunction but do an exact square between Jupiter & Saturn. Maybe I better get my ass in gear and start figuring out my vision to be manifested next year.

    What ever it it is, we’re going to have to work for it! No free lunch, it is Saturn after all . . . 🙂

  3. Jupiter Conj. Saturn in the 3rd here. Representin’.

    Elsa and I have talked extensively about my saturn return coming up and I’m hoping I’ve got the preparedness to handle everything with grace. 😀

  4. Cap/Saturn rule the 10th house, right?

    If that’s so, I have a Leo stellium in the 10th which includes Jupiter.

    I would love to have a job where I can teach what I know about our culture’s ties to well, everything, and how we can use our teachings to navigate through life. Garden metaphors, starting with teachings about the seeds you use, comes to mind, as do lots of other things. I would love to own a flower shop, with my own greenhouses for starting plants, that is also a coffee shop/bookstore/lunch spot where I could highlight local artists’ work and schedule readings of local writers’ publications. I see it as a place where our people could gather and connect with each other and share what they know. That is the vision I want to ground and plan on for next year.

  5. Saturn trine Jupiter here (‘makes up for them being in the wrong signs, I hope [Ssturn in Leo, Jupiter in Gemini]). I’m already working on business research.

  6. Peppermint, love your vision. Hope it manifests!

    Another Saturn/Jupiter conjunct here..in the 4th.

    Early November I’m giving my first workshop in front of larger audience….stage fright always kept me from doing this before so a big jump. Topic – helping kids engage in reading through books with illustrated maps. How to use (saturn) a vision – illustration (jupiter) Cool, glad the planets are lining up there!!

  7. Thanks for this Elsa! It’s so encouraging.

    I have the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction 1 degree apart in the 12th house. It’s also my Saturn Return AND Mars is about to make that round in Leo conjuncting my Sun, Mercury, N. Node, and MC in the 10th house…..so I’m feeling uber inspired and motivated!

    There’s something in particular I’ve been wanting to start that I’ve been gearing to get started. Nothing practical really, just a passion of mine that I think will help with self-fulfillment.
    Also, more ready than ever to make that move out of Texas…still waiting for word from hubby’s work though (company is in the middle of changing contracts so things are at a standstill..ugh). But the fact that I FEEL ready to move is such a huge step for me. I’m pretty much down for moving ANYWHERE….just get me the hell out of here =)
    Enlightened thanks to Elsa <3

  8. I don’t have this conjunction, but I do have Jupiter in Capricorn! I’ve always wondered about it. I did read that it probably means I’ll age well, which is comforting 😀

  9. Tenth house Jupiter in virgo (seven degrees away from my midheaven) squared first house Saturn in Sag here. Yes, I AM a teacher, and a priestess too. When I first decided to go into education I wanted to spend ten years in the classroom and then start my own school. The ten year mark came eleven years ago and I am still in the classroom. However, transiting Saturn conjuncted my MC and then my Jupiter just recently and I am seriously rethinking the school bit. I am putting together a curriculum guide for the edible schoolyard and I can see a parenting guide/afterschool program coming out of that. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. Hmm… I have a Sag stellium and Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Capricorn… Not sure if this counts but I’m going to take it as a sign that things are looking up!

    That could also be my optimistic Sag talking. Oh the irony 🙂

  11. I have jupiter conjunct saturn also and it seems like the things that I have wanted to do in the past usually have manifested themselves and I always attributed it to luck or my will in seeing things through…glad to know it was this conjunction. Right now, I am having big dreams ….mainly my idea of a mobile empanada eatery. I have been talking alot about it and getting different ideas from different people and am going to sign up for an entrepeneur’s “how to” class. We shall see….

    Peppermint….I don’t know where you live (because I would love to be your partner), but the idea of a book/art…promote young artist concept has always been a dream of mine too……you go, girl!!!!

  12. Hey I realized something – I take the astrology here seriously because if there’s bad stuff coming up (like the Saturn/Pluto square) we get non-sugar coated news about it. But that goes for hearing about good stuff too! If I hear good news here – as opposed to elsewhere – it totally makes my day because I know it’s not fluff!

    I doubt this is a unique observation but I just wanted to leave my thoughts here 🙂

  13. Jupiter/Saturn conjunct 26 degrees Capricorn in the 12th house. Wonder if that makes it less “out there” since it’s in the 12th? 🙂 I was told by an astrologer once that i would always be providentially provided for, and I think that it was because of the 12th house Jupiter. She was right. I’ve also been known to be quite lucky at times, financially.

  14. What does Saturn/Libra oppose Jup/Aires Mean? Would appreciate any feedback. Actually have been feeling ok and productive over the past few days…

  15. My husband has the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the early degrees of Libra, 9th house.

    Yup, Saturn Return is sneaking up on him… He’s been in school his entire life and he’s just graduated and looking for work. I find it interesting that he begins his career right along with his SR.

    Hopefully these aspects are good timing for his job search.

  16. Strong Cap/ Strong Sag!

    It’s weird, I have started really getting initiative to work towards getting something published in some way. Right now Saturn is going into my 9th and was trining my Merc for the first time in my life I honestly asked myself “why have I not pursued this?”

    I have had A LOT of Neptune lately (driven me NUTS…I’m a Capricorn!)..and will continue to with it heading towards my Mars in Aqua (…and all the fun things that come with that!) and SA Neptune will conjunct my Merc. For the first time, I have no self-doubt that I write well. I realized that all of this Neptune which rules my 3rd house, with Aries intercepted..has allowed me to work through issues and get to that Aries confidence!

    Looked at my SR for next year and Merc is conj. Pluto in the 5th…I’ll be writing something for sure! Hopefully something will get published. Even if it’s just a short story… I’ll feel accomplished! Who knows, maybe I’ll get hardcore into blogging! 🙂

  17. Me = Sun/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto
    Four little milk maids all in a row in Libra.
    Can’t tell you my plans, Pluto prefers to plant seeds in the dark.

  18. Double Sag with Saturn conjunct Sun in 1st, although no actual aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. With Jupiter in my twelfth house they both are in the “wrong” place – it does seem to make my personal view of the world hard for a lot of people to get their head around, I think . . . Which makes me wonder about the teacher/preacher thing since I have been in situations where I have taught professionally (which works – Saturn) and others where my personal message “lessons” have not been heard, in fact quite the opposite (I guess that’s the square to my 4th house moon).

    Yup, I definitely feel the force of the big boys in my life. Fascinating thread, Elsa.

  19. I would like to buy some land, fix up a house, barn and greenhouse, and create a place of beauty and refuge. I will start seeds in the greenhouse, create gardens, take in a stray cat or two, and some horses. I’m not quite sure yet what the purpose of my place will be, but I’m sure that it involves teaching children.

  20. Avatar

    Hrm. Jupiter and Saturn in a wide square? or trine? saturn is conjunct mars which is trine jupiter so I think (according to what I learned from Elsa) that means that Jupiter is pulled into that trine??

    I have a new dream as of two days ago and LOTS of research to do. I want to do renewable energy manufacturing or production – maybe for farmers as the location situation would work better. I should say – not manufacturing solar panels but using solar/wind to run a plant. Lots of research to do in the coming months and it doesn’t feel as if the tide has come back in – just that it’s stopped going out. I hope (crosses fingers)

    And I think I’m crazy for dreaming this so… 🙂

  21. denamarie: I live in the Northern Plains and I would love to have you for a partner, too! I get the feeling you’re a lover of gardens and flowers too? And yes, supporting artists of all stripes is something I would love to do. The process of creating art has always been fascinating to me, as in what’s inside comes outside and the gift they have of interpreting the world – we need more art in our lives!

    And mud, I really like your idea of using renewable energy to assist in the process of food production. I live in farm country, grew up in a culture of indigenous farmers who’ve grown our own crops for thousands of years, very interested in using renewable energy instead of continuing to punish the earth to extract fossil fuels, which we also have a lot of around here (oil, gas, coal). Anything that promotes healthier production of locally-grown foods, that’s my latest topic of interest. Good luck in your research and thanks for inspiring me to start my own on the subject!

  22. THANK YOU ELSA for this post!!!!!!
    Been trying to find the light in a Saturn heavy chart and this is exactly what I needed!
    Jup/Sat/Sun conjunct 9th house Virgo w/ Sag rising.
    YAY for “Grounding the vision”. Can’t wait! Still exploring what I what to put my roots into…(maybe Nep conj. Moon/Sun square here?)
    I have spent many years letting the mainstream “shoulds” (father/Sun?) fight with my black sheep heart (12th house Sag moon?). Taking slow steady steps to reconcile these two. Honoring both. Letting some things go. Trusting.

  23. Dear all,

    I was born at 2nd June 1981, 13:38 PM, Calcutta (West Bengal), India.In my Natal chart, Jupiter conjuncts Retrograde Saturn in Virgo sign, which is my ascendant also.Professionally I am a Teacher of a college in India.Before that I was in Information Technology industry and where I felt loss of interests on that monotonous job. I am passing through Jupiter-Saturn Phase at present moment.My current trends are going to somewhat philosophical pursuits and spirituality. I feel some inner conflict to become a leader, either be a mass leader or a supportive leader who will agree to support all people and act as a mentor in various role of our every problems. Sometimes I feel melancholy, whenever I sit in front of god at the time of prayer or think about my past-present. Don’t know where to go and what to do….
    Anyway.. Thanks…

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