On Writing New Stories

epropsB asked on I Just Republished My Book:

“Would you ever consider adding to the book any new stories//events//experiences that have happened since you first wrote it?”

Well, it didn’t happen that way. I just started writing stories, in an email compose window, if you can believe that. And I was posting them on a “xanga” blog, which I started after being tricked by a spam mail.

So I was writing and a crowd gathered. They laughed and they asked questions. They were interested.  “Well, did you ever fall in love?” Or, “What’s up with your mother?”

The questions they asked, required a story to answer, so I just wrote a bunch of stories for no reason other than we were having fun.

I wrote around fifty stories, 10-100 pages long, before the man who edited my book came along. As I explained on the other thread, he was the one who chose the stories and structured my book.

To your question, I already have other stories but I would not add them to the book, because it’s intimidating.  I don’t have that skill! What I can do, is tell a story like no one I’ve ever met or heard of and to the great chagrin of my enemies – I have stories to tell!  My stories are unlimited, really. I have barely scratched the surface.

Storytelling – check
Visionary, structure, editing – low to no skills

I would write more stories, but one thing that stops me is I’m married!  My stories are full of men – I’ve been randy as a pony, all my life.  I feel this would be in poor taste?

I don’t know that my husband would care. He might, but I’ve got in-laws, you know? And judgmental people, everywhere.  My ears are ringin’ all the time!  “She’s married and she’s saying, blah, blah, blah.”

People just don’t grasp, it’s a literary work.  My stories are true. See the problem?  This stuff really happened. I really did that, thought that, said that or whatever.

Also, if you read between the lines of this post, you can see, I CO-create.  Mars Mercury in LIBRA, never mind my 8th house and other people’s energy.  The support on that thread is why this is even happening. I really don’t do things like this alone. People supported me back then.

So these are the two main problems I have. I can’t be inconsiderate of my husband; not to say I’ve talked to him about this. I haven’t.  But I just get sick of people looking at me like I’m horrifying.  After awhile it makes more sense to play dumb!

Oh!  And the main search engine won’t let me swear!  So I am supposed to tell a true story, about waking up with a naked man in my bed, with his hands on me no less, but NO SWEARING!

I wrote that story and it’s a true and it’s also a comedy.  You can’t tell me this is common.

That’s my xanga picture, by the ways. With eprops. 🙂

If anyone has thoughtful answers, let ’em fly.


11 thoughts on “On Writing New Stories”

    1. There would be no point. I am a person and the stories are all real, with the dialogue recalled, verbatim.

      My intent is to share something real. I can’t imagine taking something real and making it fake, particularly in this day and age.

    2. Adding, because I don’t think I was clear. I’m telling true stories that in many cases, are hard to believe. They’re believable because I’m right here, to elaborate or whatever. The stories go together because I’m a real person with certain characteristics that are consistent, though I mature over the years,

      Since I’m writing actual dialogue, you can FEEL my puberty hormones raging, in stories where I’m in that state. Or I decide to walk into a bar when I’m 15, and get a job. False confidence,fear, poker face, and balls.

      Actually, I just don’t think my true stories are believable, unless I stand up and own them. God,there is so little truth in this world. I have truth and I don’t want to lose it.

      If I am designed for anything, it’s to tell the truth. it just doesn’t make sense to tell the truth, then lie about my name. But I appreciate the idea.

      1. I get it! And have a lot of respect for wanting to be truly authentic and standing face front for what you tell. You want that more than you want to publish a book.

        1. Yes. Thank you. I’m greatly bothered by the contrived manipulated world we live in. For some reason, I’ve just about figured out, I can deliver this other kind of song. If I relinquish this… well, I can’t imagine that.

          I think we are ALL severely abused at this point.

          I like what, Mike wrote here:

          “It would be nice to read. Not only because I’m interested in your stories, but because maybe there is some wisdom I can take out of it to apply to my life (and problems -or situations) right now.”

          If in fact, I told how I escaped such an oppressive situation, with my brain an soul intact, via these stories, then it could be quite important to someone. Who wants to be messed up, anyway?

          The whole world tells you, you can’t recover and this is actually bs. Now they are trying to tell you, you don’t have free will… people will swallow this and relinquish their free will!

          It’s like an emergency, if you happen to care about living in accord with your own unique design.

          1. I love your stories, and especially because they are true and I have to agree with Mike in that I feel like I learn something personal from them because in some ways I can relate. And your approach to, how you survived and how you talk about all the shit you went through is very empowering. It helps me feel like my shit doesn’t have to define me.
            You posted a link to a list of true stories on here earlier this year and I bookmarked it but it doesn’t work anymore. If that list is still here somewhere, can you repost it?

            1. I had to take the stories down because the main search engine sends me notices… I am not allowed to swear like I do in those stories… without risking having my site being totally deindexed.

  1. I’m im a similar situation, published some of my stories on a blog and put it in the bin when it became too popular, writing in my native language meant that people mentioned in the stories would potentially find themselves.
    I started again in english language but the dialogue got lost, also the reading between the lines. The illegal stuff I did is all way beyond the statute of limitation, my main partner in crime has passed away. What was dangerous for us, is now mainstream, the world and the laws have changed.

    People like you, Elsa, remind me on the value of true stories, of lived experience. I’m a reader of those, all my life. If you can do it, I can do it, too.

    This rings with a sentence, a good friend said to me. I need to elaborate cause it’s not easy to translate. In my home country exists a law that requires people to lend assistance to another person in danger (of drowning, after a car crash or anything that threatens their life) if they have the means to do so. And my friend said NOT publishing my stories is equivalent to refusing to assist. I should be punished for it, and probably will, one way or the other.

    That’s sitting in my backyard and knocking on the door and just won’t go away. It’s people like you (and others who have done the deed) who feed that backyard gremlin and I’m grateful for it.

  2. @lamari writes: “I see. Can we swear in comments or it has the same effect?”

    I don’t think so. It’s so granular at this point.
    I can’t post Venus Mars paintings with “nudity” or whatever else they say in the moment.

    I got severely punished on fb for “promoting suicide”, due to a picture I posted. They can kill your site, bloodlessly, at any time. As opposed to just crushing it, when has been going on for more than ten years!

    1. ps, ptb really don’t real, regular, mom and pop people having any reach at all. There are very few of us that can still be accessed. Unfortunately, people can’t tell the difference, because the slow frog boiling method was used and it’s very effective. Insanely effective, especially if your “hardware” is installed when you’re young, which it is, for most people.

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