Venus In Aspect To Neptune In Love

I have Venus in aspect to Neptune. I’ve written about the sensitivity to music and the deception which is perpetrated by the Venus Neptune person. As often as they are preyed upon, they’re usually more comfortable in the victim role then they are owning their side of things. Assuming they can see their side of things! Often they can’t.

Relationships (Venus) can drain (Neptune) a person who has this aspect or energy in their chart.  I’m talking about Venus in aspect to Neptune, Venus in Pisces, Neptune in the 7th house or Venus in the 12th. People can really wipe you out. You pray to escape them.

Barring a strong Mars or a streak of candor (I have these), the Venus Neptune person is not likely to tell you how they feel. They conceal things from the other as a matter of routine; particularly things that might be hurtful to you.

Venus Neptune will avoid you. They’ll go into hiding, or they may escape into drink or drugs, all to get away for reasons they may not even be able to define. It is not uncommon to see a normally hearty person, all of the sudden damned near disabled. It’s because the tide went out, that’s why. This is disturbing on both sides of the equation.

If you’re in a relationship with a Venus Neptune person you may have no idea your partner is struggling. The Venus Neptune person struggles to remain an ideal. Meanwhile they’re melting. If this goes on long enough and Venus Neptune is badly drained, he or she may avoid you for days, weeks, months or even years.

With Venus Neptune, you’re dealing with a mermaid of sorts. It’s a struggle to be on land and act like it’s normal. We tend to hang around people who are attuned to nuance because of this. I need people who can see when I’m beginning to fade. They are willing to look the other way while I slip under the water and renew myself.

Who can relate?

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  1. They hurt me. They tell me I’m so wonderful and then they don’t like me anymore usually for the reasons I was afraid of, that they aren’t as attracted or into me

  2. I’ve noticed such a distinct change this year from end of January in relation to all areas of my life, but expecially love. Last year was so breezy and I felt like the best in yearsour. But this year it’s all literally died off. A guy who told me he loved me last year. Now acts kiknd im a nuisance. Im Aquarius sun and rising with Scorpio moon. I know Mars retro was about endings, but I feel lost and new starts don’t seem to do it. I still have feelings for the other one.

  3. Plus he most likely could be Venus Neptune, he really does go off and now even said he’ll go quiet. He’s Aries and I think my Uranus open and outspokeness has got to him

  4. I never thought Venus-Neptune is one of the reasons I need to be alone and escape reality, mostly just lying listening to music and fantasizing. I used to think it was my Moon in the 12th, I guess I’m just a hermit.

  5. All these comments are beautiful and I never thought of my Venus conjunct Neptune being the biggest part of my personality holy crap

  6. My Venus is conjunct Neptune in house 2 and Pisces is on the cusp of house 7. Mars is in house 4 in Capricorn, sextile saturn in Scorpio, in house 2 as well.
    In my younger years I could “drawn in love”, but I always got on my feet again. I was married, devorced and the last 30 jears I live my life as a single person. Satisfied and grateful.
    This Venus and Neptune AND my Pluto in house 12 brought me a lot. Showed me beauty and mysticism in nature for instance (I wrote about this before). It is not easy, but at the same time it is wonderful.

  7. Any advice for a Venus in Pisces type experiencing a Neptune transit to Venus (conjunct in the 7th house, into the future a few years too. Standard seems to “be wary of shysters and alcoholics” but that just seems standard for Venus Pisces. I don’t think I will come out the other end of this with any faith, especially in love.

  8. Hi, Elsa! Thank you for those amazing gems of wisdom, they are a beacon of light in bleak times for me lately…
    So I was thinking about this Venus-Neptune thing… I`m a Libra (Sun and Moon, although my poor Sun is conjunct my Scorpio Pluto:)) with a Pisces rising and Neptune on top of my MC. I`ve been regurgitating an intimate “relationship” with a guy, whose Venus is in my 12th house, right on top of my Part of Fortune. The “experience” with him has been excruciatingly painful, and it never works, but we keep going at it, like idiots. It`s a see-saw of me “submerging” myself for extended periods of time and him contacting me again, and then terrible fights and him telling me to leave his souse and never come back. What`s the lesson here (pardon the stupid question) or is it me just being plain blind (Neptune transiting conjunct my Ascendant, exact) and forgetting to run for my life far, far away from him?
    Sorry for the long post 🙂

      1. Thank you, Elsa… It really does feel like it might be time to “sober up”, especially now that Saturn`s in Capricorn, conjunct my natal Neptune. It`s going to get my butt kicked (it already is), pardon my French, if I don`t wise up 😉

  9. Yes, Libra Neptune in the first house, square Capricorn Venus in the 4th. Love astrology and Elsa. Clears some of the fog

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    Hildegarde's Girl

    Wow…didnt realize there are so many of us!
    Im so glad for this post. You put your finger on what my issue is. Use of my time and energy. I tealize this is why Ilike t oiveaoe. I need to rejuvenate. Drown me in humanity. I love nople. Being with people loving people. Be give me my umall private pond to slip into to rejuvenate and I will be fine

  11. It’s funny how you detailed so many Venus/Neptune scenarios but not mine.
    I’m feeling SOME of your descriptions.
    My ASC is ♎️ with Neptune in the 1st house.
    This perfectly trines Venus in ♊️ in 9th which both sextile Pluto in ♌️ in 11.
    It can be sad n frustrating and was an aspect of my chart barely considered for many, many years.
    It has explained a lot for me.
    The complexity of my relationships or should I say ‘my part’ in them is da biggie here.
    Aside from my idealizations Pluto here not only encourages but often finds ways to ‘arrange’ things so these idealized, normally unattainables come into contact and even fruition – except after allat I find I don’t want em.
    Neptune in 1st makes me a mystery to me sometimes consequently intimacy often reveals an individual not at all really like what’s seen/experienced upon first encounter.
    I’ve often wanted to explode, discuss and seek ways to bear reconcile this aspect.
    I mean after all it’s all tribes n sextiles so it can’t be dat bad…right?

  12. Venus in Pisces opposite Neptune in Libra
    I have studied astrology for many years and it has been a great help for living with the idealism of this mutual reception. This post is great. I do need alone time.

    Also, I try to keep grounded, eat regularly (watch blood sugar), drink lots of water, swim, dance, and go out into nature. This year near by birthday, I was in the ocean in Hawaii when about 100 dolphins showed up swimming all around us. Enjoy your gifts. Not many people get to be mermaids.

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